Epiphone SG Special Electric Guitar Product Review

An American guitarist and jazz songwriter in the name of Les Paul once commented on how Epiphone has always created great guitars. This is a testament which can be proven just by looking at its history dating back for a century and four decades. After 140 years of establishing a reputable trademark, this brand came up with a star line, the Epiphone SG Special— an electric guitar which resonates beauty, versatility, and excellent music-producing quality.

This guitar is made for both professional musicians and amateur guitarists at the core of its visualized market. Thus, if you are scouting for affordable but efficient and well-built electric guitars, an Epiphone SG Special might just be the correct instrument for you. Apart from this reason, written below are its other features.

Epiphone SG-Special Electric Guitar (w/ KillPot, Cherry Red
  • Body & Neck: Mahogany; Color: Cherry Red
  • Neck Profile: SlimTaper "D"; Scale length: 24.75 Inch
  • Fingerboard: "dot" inlays; Tuners: Premium 14:1

The Killpot

Professional guitarists are familiar with the “staccato effect.” This musical effect means that any instrument, when played, produces an abrupt bouncing sound effect. A string instrument such as the electric guitar can achieve this effect when its player plucks on a certain string and instantly stops it by using the other hand. This technique gives off an immediate halting effect.

The Epiphone SG Special electric guitar has a built-in Killpot™ technology, which immediately generates a similar effect to that of a “staccato.” This is an advantage because apart from the convenience it brings to the guitarist, there will be no more unnecessary pickup toggle flippings which may lead to the premature pickup settings’ loosing of thread.

Rosewood Fretboard

Also known as the fingerboard, a fretboard is an essential part of a stringed musical instrument. This wooden board proves its usefulness when a guitarist presses and holds down the guitar strings to it in order to alter the pitch or vibrating interval of the music.

The Epiphone SG Special has a fretboard made of rosewood. It is vital for a musician to know what a fretboard is specifically made of because each wood produces varied effects. A rosewood has a lighter hue compared to that made of rosewood. It also possesses reduced pores and cleaner grain streaks.

Musicians who desire a crispier, perkier tone which their electric guitar produces might find the Epiphone SG Special electric guitar as a perfect choice because of its affiliation to rosewood-derived parts.

Inexpensive and Efficient

What truly sets apart an Epiphone SG Special electric guitar from the rest of the other guitar brands in the market is its affordability. Many starting guitarists and dreaming musicians are already discouraged because no electric guitar seems to match their necessity of having inexpensive yet quality electric guitars. If you compare Epiphone with other guitar brands, it is definitely a lot cheaper by 70%.

This affordability can be traced back to its history. After the Second World War, Epiphone almost lost everything. With its rivals such as the Gibson ready to outshine them, Epiphone did everything to keep hold of their remaining assets. These times of adversity helped their renewed company to reestablish their commitment to producing quality products at the lesser expense of their clients.

Features and Specs

The Epiphone SG Special normally weighs 11 pounds, but it is estimated to weigh 14 pounds when being shipped away to the customer. The available color for this product is Cherry. It possesses a physical product dimension of 44x 16.5 x 4 inches. At the moment, it is only eligible for shipping within the United States of America.

This electric guitar is patterned in the Les Paul model with a double-cutaway shape to fully imitate the authentic solidbody guitar.

The Downside

Many previous users have complained about the fretboards of the Epiphone SG Special which become discolored over the years of excessive usage. The rosewood, which is the primary component of the fretboard, is susceptible to wearing and tearing. Its non-ability to resist the absorption of dust, oil, and other types of dirt can be a degrading characteristic of this musical instrument.

Also, for some musicians, their standards are met below par because of a few reports of chipping neck wood and slight fissures at the rear side of the frame.

Other User Reviews

In Amazon, 104 out of 149 users have rated this product with 5 stars. This indicates that this specific Epiphone electric guitar is a musical instrument worthy of your money and attention. Many have mentioned that it is “underpriced.” One review even mentioned of its awesome musicality even without plugging it to an amplifier. With the proper setup and settings, this is a definitely a worthy purchase.

Overall Performance

This electric guitar can be deemed underrated, given its other expensive counterparts. Cheap does not always mean ineffective and can be easily disposed of. The brand holds 140 years under its cap with famous musical artists and bands like The Edge, The Beatles, Keith Richards, and Pete Doherty playing its guitars.

With its great pickup, amazing tone pots, and unblemished physical appearance, this item has undeniable dealmaker features. Those who have purchased an Epiphone electric guitar, especially its SG Special line are now relishing moments of great music and cherish-worthy memories.

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