Gammon Percussion Full Size Drum Set Review

Are you planning to start learning the drums from the comfort of your home or music studio? Or are you someone who already knows the basics on how to play drums but want to practice more? The Gammon Percussion Full-Size 5-Piece drum set is perfect one for you.

The Gammon Percussion drum set is the best entry-level set at a very affordable price for a full-size and complete drum set. It is surely the best configured to start learning or practicing to be the next best drummer in the music scene. It has everything that you need.

Gammon Percussion Full Size Complete Adult 5 Piece Drum Set...
  • Full Size Complete Drum Set with Everything Included
  • Hi-Hat & Crash Cymbals Sticks Stool Stands all Included
  • Everything You Need To Play Professonial Size Set - Nothing Else To...

Complete Set

You no longer need to purchase separate pieces of instruments to start playing the drums. The Gammon full-size drum set is complete with all the tools required by a drummer. It has the five necessary drum kits which includes the bass, snare, floor tom together with two mounted toms.

It also has cymbals, stool, pedals, sticks, stands, hardware, and the drum key. Also included is a free instructional DVD about drums to get you started. The drum set can also be easily assembled with no hassles.

High-Quality Instruments

This Gammon drum set boasts a high-performance quality percussions. The set is composed of the following musical instruments:

  • 12 Lug bass drums – measures at 22” x 14” and comes with chain-driven drum pedal
  • wood snare drum – measures 5 ½ x 14.”
  • mounted toms with adjustable tilt locks – measure at 12″ x 10″ and 13″ x 10.”
  • floor tom – measures at 16″ x 16.”
  • Two hi-hat cymbals – measure at 12.”
  • crash or ride cymbal – measures at 14.”

The set of comes with the snare stand, hi-hat and cymbal stands, a pair of drumsticks, and a drummer’s key.

The company Gammon Percussion has the passion for any percussion instrument. They have been providing high-quality drums at a very affordable price so that more people can learn and enjoy the world of drumming.

Since Gammon is a full-line company dedicated to creating drum sets, they offer product support, add-ons, and replacement parts. The company is also a very proud supporter of music programs from local schools.

Features and Specifications

This best seller drum set has everything you need for you to start learning or practicing playing the drums.

  • Full-size drum set complete with everything every drummer needs.
  • Stands for both the crash and hi-hat cymbals and snare
  • Drum stool or throne
  • A pair of drumsticks
  • Drum pedals
  • Glossy finish
  • Instructional DVD

Customer Reviews

This high-quality full-size drum set has a customer rating of 8.6 out of 10. Several customers are euphoric that they got a Gammon drum set. One very satisfied customer said that it is very easy to set up. Their 16-year old son was able to assemble the drum set with no assistance. The drums and cymbals are of high quality, and the stool is sturdy.

Another customer who is also an experienced drummer commented that it is an excellent starter set. It produces superb sound. The parts are very durable and are easy to assemble. He got it for his 14-year old son, and he is euphoric with their purchase. According to him, it is a great kit for beginners.

Surely, there are a lot of positive feedbacks from very satisfied customers. They all agree that the Gammon Full-Size drum set is a fantastic purchase for those who are just starting out in playing the drums. It has an excellent sound for a very low price.

Things to Improve

One minor flaw in this drum set is the placement of the drum key in the package. Some customers complained that they had trouble finding the drum key when they were assembling the drum set. It turned out it was on the package of the cymbal stand.

However, that is just a minor issue which can easily be resolved by checking on each of the packages carefully.  If the person setting up the drum set is carefully reviewing each of the packets, then this is not an issue; especially that all the other parts and pieces of the drum set are all very sturdy and high-performing anyway.


The Gammon Percussion Full-Size drum set is an excellent kit for drum beginners. Every piece of the drum set is sturdy and sounds splendid. It is very easy to set up and even comes with instructional DVD to assist beginners in their learning. It is a high performing drum set that is very affordable.  Hence, one can learn the drums without spending too much.

The thing that could have made the Gammon drum set even better is the drumstick holder.  It is more of a suggestion than a complaint from one of the customers. It is indeed a high-quality drum set for beginners and those who are practicing to get better at playing the drums.

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