Best Yamaha Violin Models Review

Yamaha is a well-known manufacturer of high-quality musical instruments. Since then, the company has been producing reliable violins which meet every need of all musicians regardless of their skill level. Since its humble beginnings in the late 1800s, Yamaha has become one of the largest manufacturer of violins worldwide.

Nonetheless, if you are considering some models out of the many Yamaha violin options available, you should also carry out a careful evaluation before making your final decision. Compare the features, advantages, and disadvantages of the violins and determine which one is a winner for you.

To start your assessment, given below are some of the high-quality Yamaha violin options today:

#1 Yamaha YEV105BL Electric Violin

The Yamaha YEV105BL Electric Violin is a top quality instrument from the brand that will provide you with an upgraded version from the classical feel it has been known for. Although the instrument still has the traditional shape of a violin, it has been perfected with clean lines and wood’s organic appeal.

The lightweight instrument has an innovative design that also guarantees comfort while playing. Despite the fact that the electric instrument is compact in construction, you can still anticipate great sounds from it. The Yamaha YEV105BL can even be used in live performances.

Despite its affordable price point, this violin is very easy to play. Moreover, the Yamaha YEV105BL is made from six wood types, which will ensure great resonance. If you prefer to use an amplifier, this electric instrument can also be plugged into one without the need for preamps, batteries, or headphones.

You can consider the violin a combo, particularly because since its fifth string is a C. In other words, the Yamaha YEV105BL will cover the pitches CGDAE. It produces a reasonable sound when used as an acoustic instrument or when there is no amp available.

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Yamaha YEV105BL Electric Violin, Black, 5 String
  • This is an all-access electric violin: beautiful, light, easy and fun...
  • Designers wanted to make a visually appealing instrument with simple,...
  • Made from 6 different woods that add to the overall organic, natural &...

#2 Yamaha SV-255 Professional Silent 5-String Violin

The Yamaha SV-255 Professional Silent 5-String Violin is an extremely lightweight model from the brand, which does not fall short in terms of controls and sound quality. You will definitely commend the fact that it is extremely comfortable to use since the electronics were removed and placed in a separate amp.

You can install the amp on a belt clip or pedal board when you need to use it with the Yamaha SV-255. The amp system that comes with the package is professionally made and durable enough for long-term use. The component has controls for volume, treble, and bass at the same time.

Instead of batteries, you can also run the amp on phantom power. Other significant features of the system are a 0.25 inch unbalanced and XLR outputs.

The electric instrument makes use of SV-200’s body pickup. Moreover, it also utilizes the dual-piezo VNP-1 transducer bridge. You may also choose the amount of output signal that is sourced from every pickup.

You will find that the Yamaha SV-255 is suitable for classical players since it has an excellent tone when played. Even its shoulder rest can stay firm while playing.

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Yamaha SV-255 Professional Silent 5-String Violin
  • Lightweight Design: The most comfortable, lightweight professional...
  • Dual Pickups: Piezo pickup in the body of the instrument picks up of...
  • Stage Performance: Easy connections to PA equipment - heavy duty...

#3 Yamaha Standard Model AV5 Violin

The Yamaha Standard Model AV5 Violin is an exceptional electric instrument that is made out of hand-carved wood. It comes with sides, back, and neck made from maple. Alternatively, it has a top constructed out of solid spruce.

Take note that the maple used for the instrument has been seasoned and has existed for five years or more. Other than the said components, it has upgraded fittings made from rosewood, which are mostly found in high-end violins.

The Yamaha Standard Model AV5 also comes with an ABS plastic case and a Glasser bow. Other accessories included inthe set are D’AddarioPiranito rosin and prelude strings. Eventhese accessories are meant to last long.

You can anticipate a very sweet sound by playing the violin. You will also have a different playing experience with the Yamaha AV5 since it has a fiberglass bow instead of a wooden one. Despite the change in material, you can expect it to be very responsive yet more durable.

The kit has everything you need to start playing. You simply need to tune it up a little once received.

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Yamaha Standard Model AV5 violin outfit 4/4 Size Abs Case
  • Top: 5+ years aged spruce
  • Bottom: 5+ years aged maple (2-piece back)
  • Finish: Oil varnish, hand-applied

#4 Yamaha Violin 4/4 V20SG

Though you may consider the Yamaha Violin 4/4 V20SG more expensive than its counterparts, many customers have commended that it is worth every penny. One primary reason is its construction out of wood that is seasoned and aged for five years or even more.

You will also commend the fact that the Yamaha Violin 4/4 V20SG is designed with a hand brush and full shade. It is even finished using oil varnish. Aside from the violin, users will also receive a bow and case. The package also comes with a five-year warranty from Yamaha.

Its neck, side, and back are all made of maple. The Yamaha Violin 4/4 V20SG’s top is perfected with spruce material. The instrument has an ebony fingerboard and Aubert “luxe” bridge with parchment. The Yamaha Violin V20SG also features a boxwood chin rest, tuning pegs, and tailpiece.

As for the strings, you will get a Thomastik Dominant set. The Wittner fine tuner is used for the instrument, which can be found on the E string. If you are a serious player, you will find this instrument a great choice. Yamaha simply succeeded in enforcing expressiveness in the instrument.

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#5 Yamaha V3 Student Violin

The Yamaha V3 Student Violin is a reliable kit that will provide you with all the accessories necessary to start learning how to play the instrument. It is declared as an entry-level violin but is also suitable for professionals looking into a violin for home practice.

Though it is designed for beginners, it still produces a satisfactory tone quality. Durability is also not a question with the violin. The Yamaha V3 Student Violinis also carefully crafted by hand, which is the same method used in Yamaha’s high-end models.

Aside from the beautiful Yamaha V3 Student Violin, the package also comes with accessories like some rosin, a bow, and a case. The wood used for the development of the instrument is carefully dried under conditions that are controlled environmentally. Consequently, the violin will be extra durable.

Ebony is used for the construction of the Yamaha V3 Student Violin’s fingerboard, pegs, and chin rest. Though it is not as expensive as other materials, the instrument can be used to give a high-quality performance.

Tuning will no longer be an issue for students, especially now that the tailpiece adjusters are designed based on Wittner configurations. You will find that the settings on all strings of the instrument are user-friendly.

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Yamaha V3 Series Student Violin Outfit 4/4 Size
  • Complete kit
  • Reliable construction
  • Great sound and playability

#6 Yamaha SV-250 Silent Violin Pro

Similar to its other relatives, the Yamaha SV-250 Silent Violin Pro is a highly lightweight instrument. Despite the instrument’s playability, it retains flexible tone controls for musicians. You can either use it for silent practice or a live performance.

According to Yamaha, the product has met the high standards of professional violinist. The Yamaha SV-250 Silent Violin Pro comes with an upgraded dual pick-up bridge that will allow you to mix the tone of the instrument. This means you can obtain a full acoustic sound if you want to a switch from edgy electric output.

A control box is made separately from the instrument in order to reduce the violin’s weight to just 500 grams. The preamp consists all the electronics, which can be worn on a belt clip or installed on a pedal board.

The preamp system has configurations for volume, treble, and bass. There are also outputs for XLR and unbalanced connections. Instead of using batteries, you may also operate the Yamaha SV-250 Silent Violin Pro using phantom power. From every pickup, you may use the instrument’s blend control to determine the amount of output signal.

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Yamaha SV-250 4 String Electric Violin
  • Unique dual pickups (Bridge, Body)
  • Lightweight at 14 oz, same as an acoustic violin
  • Hollow-body design for pure, natural sound

#7 Yamaha AV10 SG Intermediate Violin

The Yamaha AV10 SG Intermediate Violin is an instrument designed according to the primary needs and wants of musicians. It is actually based on the popular Stradivari design, which is also applied in YVN100S and YVN200S violins.

You will find the violin with a top made of spruce and carved by hand. Furthermore, the violin comes with back and sides constructed out of maple. In order to make its finish more attractive, Yamaha used an oil varnish, which has long been utilized in more expensive instruments.

The types of wood used in the development of the instrument were seasoned and aged by five years or more. Paired with its wooden body is a set of fittings made of solid ebony.

In order to ensure that the Yamaha AV10 SG’s strings will be highly durable, Yamaha chose a Thomastik Dominant set for the instrument. If you will encounter issues with the instrument, case, or bow of the kit, you can consider making use of the five-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Nonetheless, it seems that even its case will last long for it is covered with cordura and made of thick material for damage resistance.

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YAMAHA AV10 SG Intermediate Violin Outfit
  • Top: 5+ years aged Spruce, Bottom: 5+ years aged Maple (2-piece back),...
  • Setup: Professional adjustment to meet and exceed MENC standards
  • Finish: Oil varnish, hand applied

#8 Yamaha 4/4 Silent Violin SV130BR

The Yamaha 4/4 Silent Violin SV130BR is another instrument from the brand that is perfect for both beginners and experienced violinists. It is an effective violin that will provide you with the means of performing sessions without necessarily disturbing others.

Despite the fact it produces a minimal acoustic sound, you can still use it in a virtual concert hall and achieve detailed output. The technology used in the production of the Yamaha 4/4 Silent Violin SV130BR gives way to adjusting it according to your ambience or environment (i.e. the size of your room). It can be set for a typical room, medium hall, or a large hall.

If you are looking forward to having a play-along practice, you can use its separate level control and line input jack. In case no one will be disturbed, you may also connect it to an amplifier for richer sound generation.

The construction of the instrument is high quality since it has an ebony fingerboard, spruce top, plastic frame and side, and maple neck. Furthermore, the Yamaha 4/4 Silent Violin SV130BR has hybrid tuning pegs made from rosin and ebony. As for the strings, you will get the Japanese Kessler steel core set.

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#9 Yamaha Standard Model AV7 Violin

The Yamaha Standard Model AV7 Violin is a fully hand-carved instrument that will provide any aspirant musician means of practicing conveniently anywhere and anytime. It is made of high-quality materials, ensuring that it will last long.

The instrument’s sides, back, and neck are made of maple seasoned and aged for five years or more. The type of wood has long been trusted by instrument makers for creating better resonance and high quality tone. Besides, it also sports a solid spruce top.

Musicians will love the Yamaha Standard Model AV7 Violin’s flamed sides and back, which are paired with reddish-golden shading for appeal. Other significant components of the violin are its oblong case, ebony fittings, Wittner tailpiece, and Brazilwood bow.

This is a good instrument if you are still in the learning place. It has every feature needed to understand the basics of playing a violin. Even if you use it for longer periods of time, it will be able to hold up.

Similar to other Yamaha violins, the Yamaha Standard Model AV7 Violin has been made according to the standards of professional musicians worldwide. It even comes with a high quality case for protection.

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Yamaha Standard Model AV7 violin 4/4 Size Outfit
  • Top: 5+ years aged spruce
  • Bottom: 5+ years aged maple (2-piece back)
  • Fittings: Solid ebony

#10 Yamaha YEV-104 Series Electric Violin

If you would rather have an electric violin instead of an acoustic one, then you can consider the Yamaha YEV-104 Series Electric Violin. By the looks of it, you can actually consider it as a very contemporary instrument to use.

However, even if it is modern in design, users will appreciate the fact that it still retains the organic beauty of wood. It still has the lightweight advantage, which Yamaha has been known for. It also has the clean lines’ simplicity.

The inspiration for the instrument’s design is a combination of acoustic guitar and violin shapes. There are six types of wood used in the production of the instrument. Despite its step-up style, it still utilizes the bridge pickup of Yamaha that has been present in Silent Violins of the brand.

You can anticipate a warm, organic, and smooth tone from this Yamaha violin. In order to match the clean aesthetics of the instrument, it has a simple 0.25 inch input.

The selector switch of the Yamaha YEV-104 Series Electric Violin allows you to choose the pickup signal’s direct output. Furthermore, its direct output guarantees punchy output and rich bass.

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Since you already have several options to consider before purchasing a Yamaha violin, it will be easier to decide on the model that suits your needs and budget. Take note that every instrument featured above is high standard and meet stringent quality standards, which the brand is known for.

Go with the Yamaha violin that fits your personal preferences best. Do not just choose based on what your peers recommend. Although feedback from others helps at times, you have to find a violin that will answer every need and want you may have rather than other musicians in general.

The price point should not be your concentration as well. Even affordable Yamaha violin models can compete well with more expensive violins on the market.

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