Fender Standard Stratocaster Electric Guitar Review

The Fender Standard Stratocaster can be one of the best guitars you’ll ever have in your playing career. It offers a rich amount of history and other surprising factors. If you are aiming for a real performance, then this guitar is the best that you can grab.

This electric guitar is considered to be special because this is sought-after by many famous musicians due to its legendary background. Some of the players who have used it are Jimi Hendrix and Yngwie Malmsteen. Other celebrities also include Eric Clapton and other musicians in different genres.

Fender Standard Stratocaster Electric Guitar - Maple...
  • The Standard Series is the perfect choice for any musician looking to...
  • The "C" shaped tinted neck provides universal comfort and elegant...
  • Achieve the classic iconic tones that only a Fender Stratocaster with...

Holy Grail-Like Tone

There are many reasons why people love performing this guitar. You will be amazed by its ability to produce a Holy Grail tone that sounds so pleasant to the ears. This guitar is constructed to the highest standards.

You have a better quality of control as well as improved materials that you can use. The pickup setting of this guitar is oozing with the mojo that’s why it is highly recommendable. You are ensured that the kind of sound that this guitar will produce will define what this model is all about.

Fender Standard Stratocaster produces neutral Strats that can be heard from its tone. Aside from this, the type of warmth that it can produce captivates the ears of both the listeners and players. Since it is a single coil instrument, the warmth is even more evident and noticed. It can be used in different genres through its sonic foundation.

This metal guitar has gained recognition for being a legitimate Stratocaster by Fender. Famous musicians have already proven it. Due to its high-quality features, you can pass it down to the generation next to you. Even your granddaughters and grandson can benefit from it.

Triple Single Coil Configuration

The Fender Standard Stratocaster is made from Alder body, and this has been used even in the ‘50s. This Tone wood can produce the perfect match for the original nature of Stratocaster. Fender opted for this material because no better choice will exceed Alder.

The Tonewood is always best to fit with Maple because their fit and finish are compatible. You’ll get a maple neck and a rosewood fretboards or vice versa. With Fender Stratocaster, the finish becomes one of its main highlights.

The neck presents a traditional C shape that contributes to its playability and functionality. Another notable feature of the Fender Stratocaster is its SSS or the triple, single coil configuration. You can see the changes from the pickups installed in this electric guitar. The upgrades are meant to minimize the coil buzz.

Newer sets of Singles are also featured with this guitar and they are isolated in cavities. The good thing about it is that it experiences less buzz when played. To make it more convenient, added isolations is configured to this Strat.

The hardware is given in a standard configuration. The bridge is built into vintage style, and it is directly installed on the Fender Stratocaster. The tremolo is also vintage for an added aesthetic value and the saddles are also fully adjustable.

Fender Standard Stratocaster Features and Specifications

  • The Standard series is meant for an upgrade to a professional-level electric guitar
  • C-Shaped neck that provides ultimate comfort as well as unique style to the guitar
  • Production of Iconic Tones as well as Holy Grail Tones that are pleasant to the ears
  • Triple Single-Coil Pickups
  • Vintage-Style Tremolo bridge with sustained and enhanced tuning stability.
  • Fully Isolated Cavities

Fender Stratocaster Reviews

The Fender Standard Stratocaster receives a rating of 7 out of 10 because of its full functionality and playability. Many users mentioned that this guitar exemplifies high capacity to produce high-quality tones.

Most of the users can use this guitar for blues to rock as well to country punk. The good thing about this guitar is that it can be found in almost all kinds of genres of contemporary music. The fit and feel of this guitar, in general, are exemplified right out of the box.

Regarding the hardware, users found it beyond their expectation. The 6-point tremolo of this guitar makes it comparable to other instruments and guitars because some only contains two. The six-point tremolo provides more sustainability than other ordinary guitars in this instance.

Things to Improve

Others users are still considering that American-made guitars are still the best more that Mexican-made guitars. They also noted that the E string has a low volume. It can be a problem with the adjustment. The Mexican quality control should have been taxed as per the view of other users.


The Fender Standard Stratocaster is one of the  best Stratocaster guitars of all time. This has a neck position that can create a superb voice, especially for the smoky electric blues genre. It can produce a clean Frusciante moment.

Another feature that adds up to its selling factor is the internal shielding that contributes to a better behavior when it comes to producing noise even if you put it in front of the monitor.