E09M Edge Mahogany Electric Dean Bass Guitar Review

The E09M Edge Mahogany Electric Dean Bass Guitar is one of the electric bass guitars that will help you begin learning how to play with an edge. Apart from the fact it is a great playing instrument, you will love the fact that it is very affordable.

There is no reason for you to worry about a limited budget. Despite its less costly value, you will not fall short of features. It has a unique design inspired by Dean primary electric bass guitars. You will also notice that its body is shaped to improve user-friendliness.

Before you purchase it, you should discover more facts about it. Given below is its detailed review.

Dean E09M Edge Mahogany Electric Bass Guitar - Natural
  • 34-inch maple neck with rosewood fretboard and abalone dot inlays
  • Dean passive soapbar pickup with volume and treble controls
  • Dean vintage-style bridge with adjustable intonation

Freedom to Play with High Notes

This electric bass guitar is designed to help you reach even the high notes you cannot obtain with your real instrument. One proof is its custom joint/ heel. Most of the time, you will also encounter electric bass guitars providing difficulty in accessing the high frets.

This will not be encountered with the instrument. Dean made it possible to make it a 22-fret electric bass guitar. Its neck is even made out of maple. This is paired with a fingerboard made of rosewood. Besides, you should not forget the abalone dot inlays.

Plus, it has a passive pickup that will provide you an assertive high-end and mellow low-end. When playing, you will get a lot of response and better tone control.

The bridge added to the instrument also provides you the freedom to configure things on the intonation front. You will also stay in-tune with its diecast tuners.

Edgy Mahogany Finish

You will love the fact that it has a mahogany finish. Surprisingly, Dean did not make the instrument fully mahogany. Instead, it utilized basswood to make the electric bass guitar much lighter.

Mahogany grains are directly added to the instrument to add some elegance to performances.  Apparently, with its lightweight construction, you will obtain comfort even after hours of playing the instrument.

The mahogany finish of the instrument is paired with maple necks, which are sleeker and faster. You will also have the advantage of accessing the two-octave neck of the electric bass guitar with its custom neck joint and heel.

E09M Edge Mahogany Electric Dean Bass Guitar Features and Specifications

You will get the electric bass guitar with dimensions of six inches by 18 inches by 50 inches. It is also considerably lightweight at 9.3 pounds.

To discover more about the instrument, given below are its other features:

Beginner-Friendly. Although it is packed with features best for professional musicians, it is still beginner-friendly. It plays well and provides necessary controls to play with tone easily.

Easy Controls. You will find it easy to tune. Besides, you will not have to repeat the tuning after it is set.

Pleasing Wood Finish. You will find the product’s finish ideal and perfect for a basic yet classy look. This is contributed by its mahogany finish paired with the instrument’s curves.

E09M Edge Mahogany Electric Dean Bass Guitar Reviews

The Editor’s rating for the product is 8.2 out of 10. The electric bass guitar received mostly positive reviews from its buyers and existing owners. According to most of them, although it is best for beginners, it can still outperform other professional bass players around.

Furthermore, they highlighted how useful the tone control of this instrument is. Despite providing a clean bass, you will not fail to observe a little bit of growl from it. Given this fact, the users recommended it for convenience in playing with a variety of music genres.

Lastly, the existing owners did not fail to comment about the attractive wood finish of the instrument, which adds up to their confidence while performing.

Things to Improve

Some customers have complained about the poor quality control of Dean. Others have encountered receiving the electric bass guitar with cracks, poor finish, and breakage. Some also shared that they have returned the product.

This is not a major issue, especially now that the manufacturer can correct any loophole in the production process of the product. Furthermore, there may be negligence on the part of the supplier.

Other than this issue, there is no negative response when it comes to the performance of the guitar. As stated, even if it is best for beginners, it has a decent performance. The bass it produces can still outperform other guitars’ basses.


The reviews of E09M Edge Mahogany Electric Dean Bass Guitar show that this instrument is a must-have, especially for beginners. From its bass to design, you will not find it inferior. It can still rival other top-of-the-line electric bass guitars.

Who would not love this product given it is cheap despite being packed with features? It can retain lows and produce clear highs. Besides, it is not too heavy. You can carry it anywhere regardless of your purpose of playing guitar.

Even the customers can attest that the instrument performs well. Overall, if you have a limited budget and simply starting to learn how to play guitar, this is a good choice.

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