Epiphone Les Paul STANDARD Plus-Top-Pro Electric Guitar Review

Les Paul has received many achievements and that is why musicians love it. One of the best inventions is the Epiphone Les Paul Standard. This is considered as one of the top-rated in the world. To add up to its popularity, it features ProBucker-2 together with ProBucker-3 pickups.

Another new feature that you will surely love is the AAA flame maple veneer top that includes a beautiful color of Honeyburst. This vintage design is inspired by the late ‘50s vintage Les Paul.

If you are aiming for a guitar that exceeds everyone else with its performance, then Les Paul Standard Pro is the name to look for.

Epiphone Les Paul STANDARD PLUS-TOP PRO Electric Guitar with...
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AAA Flame Maple Top

This will surely take your breath away. The matching is good on both sides and commonly very flamed. The type of figuring that maple has can be seen on the guitar’s flaming. You must note that the wood figuring can be done in different positions.

You can opt for a radial, vertical, or horizontal figuring. Also, the wood can be quilted or Birdseye. Both of these comprise a unique look. Les Paul Standard Pro is made with AAA Flame Maple, which is commonly used for most guitars.

Every maple top is different, and this guitar is unique in its way. Grading the top can be a little confusing. The AAA Flame Maple makes a beautiful top, that is why it is one of the top selections of musicians.

Coil Splitting

The coil splitting feature of the Epiphone Les Paul Standard Pro converts the humbucker to a single coil through a switch on two of the coils. However, you should note that you cannot reverse it and carry out a conversion straight to single-coil pickup into humbucker.

Epiphone Les Paul Standard Pro has less bass that starts at around 2kHz. This is considered as a high-frequency response that is similar to the humbucker. Since the bass is reduced, it can give off a thin and brighter sound.

Through the coil-splitting mechanism of this guitar, it can produce clean and glassy sounds. It can be done if you plan to add chorus to it. If a guitar produces a brighter sound, the more likely the chorus is processed efficiently. This is best for sensitive ears.

Another notable thing about this guitar is the rich power chords. Les Paul Standard Pro is known to excel when it comes to bigger sounds. This has been an iconic badge for Les Paul, especially in rock scene.

Epiphone Les Paul Standard Pro Features and Specifications

  • Maple Top that is Grade AAA Flame Maple
  • Coil Spitting through push/pull controls
  • Probucker-2 and Probucker-3 Pickups
  • Machine Heads -Grover
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty by Gibson
  • Cream Binding on the Body and Neck
  • Carved Maple Top Wood
  • Glossy Body Finish
  • Push/Pull Volume Controls
  • 3-Way Pickup Switch

Epiphone Les Paul Standard Pro Reviews

To nobody’s surprise, Epiphone Les Paul Standard Pro received a rating of 9 over due to its superb performance. Many users commented this guitar for its excellent quality. It can be seen in the craftsmanship and the tone as well.

They even noted that this guitar never disappointed them. The users have tried plugging it into a good amp, and it was able to produce high-quality sounds. The tone knobs a are wired backwards, so left-handed people should be used to playing it.

Most of the users praise the build quality. They also observed that Les Paul’s models are continuously improving every year. Les Paul is boasting its superiority among other brands in the market.

The users even noted that this guitar is worth every penny because of its quality and overall performance. Les Paul Standard Pro has met the expectations of the professional musicians around the globe.

Things to Improve

The frets and nut cause the intonation to falter a little bit. This is due by the uneven frets. You can have them crowned if you want to, to solve this minor problem. You can also observe that the nuts aren’t cut too well, and they have cut it a little bit too high.

For this problem, you can have a tech fix it for you. It’ll only take a couple of hours to do so you can use your guitar right away. Another problem that needs to be addressed is the neck pickup. The Probucker 2 is a little bit fat, so it’s hard to get it to sparkle.


Indeed, the Epiphone Les Paul Standard Pro is the best plus-top-pro guitar in its league. It has rock-solid components like the LockTone Tune-o-Matic and an adjustable bridge and StopBar tailpiece. The auto locks are also a big plus in this guitar and is regarded as one of its top features.

This guitar can do a better throw, and it is made to last long. Even the output jack features have improved contact shape together with a heavy-duty spring steel for your convenience. This guitar is highly-recommended for experienced musicians and beginners with its great features and above-average craftmanship.

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