ESP LTD B Series B-205 Five String Bass Guitar Review

This carefully-crafted ESP Bass – the ESP LTD B-205 is created as a bright-sounding guitar that has become popular to the music industry. It is crafted with an elegant maple top that gives it a unique look and impression. This guitar also has a string-thru design and variety of active electronics and it is built for superior stability.

You will find the bolt-on neck set deep in its body to promote a combination of sustain and snap while playing. You will be able to access the full scale through the U-neck contour. The best thing about this bass guitar is the 5 controls meant for dialing the right sound and tune for the song that you are playing.

ESP LTD B Series B-205 Five-String Bass Guitar - Natural...
  • The B205SM NS has an Ash Body with a Spalted Maple Top
  • 5Pc Maple&Rosewood and a Rosewood Fingerboard
  • This bass comes equipped with an LTD BB-605 w/ String-Thru-Body Bridge...

Distinctive Tonewoods

The thing that you will appreciate with the ESP bass is the way it sounds and looks. The ash body of this guitar makes it stand out among the other bass guitars in the market. Aside from this, the bolt-on maple neck gains a positive reception in the American market.

The mids of this guitar is also bright and punchy, so even guitar professionals love playing it during bands and concerts. You will also notice its fast attach while playing the instrument and it also has a focused bass response to make it more convenient to guitar players.

People often gaze at it with admiration because of its spalted maple top’s satin finish. It is eye-catching and it will really suit the contemporary or modern style of music nowadays.If you are aiming for a cutting-edge solo, then, this bass guitar is perfect to use. It will give you an expanded sonic versatility that are known to most high-end basses. Aside from this, you will love the extra low growl of the strings. If you always look for a session bass, this expressive tone machine is a great choice for you.

5-Piece Maple Built

This ESP bass guitar features a spalted maple top that has a translucent finish. The design perfectly accentuates the gorgeous grain pattern of the guitar. Its electronics configuration is integrated with the ECSP humbucking bass pickups as well.

In addition it also features the Mid and Treble controls, which you can utilize to enhance the quality of your music. It makes it easier for you to blend the pickups and the tones.

One factor that makes it truly eye-catching is the 5-piece maple neck that is carved to give an extra-thin profile. The 24-fret fingerboard is also made from rosewood for ultimate playability. To make it more convenient and enticing to bassists, a blacked-out hardware is integrated with ESP tuners for much sustainability.

Features and Specifications

  • Features from an Intermediate Bass
  • Satin-finished Ash body with Spalted Maple Top that provides a more focused sound when played
  • Snappy bolt-on 5-piece Maple neck with a thin-profile
  • 24-fretboard that has a radius of 350mm that can response quickly and accurately
  • SB-5 neck and humbuckers that can lower noise amplification
  • 3-Band EQ section for more tone versatility
  • String-through Bridge for different Playing Styles
  • Tuners and Black nickel knobs for a moody look


This ESP bass guitar – the ESP LTD B-205 has received a rating of 7 out of 10 from the editor’s review. The package includes high-quality strings that produce quality sounds. This fretless bass guitar can get everyone and everything.

Most users noted that the electronics of this ESP bass guitar is really nice because it can hit both the highs and lows. The playability is also one of its saleability factors. The guitar can produce sounds that are pleasant-hearing without the trebles and vibrations.

If you are a guitarist who has a problem when it comes to a guitar’s diameter, you’ll not find this as an issue at all with this bass guitar because you will surely feel comfortable holding it with its thin U-profile.

The solid electronics are also incomparable with other brands. You will love this ESP bass guitar for the good feels it can give you.

Things to Improve

According to some users of this bass guitar, if there’s something to be improved with the ESP LTD B-205, probably, it’s going to be the low action bridge. Other than that, some of them find it hard to setup especially for beginners. Furthermore, it would have been better if the sound can be enhanced for better tune. All in all, these are just minor improvements and it will not undermine the great performance of this bass guitar.


When it comes to bass guitars, this ESP bass, the ESP LTD, is one of the best five string bass guitars you’ll ever find in the market. It features an exquisite satin and ash finish that is really effective in capturing attention from the crowd of spectators.

If you are a session bassist, you should own one of these because it has solid electronics and can give you good feel whenever you’re playing it. The versatility is one of the indispensable features of this guitar.

When you avail this kit, you will be given everything that you’ll need. See it for yourself and rock on!