Gretsch G5420T Electromatic Hollow Body Guitar Product Review

The Gretsch G5420T is your no nonsense Electromatic Hollow Body type of guitar which embodies the perfect and power of all Gretsch instruments. It is specially crafted with the style, sound, as well as the playability that makes Gretsch one of the finest in the industry. It also features a fully hollow body that can provide only the true FilterTron voice that can explode into a huge punch but still maintains a clear and strong presence.

Not only is the Gretsch G5420T great, but it is also affordable for a hollow body guitar. While it is not exactly cheap, it is one of the most inexpensive guitars you can find when it comes to hollow body types.

Quality Body Structure

One of the reasons why hollow body type of guitars is usually expensive is because oftheir construction. The design is delicate which makes the structuresensitive. It was created precisely as a kind of instrument that doesn’t only look goodbut sounds good too.

This product features a quality made body structure from five different plies of maple. Its neck is also built using maple with the features made fromreal rosewood fingerboard. The guitar surely looks amazing with its timeless design and structure made with quality materials. structure.

Better Hardware

Hollow body guitars, aside from their unique look, also feature a unique set of hardware. There is usually a set of the vintage style and open back type of tuning machine in a Gretschguitar, but the Adjusto-Matic bridges often cause problems and difficulties. However, with this guitar, the bridges are improved. While it is not easier to change the strings and intonations, the hardware is now better when it comes to retaining the tuning and intonation.

Excellent Electronics

The Gretsch G5420T is fitted with Black-Top Filter Tron pickups which are used in most Gretsch guitars. It is wired into a series of control knobs which also includes the master volume, tone knobs, individual volume knobs, as well as a pickup select switch. All the controls for this modelare arranged in the trademark which is a G arrow pattern, the same in the previous guitar models by Gretsch.

Features and Specifications

  • 5-ply maple body builds, laminated, and with thesound post under the bridge.
  • Build maple neck that features a medium U profile with gloss neck finish.
  • 12 inches radius of rosewood fingerboard and with a Pearloid thumbnail marker
  • 22 pieces medium to jumbo frets
  • Three position toggles for pickup switching: bridge pickup, bridge and neck pickups, and neck pickup
  • 2 volume controlsthe volume 1 and volume 2 or master volume and master tone.
  • Adjusto-Matic bridge with a secured base made from rosewood.
  • Vintage style and open back tuning machines
  • Features naked plated steel strings: 0.011 – 0.049
  • Affordable hollow body guitar
  • With optional accessories between a Gig bag or a hard-shell case.


The Gretsch G5420T guitar has received a high rating from the editor which is 9.4 out of 10 stars. Almost all of the users of this guitar like its quality, layout, as well as its design. A lot of them appreciates that it is not just a beauty but also sounds very clear and resonant. The hollow body guitar from Gretsch has no fret buzzing or any intonation issues and dead spots.

The users also loved its many amazing features – from its sound on the blacktop filter tron to its 2.75 inches of hollow body and sound post bracing located just under the adjustable bridge.

One of the great things that come withit that users also love the option to choose between having a gig bag for the guitar or a hard-shell case.

The Gretsch G5420T comes also highly recommended by a lot of users for an affordable priced hollow body guitar that is worth it.

Things to Improve

There is no major complaint or problems about the product from the users. They are satisfied with the solid body, timeless style, and the excellent sound the guitar can produce.

However, there are some of them that findit a little expensive. While it is true that it is more expensive compared to low-end guitars, it most definitely is worth it with all its features and advantages from other guitars in the market.


The Gretsch G5420T is one of the best hollow body types of guitar you can find. It also comes highly recommended by its longtime users. The guitar comes with a set of excellent features that sets it apart from other guitars in the market. It has both the style and exquisite sound boxed in a quality body structure.

It also includes a carrying bag of your choice between a gig bag or a hard-shell case. There are also included accessories that make it all ready for you to use and enjoy.

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