Gibson SG Standard Electric Guitar Product Review

Whether you are a professional musician or an amateur guitarist, having a Gibson SG Standard electric guitar is a dream come true. Contrary to the belief of many people that having an electric guitar as a starting playing instrument is hard and impractical, it is actually easy and convenient. There are certain features of a Gibson SG Standard guitar which proves it to be more useful than its conventional counterpart.  Read through this review to find out why.

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It is Composed of 80% Mahogany

One important factor to consider when buying an electric guitar is the type of material in which it is made out of. Most guitars, acoustic or electric, are built with different types of wood. This is because a certain wood can have a greater tonal impact and a varied resonating effect apart from other kinds.

The great thing about the Gibson SG Standard is that its body, neck, and joints are made of an inexpensive but sturdy wooden material— the mahogany. Perceived by many as cheap, it should not be confused with having features of poor quality. As this guitar has a body made of mahogany wood, the sound it produces is deep and sharp, which blends perfectly when played with additional musical instruments. Its mahogany-made neck also promises steadiness and can avoid unnecessary warping at all costs.

It Has a Nitrocellulose Finish

The quality of the finishing is as important as an electric guitar’s base. Gibson SG Standard Gold Series, which comes in Alpine White, has a finishing touch of Nitrocellulose lacquer. Let us take a glimpse of how this is being processed.

Apart from polyester, Nitrocellulose finish is a preferred option for guitars most especially in America, because of its ability to produce an aesthetically appealing exterior, well-resonating acoustics, and it is also good if you are considering repair convenience.

This electric guitar possesses the traditional glossy characteristic of a nitrocellulose lacquer, which has been achieved through a meticulous process of repeated polishing and wet sanding. This finish works with versatility, as it can blend very well with varied dye hues and colored pigments. If you are a fan of customized guitar finishes, having a nitrocellulose finish is a great choice.

Another positive characteristic this type of finish possesses is its ability to work greatly with curing lacquer once the guitar calls for a touch-up or repair. The nitrocellulose finish can be suspended using a special solvent and the Gibson SG Standard can be reapplied with a brand new finishing coat.

Lastly, this finish does not easily warp when exposed to the sun and other stressing factors. Its lacquer is flexible and strong. Thus, it can adapt well to changes such as extreme vibrations and wood expansions. You will never have to worry about breakages and avoidable cracking.

It Has a Version for Lefties

The Gibson SG Standard Gold Series has an edition made purposely for left-handed people. Guitarists know that one of the challenges in playing the instrument is when you have your left side as your dominant hand. Very few guitars are customized for lefties and this is one of the challenges which Gibson plans to overcome by producing its left-handed version.

It Can Accommodate Min-ETune™

This is also one of the main reasons why an electric guitar can be a convenient musical instrument for amateurs. Gibson SG Standard can accommodate auto-tuners such as Min-ETune™. There is no need for beginners to burden themselves in learning how to tune their electric guitars, as this battery-operated tuner can fix the tune of your instrument in a jiffy.

For a small upgrade price, tuning will no longer have to be an additional task for the guitarist as in a single charging, this auto-tuner can deliver a maximum of 100 tunings.

It Comes in Alpine White

Gibson 2017 SG Standard Gold Series Electric Guitar Alpine White is the electric guitar for both male and female guitarists whose clean and crisp style goes well with this color. It is also perfect for future customization.

Features and Specs

  • An electric guitar convenient for both professional and amateur use.
  • The body, neck, and joints are primarily made of mahogany and rosewood.
  • It has a left-handed and right-handed version.
  • There are 22 inlay fret numbers.
  • It has a nitrocellulose lacquer for a finish.
  • The length of its neck scale is 24.75 in inches.
  • It has an overall shipping weight of 18.1 pounds.

Things to Enhance

Like any other products, the Gibson SG Standard holds a minor flaw. Its weight is a little more than the standard weight of electric guitars in the market. Other guitars of its kind usually weigh around 7-10 pounds but with this product, it has 18.1 pounds to boot.

This is a problem because for professional guitarists who use this to play for long music sessions, even with a guitar shoulder strap, it can still be a yoke to carry. Shoulders can be strained affecting the performance of the guitarist himself.

Overall Performance

In general, this brand is currently one of the main household names when it comes to acoustic and electric guitars. The price is a bit higher than other brands but the quality of the performance it produces exceeds one’s expectations.

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