Casio CTK 2400 Keyboard Package Product Review

The Casio CTK 2400 is a 61-key portable keyboard package that comes with a number of accessories such as headphones, power supply, and stand. It’s a great deal that’s got the essentials needed by any keyboardist, whether it’s for a home music studio or a gig anywhere in the world.

As an international brand, Casio has established itself as a household name known for quality electronics. Their products include musical instruments, watches, clocks, and calculators to name a few. The popular Japanese company is synonymous with hi-tech and long lasting products, which is why most people choose Casio for their watches, keyboards, and even calculators.

Casio CTK2400 PPK 61-Key Portable Keyboard Package with...
  • Keyboard pack includes a pair of Samson HP30 closed-cup headphones,...
  • New, intuitive sampling function with built-in microphone
  • 400 AHL keyboard voices

Portable and Affordable

Musicians can take their Casio CTK 2400 wherever they go because of its portability. With a stand included, as well as its own power supply, this keyboard is easy to set-up and use for gigs anywhere. It is also a great buy for those interested in creating their own music studio at home.

For beginners, this Casio keyboard can also be considered a practical buy because of its affordability. The keyboard package comes with great accessories, while the keyboard itself has a number of features that can be enjoyed by aspiring musicians and professionals alike. Customers will definitely get their money’s worth with this beauty.

Packed With Features

The Casio CTK 2400 keyboard is jam packed with amazing features. As a Japanese-made product, customers can expect a variety of hi-tech features including a Sound EFX sampler, built-in microphone, step-up learning system, 400 keyboard voices and voice percussion function,  and 48-note polyphony.

Beginners have so much to explore and learn while using this Casio keyboard, while music professionals can create more vibrant sounds and compositions with the keyboard’s easy-to-use features and pre-set sound effects.

World Tour X-Style Stand

The Casio’s World Tour X-Style Stand is a great accessory that can provide comfort for the user while playing. The stand is what makes the keyboard great for on-the-go  gigs or performances, as it can hold the keyboard securely in place.

The stand features a single X-brace made from heavy-duty steel. It has the capacity to hold any keyboard with a maximum weight of 130 pounds, such as 88, 76, 61, and 49-key keyboards from Casio. It can also be adjusted from a height of 25.25 inches to 38.75 inches, making it easier to play, either while seated or standing.

Casio’s World Tour X-style is easy to store and has non-marking rubber end caps that ensure sturdy support that’s definitely built to last.

Samson HP30 Headphones

These headphones are perfect for music sessions that need full concentration, or during late night sessions that require noise control. The Samson HP30 headphones make this keyboard package an absolute steal because it provides the user with a comfortable listening experience whether on-the-go or at home.

Aside from using with the keyboard, it can also be used with a guitar, as well as computers or MP3 players. It features a 40mm full-range driver and 20Hz to 20kHz frequency response, plus 320-ohm impedance level that works well with various applications.

Features and Specs

  • Features an intuitive sampling function
  • Has a built-in microphone
  • Step-up Learning System
  • LCD Screen
  • With 400 AHL keyboard voices
  • Voice Percussion
  • 150 rhythm effects
  • Enhanced sampling effects
  • Comes with eMedia instructional software and a 6-inch USB cable
  • 6 pounds
  • 44 x 8 x 21 inches


The Casio CTK 2400 Keyboard Package received 8.8 out of 10 stars from the Editor’s Rating. Out of 1,319 customer reviews, 70% gave the product 10 stars. Many customers are pleased with the performance and usability of the keyboard. They are also happy with the added accessories and enhanced features.

Most customers who bought this product are beginner keyboard players. They are enjoying the step-up learning system where they learn about the proper finger placement for every note. Most customers are also pleased with its price. This Casio keyboard is a great purchase for those who want top quality for an affordable price.

Things to Improve

There have been different reports stating that the keyboard suddenly locks, freezes or suddenly stops, causing customers to return the product. There have also been complaints of missing accessories or malfunctioning earphones.

Although Casio is known for the quality of their products, the company that sells this product must always ensure that all parts of the package are complete and fully functioning before shipping to the customer to avoid returns and disappointed clients.


The Casio CTK 2400 Keyboard package is a perfect product for those on a tight budget, especially beginners. This is perfect for teenagers and young adults who are just learning to play the keyboard. It also comes with a good pair of headphones and music stand making it a great addition to one’s home music studio.

Because there are a number of reports of the keyboard suddenly stopping, manufacturers and sellers must take extra care in ensuring the condition of their products. The Casio CTK 2400 Keyboard may be cheap but it doesn’t mean the customers should get low quality service, especially since what they’re selling is a Casio – a brand known for top-notch quality worldwide.

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