Easy Violin Songs for Learners

As a beginner violinist, you may want to know easy violin songs that you can try with this instrument. Violin is generally known for its distinctive, rich sound. Haunting sonatas, classical melodies, hand-clapping, toe-tapping bluegrass and country music are all possible to produce with this instrument. Nevertheless, learning to play a violin takes time.

Here are beginner songs that will enable you to sharpen your craft:

Theme from Ode to Joy by Beethoven

This is a recognized classic melody that provides a great way to showcase newly acquired fingering and bowing skills. Even when you play the first 8 bars only, this song is a simple arpeggio that features basic half and quarter notes that make playing it very easy. But, to show off your new skills in style, learn the next 8 measures that include 8 notes in a bridge to create a complete piece.

Cool blues by David Bruce

This is an awesome composition that any beginner violinist will love to play. It’s a bluesy piece that shows off the scale ability of a beginner violinist. It has an improvisation section towards the end that allows the violinist to express their style in a special way.

William Tell Overture by Rossini

This is another popular classic melody with a Lone Ranger theme. It arouses upbeat, toe-tipping excitement that wows the listeners. However, this easy violin song includes a little tricky bowing. But, once you master the eights and ties, you definitely sound incredible.

The traditional version of When the Saints Go Marching

This is an easy violin song for you if your goal is to learn the basics of playing jazz music on a violin. Any beginner violinist can’t do better than they can with this classic gospel song. The tune features halves and basic quarters. However, you will need to stretch bowing skills in the final bars. Thus, you have to use your entire length to play it. Additionally, this song is great for a beginner violinist because its tempo is easy to adapt to different levels without interfering with the song’s moving impact.

The traditional version of For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow

This is also a great easy violin song for beginners that will enable you to learn and practice your skills. The lively tune features a D major sounding pitch and long ties in a recognizable tune. Basically, any beginner violinist should have this song in their repertoire.

The traditional version of Amazing Grace by John Newton

This great poem was composed in 1779. 70 years later, the song was developed. Its first 5 examples make this beloved tune a little tougher. However, the effort is worth it. And, once you master the G major composition, you will definitely thrill listeners with your terrific sound.

The traditional version of The Midnight Special

This folk song gained its rock popularity after Credence Clearwater Revival recorded it. However, its traditional version is a great tune to learn how to play violin with. You can easily jam to this tune with fellow violin students.

Wash Cannonball by Johnny Cash

This is American folk song that is based on a fictional train. However, once you master the easy melody of this song, you produce the sound of a professional. The D major’s Rock Island Line in this song will enable you to improve your pizzicato technique.

To solidify the desire to learn and master the art of playing violin, you must practice your new skills. And, regardless of your current ability, playing these easy violin songs will delight you and listeners. So, practice with some of them and have fun as you learn and sharpen your newly acquired skills.

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