Fender Modern Player Tele Plus Electric Guitar Product Review

The Fender Modern Player Tele Plus Electric Guitar is able to produce a lot of tones with its classic body. As its name indicate, this guitar is perfect for modern players. With its large fretboard, slim form maple neck, and slimmer radius of the fingerboard, the fender modern player telecaster is definitely your electric guitar to die for.

The Tele Plus Electric Guitar from Fender is something that looks good, feels good and sounds equally beautiful. Get ready for some action, thanks to its versatility and portability. If you are into metal and country, tastes run to country and metal, the fender modern player telecaster is the ideal choice.

Fender Modern Player Tele Plus Electric Guitar, Honey...
  • With a humbucking bridge pickup, Strat middle pickup, and Tele...
  • With a 9.5" radius and 22 jumbo frets, this model is built to play...
  • 5-way switching, plus a coil splitting mini-toggle for the humbucking...

Cool Sounds

Playing the Fender modern player telecaster on full bucker will meet the needs of any music aficionado. Its electrical power can generate both the modern metal sounds and old style rock music. The coil separates the bucker and incorporates it together with the center single coil that can create vibes such as Curtis Mayfield and Hendrix. You will hear powerful clean sounds. In addition, the neck pickup is the best place for overdrive jazz and blues.

Durable Hardware

The bridge is one of the most remarkable features of the fender modern player telecaster. Normally, it looks like an ashtray that holds a single pickup. The design of this fender electric guitar has a humbucker in its bridge. They put in a totally different bridge style. It has an appearance that resembles a strat. The tuners are in accordance with the standard equipment of the Fender Company. This is suitable for individuals who like to upgrade their electric guitar.

Solid Electronics

Fender chooses to put a robust humbucker in the bridge instead of using standard coil pickups. It is accompanied by one coil at the center and another coil around the neck. Even though it is unusual, this unique combination does amazing things with regards to mobility and versatility. The pickups of the fender modern player telecaster are connected to a number of standard controls of tone and volume.

Well Built Body Shape

The design of the fender modern player telecaster is something that you cannot ignore. This honey burst colored tele plus boasts an alder body frame, a C profile design, and maple neck. The fretboard in particular, comes with the standard lacquered maple, which is the trademark of the fender guitars.

Unlimited Sounds in Three Pickups

The honey burst Fender Modern Player Tele Plus Electric Guitar is the best choice for serious musical tone fanatics. It comes with an HSS configuration that consists of strat and tele single coils, and also a humbucker two coils. The biggest edge of the telecaster over its competitors is its 5-position switch selector. It enables the user to combine their pickups, for example, middle-neck, bridge-middle, or any pickup combinations. The humbucker is built with a mini toggle that generates a more tightly focused tone in the bridge placement.

Features and Specs

  • Solid-wood body material type
  • 6 number of strings
  • Maple fretboard material type
  • Hard tail guitar bridge system
  • Guitar pickup configuration (Combination)
  • 5 x 42 x 15 inches item dimensions
  • Maple neck material type
  • 5″ Radius fingerboard
  • 5″ Radius fingerboard
  • 22 jumbo frets
  • C profile maple neck
  • Chrome-Dome control knobs
  • Modern player pickups


The Fender Modern Player Tele Plus Electric Guitar receives a customer rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars rating. Many users are really satisfied with its affordable price. One user chose the fender modern player telecaster because he wanted to give his son a great guitar that is reasonably priced.

Another happy buyer of the Fender Tele Plus said that she cannot find fault in the musical instrument. This entry level telecaster electric guitar is something that they have hoped for. It perfectly fits their preference to have a guitar that features the standard strat and tele sounds on a single guitar.

Generally, the telecaster made most of its users happy. The cost is definitely worth it.  It produces fantastic sounds and the neck is comfortable to hold. The coil tapping switch feature gets a lot of attention. The humbucker located at the back of the fender contributes to the variety of sounds.

Things to Improve

The modern player telecaster by Fender receives only a few negative reviews. One user stated that when the coil of the guitar is tapped, it becomes quieter and thinner.

Some users consider the appearance of this electric guitar to be simple, but its powerful, functional sound surpasses its appearance.

One user also pointed out that the telecaster does not include a gig bag.


The fender modern player telecaster is one powerful and versatile electric guitar. In fact, it can also do some forms of metal music. This usable instrument is best suited for the modern guitar players. You can produce lots of high-quality music from this honey burst tele plus, not to mention the fact that it carries a reasonable price.

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