Epiphone Goth Thunderbird-IV Electric Bass Guitar Review

The Epiphone Goth Thunderbird-IV Electric Bass Guitar is an instrument that represents the new twist from the brand. It comes with a pitch-black finish, making it a highly noticeable device even at first look. Under the Goth collection of Epiphone, it is declared the black diamond guitar.

Since then, Thunderbird bass is one of the well respected and trusted electric bass guitars by musicians in the United Kingdom and the United States. Until today, it proves to be among last rock and roll low-end instruments.

If you are interested in learning about the upgrades of the electric bass guitar, given below is its detailed review.

Epiphone Goth Thunderbird-IV Electric Bass Guitar
  • Mahogany body
  • Alnico Classic PlusTM Humbucker pickups
  • Rosewood fretboard

Vintage Overall Structure

From the construction of its sound generation, you will get an old instrument. Primarily, it has a 34-inch scale neck, 20 medium jumbo frets made of silver and nickel, as well as a 12-inch fretboard radius to complete its construction supportive of excellent sound production.

Furthermore, it has a 1.73-inch nut width, which is ideal for spacing of strings.  For consistent tone and sustain, it has a neck constructed out of maple hardwood. The body wings, on the other hand, are out of mahogany.

The electric bass guitar also features the new humbucker pickups under the Goth collection. This component is one of the best for bassists worldwide either for recording or live performances.

Hardware at Its Best

Epiphone has been trusted to deliver only high-quality equipment for its electric bass guitars, and this instrument is proof. This Thunderbird sports a die-cast machine heads with a ratio of 17 is to one. Additionally, it has a three-point bridge that is fully adjustable.

Also, it has a master tone knob utilizing a full-scale 500K O potentiometers and knobs to control volume freely. Controls available with the instrument are for master tone, bridge volume, and neck volume.

The instrument also has “XII” 12th fret inlay fingerboard. As for its truss rod, you will get a two-way, double-action component.

Epiphone Goth Thunderbird-IV Electric Bass Guitar Features and Specifications

This electric bass guitar measures 56 inches by 21 inches by nine inches. Furthermore, it has a weight of 12 pounds.  To learn more about, read through its other exceptional features:

Dark Tone Generation. Since it has a mahogany body, you can anticipate a tone that is thicker and darker when playing the electric bass guitar. This is definitely what you need for a rock bass performance.

Killer Bass. It comes with pickups that support dead on bass. The dual pickups of the instrument ensure that you will sustain the punchy tone of your bass while making it growl. If you have to perform slow songs, you may use the master tone knob to mellow down the sound.

If you have not achieved your dream sound yet, you can also utilize the dual volume settings.

A Proof of Legacy. This instrument comes from a family of electric bass guitars that existed as early as 1863. Ray Dietrich spearheaded the design and construction of the device, particularly its reversed zig-zag body structure.

Epiphone Goth Thunderbird-IV Electric Bass Guitar Reviews

The Editor’s rating for the product is 8.6 out of 10. This Thunderbird Pro instrument received mostly positive reviews from its customers or buyers. Many have commented how sturdy the construction of the instrument is. You will also notice that its sound generation is nothing short of great given its crisp quality.

Moreover, the buyers highlighted how the Gothic architecture made the electric bass guitar more convenient to use. Others even claimed that it could be a recommendable guitar for someone who is just starting to learn guitar playing.

Regarding its value, you will not complain at all since it is not as expensive as other electric bass guitars. It is unbelievably cheaper for its structural integrity.

Things to Improve

You may have to check the strings first to eliminate fret buzz before playing the instrument. This may take a bit of time, but it is worth the effort to ensure that any remaining buzz is eliminated. Moreover, there is one instance that a customer highlighted that its strings have a high action.

If you are worried about the expenses of getting it fretted, you should ask a friend to do it for you instead of bringing the guitar to a shop. Otherwise, there are resource links online that will help you configure the instrument yourself.

Nonetheless, not all customers have encountered the problem. Other Thunderbird Pro releases may have been issued with frets due to manufacturing factors.


The reviews above of Epiphone Goth Thunderbird-IV Electric Bass Guitar imply that it is a must-have instrument either for a beginner or professional performer. It has everything you need since it performs as great as it looks.

You will get a complete package even without spending a lot. Moreover, there is no reason to trust a brand that has been supplying the world with quality electric bass guitars for years.

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