Cordoba C5 Nylon String Classical Guitar Product Review

The Cordoba C5 Nylon String Classical Guitar is the all-in-one set of a classical guitar. It comes with a gig bag and accessories that you will need for all your guitar session needs. Read on and find out why the Cordoba C5 from the Iberia series is the popular choice for most beginning guitarists.

It comes as a part of the Iberia series. The classical guitar is known for the handmade craft, light weight and the comfort in playing, since it is built truss rods. There are around twenty other styles in the series with either a Canadian cedar or European spruce for its top surface. Iberia series guitars are known for the beautiful resonance and warm sound.

Cordoba C5 Acoustic Nylon String Classical Guitar With...
  • Guitar Vault Offer Includes: Cordoba Deluxe Gig Bag and Accessory Pack...
  • Lightweight Full Size Classical Acoustic Nylon-String Guitar
  • Solid Canadian Cedar Top with Mahogany Back and Sides

Suitable for Beginners

Most beginners try to avoid guitars that are heavy and too complex. The Cordoba C5 comes with a simple and elegant handcrafted design without compromising the quality of sound. It is lightweight and easy to play, making it the perfect tool for guitar learning.

Remarkable Handcraft

To adjust for wood movement or environment fluctuations, Cordoba guitars come with truss rods that can adjust forward or backward. It can be accessed by loosening the strings, setting the guitar on a flat ground reaching the sound hole.

Portable and Cheap

Be prepared for any upcoming gig session with a gig bag that protects your guitar from damage and exposure to a possibly harming temperature. With all the accessories that come with the package, most users choose it for the bulky deal. Despite its affordable price, the quality of the instrument is not lost.

Features and Specifications

  • Solid top surface made of Canadian cedar wood
  • Back and side surfaces made of mahogany
  • Rosewood fingerboard and binding
  • High gloss finish
  • High tension Savarez Cristal Corum strings, 500CJ
  • Two-way truss rod, lightweight
  • Comes with left-handed option
  • Comes with Cordoba gig bag
  • Comes with accessory pack


The Cordoba C5 classical guitar earned many positive reviews from its buyers. A grandmother who already owned about seven guitars said that the C5 nylon string gives a better sound than her two other nylon string guitars. One of them is a Martins and the other is an Aria. She gave her daughter the C5 Cordoba for Christmas and they found it lightweight and very easy to play.

Another buyer was happy about the guitar’s beautiful craft, rich sound, and decent price. One other customer struggled with two nylon string guitars before finding a perfect fit in the Cordoba C5. He found it difficult to find one that had clear notes and precise resonance all at once. He liked the simple construction, the quality of the treble and the good bass. He recommends it for anyone who’s trying to learn playing fingerstyle as it has sped up his learning process. Some users also recommend it for renaissance and medieval music.

Most of the owners really loved how they got a worthy deal, considering its affordable price with the gig bag and accessory pack included. Many of them were beginners – new guitar students, in particular – who chose Cordoba C5 for its affordability and were quite surprised to get a quality and great tone from their purchase. The nylon string guitar also impressed instructors and proved to be a worthy investment.

Things to Improve

According to some users, the guitar also comes with minor flaws. For one, some customers reported a fret buzz problem and sharp frets. Some of them attributed it to the humidity or temperature of where they keep the guitar.

For richer and deeper tones, some buyers recommend matching the guitar with D’ Addario J45 strings to get the perfect blend.

Also, some users complained of guitar damage upon receiving the package including fret board shrinking. The owner had it fixed and the guitar worked just fine after.

The most common problem mentioned among all users is the breaking or loosening of the bridge attachment after years of use. Some owners claimed that it could be because of temperature and humidity, while some insisted that it was due to poor construction. It is best to inspect the guitar’s quality upon arrival so you won’t lose the chance to have any damages fixed or replaced within the return period.


The Cordoba C5 Nylon String Classical Guitar is an all-in-one package of everything a beginner would need – a classical guitar, a gig bag, and an accessory pack for all your session needs. Although it may have flaws due to storage environment, it became the popular choice among first timers and fingerstyle learners because the guitar is lightweight, very easy to play, and produces a rich sound that keeps the session alive. It is recommended for first timers, school kids, and young learners as long as they learn the proper ways of keeping the guitar from damage and exposure.

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