Full-Size Blue Electric Guitar Starter Kit Review

The Best Choice Products Full-Size  Electric Guitar Starter Kit with Amp is created with a new and stylish design. The design is meant to inspire those musical mastermind people. This full-size guitar measures 39 inches in length and consist of maple wood neck.

The hardwood body is created with a metallic finish. There is a pickup selector switch that can help you gain total control. A volume control knob is included for easy manipulation of the volume.

On the other hand, a treble control knob is used to alter the sound of your guitar. This means that you can easily manipulate and customize your guitar according to your preference.

Full Size Blue Electric Guitar with Amp, Case and...
  • Constructed with a hardwood body, rosewood fingerboard, and Maplewood...
  • Classic electric guitar design with 22 frets allows for mellow playing...
  • Amp includes guitar and microphone outlet, volume control, treble and...

Hardtail Bridge

The Full-Size Blue Electric Guitar Starter Kit is made with a maple neck and a hardwood body. It also has a hardtail-fixed bridge that is one of the simplest forms of a bridge to understanding. It has a stationary mechanism if you set it up correctly and it requires minimal supervision from the player.

The Full-Size Electric Guitar Starter Kit has a plate that is screwed on its body. Together with this is an adjustable saddle for each of the strings there.  You can easily manage this kind of hardtail bridge even if you are a beginner guitarist. It is very easy to adjust the height and the intonation quickly without a problem.

If you are a beginner, then this is the right bridge for you. If you want to be free from any complications from the bridge, then opt for this kind of guitar. It will stay in tune and can easily set up now and then.

The hardtail bridge of this guitar also offers it a good projection with a mysterious resonance when played, thus making it sweet to the ears. This patented saddle system makes it possible for the string energy to be utilized. The unique tone of the guitar is also preserved.

All Wood Construction

Most of the guitar players value the old wood construction of Full Size Electric Guitar Starter Kit because of its incredible resonance and projection when played. These vintage pickups and wooden fretboards are all treated to be special.

So, is there a big deal when it comes to all-wood construction? In the guitar world, tonewoods are much celebrated because they are seen to be exquisite and aesthetically valued. It is the case for this guitar because it can also produce the sweetest resonance when performed.

It can combat the feedback coming from the guitar’s soundboard and can tighten the fundamentals of the guitar. Another good thing about this electric guitar is it can emphasize the snap and attack and focus on the electronic properties of the guitar.

This guitar offers the player rigidity and a neutral platform to get your job done. It can also save a lot when it comes to manufacturing, thus, benefiting all parties.

The all-wood construction sums up the clarity and definition of the guitar. You can obtain the airy vocal cluck through this feature, and the rosewood fretboards also contribute to its superiority.

Full-Size Blue Electric Guitar Starter Kit Features and Specifications

  • Dimension of the guitar is 39.5” in length x 10.5” in Width x 2” in Height
  • This is a Right-Hand Electric Guitar with Steel Strings together with accessory right out of the box
  • All wood construction with Steel Strings and a Smooth Finish
  • Includes a 10W amp and a Guitar Pick with Shoulder Strap with Replacement Strings
  • Nylon Case for Travelling and Easy Storage of the Guitar

Full-Size Electric Guitar Starter Kit Reviews

The Full-size Blue Electric Guitar receives a rating of 7 out of 10 from the reviews. Many of the users noted that this guitar provides them the best experience when it comes to playing the guitar. It can cater different music genres from rock to rock blues.

This musical kit is provided to the users without sacrificing the quality of the guitar. You also get to choose the accessories based on your preference.

Other users noted that this is a great deal if you want to start learning the guitar. It is an excellent starting package according to them. The built is mechanically robust, and that gives it its competitive edge.

Things to Improve

If there is something to be improved with this guitar, it’s probably the amp. Instructions should be provided, so users don’t need to guess how to play it or how to manipulate it. The wires can also be a little confusing, so an instructional manual is essential in this case.


The Full-Size Blue Electric Guitar is the best ultimate kit for those who are starting to learn the electric guitar. The package includes pickup selector kit and a volume knob, together with the two different tone knobs.

It has a sleek design that can be defined through the rosewood fretboard and maple neck construction. Whether you are an adult aspirant or a kid, you will find this guitar easy to learn and hassle-free when it comes to creating good music.

All the inclusions are also a considered a good deal for such an excellent guitar!

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