Fender Standard Telecaster Electric Guitar Product Review

The Fender Standard Telecaster Electric Guitar in White is a sleek-looking guitar perfect for musicians who know how to appreciate classic beauty. It is also suitable for those who want to switch to a professional level musical instrument. As with all Fender guitars, customers can expect an iconic sound that both users and listeners will enjoy.

Fender is a brand known for its high-quality guitars. For decades, their products have been, and continue to be the top choice of popular musicians worldwide. The guitar brand was first introduced in the early 50s. Up to now, it continues to be a favorite of both aspiring musicians and professionals.

The Fender Standard Telecaster combines classic and modern vibes featuring a fast-action gloss maple neck, single coil pickups and so much more. For an excellent price, there’s so much in store for anyone who will use it.

Fender Standard Telecaster Electric Guitar - Maple...
  • The Standard Series is the perfect choice for any musician looking to...
  • The "C" shaped neck provides universal comfort and elegant styling
  • Envoke the iconic tones that only a Fender Telecaster can provide with...

Not an Ordinary Guitar

The Fender Standard Telecaster Electric Guitar boasts of a powerfully seductive tone and suave playability. Considered timeless because of its classic look and overall beauty, users who want to perform with style and confidence must have this guitar. It features a durable material that can weather rugged performances long hauls. It also has the right set of specifications that will turn the hobby of playing guitar into a passion.

Signature Fender Tone and Styling

This Fender electric guitar is equipped with classic Fender tone styling that pays homage to the timeless Fender masterpieces that came before it. Every single aspect of this Fender, from the straps down to the strings, embody the real essence of the original and classic Fender design.

Modern Neck Design and Single Coil Pickups

Styled with a modern neck design, its built was created to deliver optimum performance and comfort, partnered with a C-shaped profile and a back with a luxurious finish. Aside from a sophisticated body that is commonly seen with Fender, another feature unique to the brand is its single coil pickups.

The Fender’s single coil pickups have been around for half a century, and have been making music history. This special feature makes it possible for Fender guitars to make timeless sounds and music that both scream and sparkle, thus making Fender electric guitars stand out.

Contemporary Bridge and Fingerboard

Its 6-saddle string-through body bridge that’s unique to the Telecaster was created to deliver superior sound, sustain, intonation, and easy adjustment. Its 21 medium jumbo frets and 9.5-inch radius, on the other hand, offers maximum versatility and playability that is perfect for both rhythm and solo play.

Durable and High Quality Body

Since its release in 1956, Alder has been consistently used on all popular Fenders such as the Telecaster and Stratocaster. This type of wood is known for its effect on sound, especially its vibrant, resonant, and balanced tone, with an emphasis on the upper midrange, attack, and sustain.

Features and Specs

  • Body is made from Alder wood
  • Maple Neck and Fingerboard
  • With a Modern C shape design and glossy finish
  • Has two Hot Standard Tele Single-Coil Pickups located on the neck and bridge
  • Chrome Hardware
  • Vintage Styling and Fender Transition Logo
  • Parchment Plastic Parts
  • With Fender Super 250L, Nickel Plated Steel Strings
  • 5 inches in length


The Fender Standard Telecaster Electric Guitar received 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Out of its 75 reviews on the site, 81% of the customers who purchased this item gave it a 5-star review. Many customers like the simplicity and classic beauty of this guitar.

Without complicated contraptions and the usual features of the U.S. models, everyone’s attention is focused on the sound and authentic Fender style. Customers can expect excellent performance, sound, and playability, all for an affordable price.

Many think that it cannot be compared to other electric guitar models and brands in the market, as it displays authenticity and a timeless charm. It showcases how a legitimately good and high-quality electric guitar should sound.

Things to Improve

Not much negative comments have been said about the Fender Standard Telecaster Electric Guitar. Among the 75 Amazon customer reviews, only 1% gave a one-star review, while 7% of buyers gave three stars. There are not enough comments about the sound and performance of the guitar.

What some people are complaining about are a few missing parts and damages caused by shipping or mishandling of the instrument. Others are also complaining about the screws getting rusty in a short amount of time. Fender must ensure the quality of parts, even if these are just small details.

Although not all guitars are produced perfectly, as some have chipped paint, scratches or dents, it is important to ensure that everything is in the best condition before shipping, as even the tiniest details are noticed by customers and can give Fender a bad reputation.


This Fender marries Fender’s authentic and classic features with the modern elements that make this electric guitar a one-of-a-kind find. Beyond aesthetics, customers are guaranteed a vibrant and rich sound that musicians of all types will love.

Within a reasonable price range, the Fender Standard Telecaster Electric Guitar will withstand time because of its durability, top-notch quality and timeless vibe.

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