Davison Guitars Electric Bass Guitar Review

If you are a beginner and you would like to give it a shot to try electric guitars, then the Davison Guitars Electric Bass Guitar is what you need. Indeed, this is the perfect guitar for those who would like to try what an electric guitar can offer.

Imagine a guitar on a budget, this is the exact description for this brand. Aside from this, everything that you’ll need to start playing is already include in this package. The simplicity of this guitar is incomparable to other brands.

Check these features and specifications and see for yourself what the Davison Guitars Electric Bass has to offer!

Full Size Electric Bass Guitar Starter Beginner Pack with...
  • Full Size Electric Bass Guitar
  • Amp Case Strap and Cable Included
  • Everything You Need To Start Playing

Full-Size Guitar

This guitar is one of the most basic guitars that you can have on the market. However, don’t undermine its simplicity because it’s also very functional. It’s a full-size guitar despite the fact that it’s primarily for beginners.

It has a body of 25.5” scale length and has a double cutaway solid body. You can find a bolt-on maple neck as well as a maple fretboard which comprises of 21 frets. Aside from this, its design also features black dot inlays.

The Davison Full Electric Bass Guitar has a single master volume and a master tone control knob which is ensured to be solid. You can also adjust the fixed bridge to prevent whammy bar.

This Electric Bass Guitar gives you good value and performance with a decent look.

Inclusion of Amp Case Strap

This Electric Bass Guitar features a 10 watt BC-08 amplifier that has a small size. It can give off a good sound. It can fill an average-sized room that makes it a perfect guitar for practicing when you are in the bedroom.

Aside from this, there are volume controls and an overdrive select switch that will let you hear the tones that are distorted. These sounds are often understood in a crunchy tone that can sometimes be gritty.

The good thing is that you can still rely on this for rock playing. You can even put your headphones since there is a jack provided for this purpose.

To make it convenient on your part, it also comes with a gig bag that is useful for storage purposes.

Davison Electric Bass Features and Specifications

  • Beginner’s Guitar that in Full Size – You will be delighted with its full-size look even though it is primarily created for beginners.
  • Inclusions of Amp Case Strap and Cable – this guitar comes with different accessories like the strap and cable.
  • Includes all the things that you need to start playing
  • Teacher Approved Guitar for Beginners –music teachers recommend this electric bass guitar for beginners because of its simplicity

Davison Electric Bass Guitar Reviews

We will give the Davison Electric Bass Guitar a rating of 7 over ten based on the good feedback from users and other customers.

For those who are starting out, this guitar is considered to be average. Although it doesn’t have a lot of features, it makes up for its great sound and functionalities. They also noted that the guitar is made with two knobs and users found it perfectly usable.

Another compliment that this bass guitar received from the users is that it is easy to be used for practicing. They can also use it even when they are in the bedroom because of the jack where you can insert headphones.

Things to Improve

Though this guitar has some useful features, it also has some minor drawbacks just like the case.  There’s a gig case provided, but it is not padded. You need to be careful in handling the guitar when you need to transport it to another place.

This guitar has the accessories that you’ll need, and the quality of these cannot be compared with the quality of those premium guitars. Aside from this, you will grow out of it once you have improved your skills because this is meant for basic guitar playing.

These minor complaints are not factors that’ll affect the superb performance of this electric bass guitar. Overall, it can be the best equipment that you’ll need for honing your skills in guitar-playing.


Whatever you decide to learn, the Davison Electric Bass Guitar is one of the best electric guitars to have for beginners. It offers all the things that are needed to start playing. The good thing about is its simplicity and functionality.

You can use this when you want to practice either in daytime or nighttime without bothering your neighbors because of the jack where you can insert your headphones.

If you are new to playing the guitar, you should not forget the name Davison. Although it’s for beginners, it can be the guitar that will help you on your way to success. You’ll grow out of it, but the skills in playing the guitar will be established.

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