Gibson Les Paul CM Electric Guitar Product Review

Whether you are looking for your first ever electric guitar or the next addition to your collection, the Gibson Les Paul CM is the perfect choice. It has top-of-the-line features and specs that any guitar enthusiast would love to have. Plus, the sleek satin finish of this electric guitar evokes class, and this is just one of the myriad reasons why you should get one for yourself.

This Gibson Electric Guitar is the go-to choice of a lot of guitar enthusiasts, especially those who play at a lot of gigs. The way this guitar was structured and even its appearance when you handle it would make you look amazing. Even as you rock your love for music while being aggressive in playing the instrument, the vibe this electric guitar gives is fantastic.

Gibson Les Paul CM Black
  • Body Body shape: Single cutaway Body type: Solid body Body material:...
  • "Pure Metal from the headstock to the straplock, the Gibson Les Paul...
  • Includes gig bag

Perfect for Band Guitarists

Any band guitarist, either a beginner or a pro, would be ecstatic upon seeing this electric guitar. This was made to impress seasoned band guitarists and newbies alike. It features Grove Kidney tuners, reduced controls unit, and a padded gig bag that would be excellent for any events that you have to attend.

Look Good While Playing it

Gibson USA is proud to present the Gibson Les Paul CM in Black as it is a thoroughbred metal Les Paul. The brand takes pride in its guarantee that anyone who would play it would look amazing regardless of an aggressive attitude. Indeed, it guarantees the best aesthetic with its carved top, brand new locking bridge system, and its minimalistic style.

In addition, it features red accents on its headstock, single-cut mahogany body, and one-piece maple neck. The look of this electric guitar is a show-stopper with its darker and stealthier color that brings an intense look while you play it.

Bring it Wherever You Go

You will definitely get what you pay for with the Gibson Les Paul CM because this electric guitar is not only amazingly made, its package also comes with a padded gig bag. Whether you’re going out for a gig or just for practice, you can bring this superb electric guitar with your anywhere. You wouldn’t regret it since it is indeed portable.

Create a Perfect Tune

The Gibson Les Paul CM has Dirty Finger Humbucker as pickups. This kind of pickups can deliver sufficient fire power to ace any live mix or any recording. With its guarantee of a perfect tune while you play it, the brand is proud to present its latest innovation with this electric guitar. It also offers a Floyd Rose locking tremolo bridge that can easily be navigated.

The vibrato of this electric guitar is also made with a Floyd Rose model called the Floyd Rose top loader that can produce some great tunes as you play it. Plus, its controls are so easy and efficient that any beginner handling the electric guitar wouldn’t have a hard time maneuvering it.

Features and Specs

  • Its fingerboard is Richlite with red site dots
  • It is made of pure metal from headstock to the straplock
  • Its finish is made of satin
  • Maple neck rounds a rounded profile
  • 22-fret composite fingerboard on top
  • Simple and easy to control
  • Includes a padded gig bag
  • It available for a reduced price compared to its original price that is around $1,299
  • Free shipping when you purchase it


The Gibson Les Paul CM Electric Guitar does not have a lot of reviews yet as it was recently released by Gibson USA on the market. Nevertheless, it is quite impressive for a new electric guitar to easily run out of stock on different selling platforms such as Amazon.

This electric guitar has also been featured on a lot of YouTube videos which show how this guitar can be playable for any guitar enthusiast. It is great to hear its different tones when playing pieces from various genres. The Gibson Les Paul CM Electric Guitar can easily exude a warm tune, and its country tune will brings to life to any song from any music genre that you choose to play on it.

This model is a limited edition electric guitar from Gibson USA, and the company made both huge and subtle changes to their 2015 version of the Les Paul formula.

Things to Improve

Overall, this electric guitar is perfect for both beginners and pros alike. Its sleek design and highly improvised features and specs give a lot of warmth to any guitar enthusiast.

This is a limited edition from Gibson USA, so it is definitely a must have. On a side note, one thing that you should definitely need to reconsider is its orientation. It only offers a right-hand orientation, so this may not be suitable for left-handed players who are considering this as their first electric guitar. Other than that, the Gibson Les Paul CM is a must have.


Ultimately, this limited run of the Les Paul formula provides various tunes that you can have fun with. Its features and specs are remarkable that anyone would love to have it as their own instrument. Thanks to its sturdy build, the Gibson Les Paul CM Electric Guitar can handle even the heaviest and most aggressive playing styles.

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