Blueridge BR 160A Historic Craftsman Series Guitar Review

Blueridge is one of the top makers of guitars. It is also the first manufacturing company to offer a 100% solid wood dreadnought, which is a part of their standard guitar line.

The best thing about the Blueridgeis even though all their instruments were crafted carefully and beautifully, it is very affordable, and the introductory price for some of the regular and standard products are something a starting-up musician could easily afford.

Blueridge BR-160A Historic Craftsman Series Dreadnought...
  • Solid Adirondack spruce top with scalloped braces provides you with...
  • Solid Indian rosewood back and sides guarantees deep bass and strong...
  • Slim mahogany neck offers fast, easy action and inherently...

Characteristics of the Blueridge BR 160A

There are several things that make Blueridge BR-160A different from other Blueridge models and the BR 160 series. The prominent features of this Blueridge guitar model are as follows;

Traditional Look and sound

Although most of the guitar from the BR 160 series of Blueridge offers a certain traditional look, what made this Blueridge dreadnought guitar design easily distinguishable from other models with the same series is its traditional design, which is crafted beautifully into the guitar’s base.

Another feature that has created its traditional look is the pearl inlay designs are rooted in an old fashioned manner, and the unique Herringbone pattern on the guitar’s top edge.

This historic series guitar design will make you realize only by looking that it has a rich and deep sound with a much articulated tone which is the signature sound of all the traditional music played from a guitar for more than seven decades.

The user will also feel the regular comfort and familiarity when holding the guitar so if you’re into old-fashioned but want to bring out a modern approach to your guitar, this Blueridge BR 160A is perfect for you.

Careful Selection of Wood Body

Just like its other Blueridge BR 160A counterparts, the standard line is created from one of the finest solid Adirondack spruce, which is combined with either a solid mahogany wood, or a select solid East Indian Rosewood.

The neck of the guitar is made up of a slim mahogany wood with a neck joint and an adjustable truss rod.

For a higher-end line selection, a neck in one piece is mostly offered with a solid mahogany wood design for beauty and stability. It is also decorated in either a wooden Herringbone trim or sparkling pearl abalone with an extravagant peal inlays in the peghead and fingerboard.

The combination of woods created a just amount of thickness and density, which provides an excellent tone and consistency in sound.

The wooden components of this guitar model complements the wood make-up of each part, which makes it ideal for all musical style.

Other Notable Elements and Construction

All details followed examples of all the top-of-the line prewar with a slight changes and improvement on the playing necks which they made a bit slimmer and easy-to-play that will suit the modern players.

The truss rod is fully adjustable which will guarantee neck stability and perfect alignment.

Another very distinctive design is the small maple bridge plate, which reinforces the underside of the top portion. A scalloped top bracing also gives the right amount of balance of power and weight for a guaranteed best tone and perfect amount of volume.

It also incorporates the pattern of a forward X top bracing that is the most preferred pattern and method for a long time.

Other Specifications

  • It comes with Saga’s exclusive and unique Dalmatian tortoise’ teardrop-shaped pickguard which is a Blueridge innovation and where they are also known for. Other instrument manufacturers and makers copy this innovative design from Blueridge.
  • It has a high-gloss, lightly toned top finish, which makes the guitar smooth and comfortable to touch.
  • The saddle and the nut are made from bone
  • A vintage style with a 14:1 ratio of nickel-plated, open back tuners with a beautiful design butterbean designed buttons.

Things to Improve On

The only thing that the Blueridge BR 160A should try to change or improve on is the string tensioning, but it can easily be fixed by re-adjusting the strings. This doesn’t also seem to pose a problem, except for some guitar users who expect to have a ready-to-play guitar without the need to adjust; the strings.


Whether you are a person who is only beginning to learn to play the guitar and looking for a starting guitar instrument to help you practice, or a veteran guitar player who has a passion for music and sound with a more traditional and classic approach in sound, this guitar is highly recommended for you.

Aside from it is cheaper compared to other guitars with almost the same quality of wood properties, characteristics and design, it is also comparable to other costly vintage collectibles at a very reasonable price.

Beginners would appreciate the balance in tone and volume, but professional players would love the perfect harmony of the tone created and complimented by each wood used in this guitar.

So, if you’re looking for an affordable price guitar for your high-end taste in music, you will not go wrong with a Blueridge BR 160A.

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