Fender American Special Stratocaster Review

The Fender American Stratocaster Electric guitar is a dual tone, sunburst designed instrument made with rosewood fretboard. It has a solid body guitar at an unbelievably more affordable price than most fenders you can find on the market.  The electric guitar provides users with an opportunity to take advantage of cool Stratocaster features without breaking the bank! Keep reading and let’s find out if this Fender American deserves all the raving reviews it’s been garnering online.

Fender American Special Stratocaster - 2-Tone Sunburst,...
  • Body
  • Body shape: Double cutaway
  • Body type: Solid body

Stratocaster Features

The Fender American Special Stratocaster Electric guitar is made of a solid body, providing a better sound than laminated versions do.  It also offers full Stratocaster features. Stratocasters first conquered the guitar scene in 1954.  It has thrived ever since and became the favored choice among the famous guitarists like Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Eric Clapton.

It all begins with an ergonomic design and tummy and forearm bevels, providing an outstanding overall balance, making this electric guitar a joy to play. This also features a drop-in pickup and pickguard assembly, which makes it easier to customize and suit your preference.

This Stratocaster can also produce distinct sounds, which is almost impossible compared to the other models on the market. So whoever your guitar influence is, you will achieve that style that you want with this Fender American.

Standout Properties

Another notable feature of this electric guitar is the varying musical ranges that it provides to the users, and it can be credited to the special Texas Single-Coils. With this electric guitar, users can use any of the five switch positions of the pickups to provide them with those classic tones that they are looking for in Stratocasters.

But for the modern touch, the guitar goes beyond traditions! It has something extra to offer compared to its predecessors. It features both the classic tremolo and Greasebucket tone circuit, which round out the features of this amazing Fender American.


This Fender American Special Electric guitar can offer you the classic maple neck that comes prepared (and better) with the contemporary C profile along with jumbo frets for precise and quick fretwork.

Regarding the tone, this instrument is the perfect find for its Texas Special single-coils that dish out the chime and create vintage style tremolo.

Solid Wood

This Fender American Special Electric guitar is made up of solid wood. It is preferred by most guitarists and for a reason, it is better looking and more durable than the laminated guitars are. Solid wood also produces better sound than the laminated models do.

Experts also reveal that solid wood guitars can play better as years go by but a laminated one can produce the same sound throughout its lifetime. Thus, you can produce a great sound that gets even better every time with this guitar.


  • Made in the USA
  • Stratocaster properties at a price you cannot find elsewhere
  • Superb Greasebucket tone control with the ability of rolling off highs but without the harsh volume
  • 3 Texas style single-coil pickups
  • Classic synchronized tremolo
  • Excellent playable fingerboard, jumbo frets and neck
  • Contoured alder and double cutaway body
  • Solid wood body and components


This Fender American Special Electric guitar garners an 8.2 out of 10 Editor’s Rating for its superb features and affordable price despite its qualities that resemble those of very expensive fenders on the market.

Users love its ergonomic designs that fit users of all sizes! They also appreciate that the maker included the Greasebucket tone control, which has the ability to roll off highs but not affecting volume or adding bass.  They reveal that it provides them with utmost control over their tone without compensating volume loss.  The controls of this guitar are definitely one of its top selling features that make it a serious tone machine.

This guitar is also made with rosewood fretboard, which can supply those rich and deep tones. It also has the ability to level out high-end harsh tones. Plus, rosewood offers super durability.  According to users, it is very important for them specifically among those that regularly perform on gigs, concerts and jam sessions.

So for top value, amazing sound, and applause-worthy performance, you may want to check out this guitar and experience the difference with professional guitar playing.

Things to Improve

The Fender American Special Electric guitar is a feature-packed instrument, which can make users “feel like heaven.” But just like all great guitars, it isn’t perfect. The only minor complaint is its cheap-looking gig bag. For many users though, it isn’t an issue at all because this guitar has the excellent quality, tone control ability and top value features.


The Fender American Special Electric guitar plays like a dream! It is stunning for its musicality and flexibility. The maker is successful at bridging the gap between the highway one ranges and American standard. Regarding abundance of tone and value, nothing comes close to this electric guitar.

If you’re on the market searching for a versatile guitar that has five tone choices, purposeful vibrato system, and a well-contoured body, you’re right on target with this Fender American Special. It has everything that players are looking for such as an affordable price, great sound, wonderful neck and amazing volume control. Grab your Fender American Stratocaster guitar before it goes out of stock today!

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