Godin Multiac Series-ACS (Natural SG) Guitar Review

Guitars are one of the most famous musical instruments of all time. It gave birth to a lot of songs and remarkable artists thanks to its versatility. Playing the guitar can be both your hobby and a career: it has also been a passion pursued by many music enthusiasts through the years.

Godin Multiac Series-ACS Guitar (Natural SG)
  • Mahogany neck with ebony fingerboard and offset dot inlays
  • RMC Custom bridge transducer and preamp with three-band EQ
  • Built-in 13-pin connector for Roland GR-Series synths and most other...

Product Overview

The Godin Multiac Series-ACS series is a combination of both various classical and modern guitarfeatures with a solid body design that is fundamental in boosting its performance. Its special design is free of unnecessary sound feedback that musicians usually experience with other guitars. The innovative Godin Multiac consists of feedback-free nylon string with 13-pin output that enables any user to have direct access to the instrument’s synthesizers.

The Godin Multiac has an amazingly comfortable neck made with mahogany so a user can get a good grip of the guitar while playing. It’s considered to be a true hybrid through its Maple body and Cedar top is one of the brand’s deemed most affordable synth access guitar to date.

Features and Other Technical Specifications

Aside from the comfortable neck and 13-pin output of the Godin Multiac Series-ACS, it also uses the RMC Polydrive system. This feature generates a marvelous amplified sound. Thanks to its balanced blend of various wood designs carefully plotted to create an impeccable form, both beginners and professionals can create music that is close to perfection.

Every Godin Multiac Series-ACS guitar goes through a thorough quality control check in a pervasive prototype testing before being declared good for market selling. This is to attain the finest blend of a plugged-in guitar sound and synth tracking.

This series comes with two outputs: a ¼ inch phone output that works with a regular guitar chord and the 13-pin connector that supplies individual signals for each string and is compatible with any guitar synth devices.

Features and Specs:

  • A Chambered Silver Leaf Maple with Cedar Top
  • Ebony material for the fingerboard
  • A 22 medium nickel for the frets
  • Has a 16” fingerboard radius with 25 ½” in scale
  • A top nut of Tusq by Graphtech that has a width of 1 11/16”

The Godin Multiac Series-ACS’bridge transducer and preamp are made by RMC Custom Poly-Drive System that has several outputs of a ¼ inch, 13-pin compatible with Roland GR synths and other 13-pin devices. Its finish has a natural semi-gloss that creates a vibrant and fascinating effect to any user.

What Comes in the Box

Upon purchase, users will receive a single model of the Godin Multiac ACS series that weighs 6.6 pounds and has a dimension of 35 x 7.1 x 19.7 inches. For musicians and guitar enthusiasts who wish to order online and have the product shipped, it weighs a collective 13.9 pounds.

User’s Feedback and Reviews

A lot of users have positive feedback about this guitar model. They like it for its passable electric sound, great workmanship, and flawlessly built body. The guitar’s RMC Custom Poly-Drive System has also applauded because of its quick and smooth fretboard that produces a precise tone.

The Godin Multiac Series-ACS is lightweight, and this is one feature that users admire. Every user can tirelessly play the instrument for a long time thanks to it’s user-friendly design. This light guitar does not require any heavy lifting.


  • The Godin Multiac Seriesis perfect for any aspiring musicians with intermediate or advanced guitar skills.
  • It presents a sweet and playful experience because of its flawless system.
  • The guitar has beautiful aesthetics that every individual will find remarkably attractive.
  • It has value for money, by making every inch of the product worth it to any user or buyer.


  • It is more suitable for individuals who already have intermediate to advanced guitar skills since they can fully appreciate the product’s full sound potential.
  • The Godin Multiac ACS series’ RMC Custom Poly-Drive System can be high maintenance due to its perfectly made output and must be handled with more care that other guitars.
  • It is made of an advanced electronic piece that is more of in the electronics category than in the guitar category.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Any Godin Multiac guitar, especially the ACS series, comes with flawless aesthetics and precisely incorporated electronic parts that make it possible for nylon strings to sound beautifully in an electric acoustic guitar.

A lot of music enthusiasts, most of them aspiring musicians who want to make a career out of their music hobby, find that this guitar provides an exquisite tone and quality to their music. As an added bonus for them, the ACS series does not have any feedback, and the overall playing time is treated to be consistent.

Priced at a fair cost of $1,069.00, the Godin Multiac Series-ACSguitar lets you enjoy its natural faultless color. Compared to other guitars on the market, the Godin Multiac Series-ACS also gives you value for money through its more advanced product features and specifications.

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