Choosing Among the Best Alto Saxophone Instruments for Beginners

Are you currently in the market looking for the best alto saxophone model for yourself, for a friend, or for a family member? Are you someone who is an aspiring musician who developed an interest in playing saxophone?

Are you someone who is a professional saxophone musician looking for an upgrade to their instrument or to broaden your range with the second kind of saxophone? Whatever your reason is for looking for the best alto saxophone, this article will help you choose the right one according to the player’s preference.

Knowing the Basics of a Saxophone

Before we proceed with the list of the best alto saxophone currently available in the market, let us first take a more in-depth look at what a saxophone is. It is a metal wind instrument that produces music by blowing air across a single reed, two reeds, or on top of the instrument.

It goes the same with how you make sound with a flute. The pitch being produced depends on the closing and opening of holes along the sax’s length.

Closing more holes makes the pitch lower while opening more holes makes the pitch higher. Saxophone’s sound is prevalent in dance and jazz genre.

Alto saxophone is the most common kind of sax out there. Experts often use this in concerts, classic rock bands, solo repertoires, marching bands, military bands, chamber music, swing music, jazz, and the likes.

When it comes to classical music, musicians use alto sax widely. It is often paired with piano, orchestra, and wind symphony. No need for other musical instruments to make the sound classic.

Now, you are ready to buy your first alto sax or to get an upgrade of your current instrument. You need to assure that you select the best alto saxophone to get the most value out of your money. To help you choose, we present you the list of the top alto sax in the market.

Glory E Flat Alto Saxophone

One of the best alto saxophone models out there is the Glory E Flat Alto Saxophone. With its cost-effective price and high quality, it is no wonder why it has always been one of the musicians’ favorite instruments.

When you compare its price tag over its alternatives, its reasonable price will surprise you. The best thing is that it did not give up beautiful and clean sound for the price. You will feel like you are getting more than what you are paying for.

Another thing that makes it the best alto saxophone is the fact that it can perfectly suit both beginners and experts. For beginners, it is a good choice with its price and with it being user-friendly.

For experts, it is an excellent addition to the collection of instruments that you currently have especially if you do not own an alto sax yet. Below are the pros and cons of Glory E Flat Alto Saxophone to help you get to know the instrument better.


  • Affordable price
  • Stable tone and tune
  • Great aesthetic look
  • Recommended for beginners
  • User-friendly
  • Easy to maintain
  • Comes with all necessary things to start playing
  • Wider thumb rest
  • Nice finish


  • Not the best option for professional sax players
  • Reports that some keys are off from where they should be


Mendini MAS-L+92D+PB

Another great option, especially for aspiring sax players, is the Mendini MAS-L+92D+PB Gold Lacquer E Flat Alto Saxophone. People consider this product as one of the best alto saxophone models in the entry-level category.

Sax teachers often recommend it to their students as it is both cost-efficient and user-friendly. Its gold lacquered body also gives it a distinctive beauty that makes every musician look at it with awe.

While this is the best alto saxophone for beginners, this is also a great addition to sax instruments for those who have been playing saxophone for a long time already. Those who are experts in tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, or baritone saxophone tend to develop an interest in playing alto sax in time.

This model can be their first alto sax for rehearsing.

One of the many reasons why even professional musicians get hooked over this instrument is because it produces a deep and rich tone. With the price you are paying for this sax, you are getting more than of what you are expecting.


  • Affordability
  • Deep and rich tone
  • Sports large bore – makes it easy for players to get full-bodied sound
  • Approved by teachers (for their students)
  • Great appearance
  • Gold lacquered body
  • Fast action keys


  • Tend to break down quickly after about a year of use
  • Difficult tuning

Jean-Paul USA AS-400

If you are an aspiring musician and are interested in playing the sax, then you can never go wrong with Jean-Paul USA AS-400 Student Alto Saxophone as your first instrument. It is known to be one of the best alto saxophone models out there for a reason.

Teachers recommend this unit to their students so they use it in sax classes. It is substantially affordable and comes with excellent sound quality.

While it is always not wise for a musician to invest in the cheap instrument, this one is an exemption. It gives a professional feel to the user because of the rich tone and tunes it produces. It plays smoothly that makes the rehearsal or performance even much better than anticipated.

Amazon even picked Jean-Paul USA AS-400 Student Alto Saxophone as one of the best alto saxophone entry-level models today. If you want to know more about this Amazon’s Choice for Beginners Alto Saxophone, check out the list of pros and cons presented below:


  • Amazon’s Choice for Beginners Alto Saxophone
  • Comes with reasonable price tag
  • Comes with durable and aesthetically-pleasing carrying box
  • Easy to Use
  • Comes with complete accessories needed by beginners


  • Does not look too durable and expensive

Legacy AS750

If you are looking for the best alto saxophone that both beginners and intermediate musicians can use, the Legacy AS750 Student/Intermediate Alto Saxophone is a great option. Because it is Legacy instrument, it is already given that it will be of superior quality and excellent value.

Some musicians, especially those who are still beginners, usually opt to rent instrument rather than buy their own. Well, it is not because they do not want to own one, but more like it is a little too expensive to buy one.

These beginners do not know that there are significant instruments that come with a highly affordable price tag in the market. In fact, buying them is more cost-efficient than paying for rent every time you need a sax.

Legacy AS750 is one of the best alto saxophone instruments that every musician who is on a budget can afford to buy. The Legacy AS750 bundle comes with a neck strap, backpack, mouthpiece, reed, and cap ligature.


  • Comes with the necessary accessories
  • Affordability
  • Clean sound
  • Great tone
  • Can be used by both students and intermediate musicians
  • Great entry-level sax
  • Great upgrade sax


  • Mouthpiece has problems with ligature

Eb Alto Saxophone

To add up to the best alto saxophone list, we present the Eb Alto Saxophone. This instrument comes in a reasonable price.

It is stunningly beautiful and long-lasting which makes it a great deal. You won’t have to worry about it breaking off so quickly.

You can use it for long years without needing to go to a repair shop. Its durability is one of the major reasons why even expert musicians still invest in this mid-level sax.

The bundle also comes with everything you need to get started with playing the sax. The Eb Alto Saxophone kit comes with the instrument, a deluxe hard case, pad saving heart, cleaning cloth, marching gloves, neck strap, and case shoulder straps.

Its hard shell case is what protects the sax from the possible damages. It also comfortably holds all the accessories needed for the sax.

Another great thing about this model is that it has a gold lacquered body that prevents possible corrosion and protects the instrument’s finish.


  • Gold lacquered body
  • Hardshell case
  • Bundles come with complete accessories
  • Quality at fair case
  • Comes with 1-year warranty
  • Sturdy components
  • Great for beginners, intermediate musicians, and professionals


  • Reed is stored directly in the mouthpiece

Windsor MI-1005

There are many reasons why experts consider the Windsor MI-1005 Student Alto Saxophone as the best alto saxophone. One of these is the fact that it is precisely tailored to give students a comfortable learning experience.

It is one of most relaxed sax to play and use to learn. No wonder why teachers always bring up buying Windsor MI-1005 Student Alto Saxophone as their students’ first instrument.

Aside from the comfortability it brings, the quality of sound it produces is admirable. It has a beautiful tone and a stable tune that makes learning a lot better than the usual.

Without a doubt, you should always include it in the best alto saxophone list. The creator carefully constructed it to suit the needs of students, hobbyists, and music enthusiasts.

Musicians continuously appreciate the Windsor MI-1005 with its stunning design. It does not sound great, but it also looks great.

It allows musicians to glow and shine even more when performing on the stage. Its beautiful brass body and Pearloid keycaps are something to look forward to.


  • Comes with complete accessories
  • Pearloid keycaps
  • Crafted brass body
  • Windsor engraved bell
  • Accurate tuning and intonation
  • Great playability
  • Premium pads
  • Best for students, intermediate, and professional musicians


  • Not the cheapest option in the market

Allora AAAS-301 Student Saxophone

Allora Student Series Alto Saxophone model AAAS-301 takes pride in the rich, sharp, clean, and even sound. That is how it managed to get a place in the list of the best alto saxophone instruments.

This sax is best recommended for those who are advancing players or music enthusiasts. On the other hand, beginners can also get this instrument for practicing and rehearsing considering the comfort it provides while playing this sax.

While it is not as cheap as the entry-level sax instruments, its price is still considered to be reasonable. In fact, most previous buyers state that it the price is highly worth it for what they get from the Allora AAAS-301 alto saxophone.

Just like the other sax on the best alto saxophone list in this article, this one comes in a bundle. It is shipped with the complete accessories you need to get started as a sax player. It comes with durable case, the instrument itself, cap, ligature, and mouthpiece.


  • Great deal, great value
  • Sturdy components
  • Rich, strong, and even sound
  • Clean tone and tune
  • Easy tuning
  • Easy playing
  • Complete accessories in the bundle
  • Great for music enthusiasts
  • Suitable for beginners


  • Expensive parts for repair or replacements

Yamaha YAS-62II

The best alto saxophone list won’t be complete without mentioning the Yamaha YAS-6211 Professional Alto Saxophone Lacquered model. With what it offers, it is one of the most fantastic saxes in the market right now.

First, let us talk about its aesthetic. With its lacquered body, it looks great!

It seems very professional that suits every professional musician out there. It is specially designed not just to sound great, but also to present itself well.

The next factor is its playability. While it is the best alto saxophone for advanced musicians, beginners can also use it considering it easy-to-play feature. No wonder why some teachers recommend this sax to their students.

The stable tone and easy tuning are also significant factors for it being one of the best alto saxophones in the professional category. Even beginners won’t have a problem tuning this saxophone.

The clean sound it produces makes the music they are making more pleasing to the ears of the audience.


  • Pure and clear tones
  • More affordable than its alternatives
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Best for instrument upgrade
  • Stable tone and tune
  • Easy playing
  • Easy tuning
  • Sturdy components


  • Reports of some accessory lacking in the bundle

Yamaha YAS-480

Intermediate musicians commonly refer the Yamaha YAS-480 Alto Saxophone as the best alto saxophone considering that it can be a great upgrade from their entry-level sax.

On the other hand, this can also be a student’s first sax ever. With its playability, beginners won’t have problems playing this instrument.

What distinguishes Yamaha YAS-480 from the other best alto saxophone models on the list is the fact that it is affordable. However, it looks costly considering that its design is inspired by the appearance of high-end Yamaha saxophones.

Another good thing about this sax is that it boasts a quick response, a warm tone, and a highly accurate intonation.

This sax has a redesigned octave key system. That provides the musician the flexibility of choosing between the standard 62-style neck and those that are designed explicitly for Custom EX and Custom Z Yamaha saxophone instruments.

Students, intermediate players, and professionals can use and play this sax. For sure, it won’t disappoint any aspiring and master musician out there.


  • Accurate intonation
  • Warm Tone
  • Quick response
  • Durable components
  • Clean sound
  • Easy playing
  • Provides a comfortable feel
  • Great for students, intermediate, and professionals
  • Boasts improved mechanism


  • Some reported late shipping

Ammon I833S

The Ammon I833S saxophone is what will complete the list of the best alto saxophone instruments. At first glance, you will already fall for this sax with its glamorous look.

It has a beautiful carved pattern that makes it a lot more elegant than other saxophones in the market. It is also shining and exquisite, making it overshadow other standard-looking instruments.

Musicians consider it to be the best alto saxophone not just because of its appearance, but also for the comfort it brings. It is very comfortable to play with because of its concave key touches.

Aside from the look and comfortability, the overall quality of Ammon I833S is always on top of its competitors. The sound it produces is so clean and stable.

No wonder why it is prevalent among many musicians. They always love to practice and perform with this sax.

The good news is that you do not have to shed a lot of money to get this instrument. It takes pride in its affordable price tag.

If you want to know more about the Ammon I833S saxophone, check its pros and cons below:


  • Comes in a nice package
  • Comes with complete accessories to get started
  • Has beautiful and clean sound
  • Have beautiful patterns that make it look professional
  • It offers great comfortability to players


  • Some components break off easily


Every saxophone has its pros and cons. For you to find the ideal alto saxophone that will suit you best, you have to be sure of what you need and what you want from the instrument.

Then, you have to check the features of all the choices you have to see which one is closer to what you need.

There are a lot of alto saxophones in the market. The list of the best alto saxophone instruments above is just a guide to help you narrow down your choices, but it is always up to you to choose which one you like the best.