Best Tenor Saxophone: Buyers’ Guide and Reviews

Are you looking for the best tenor saxophone that is suitable to your budget without compromising its quality? If yes, there are many cheap tenor saxophones available online that you can choose from. However, since we don’t have the chance to check the product firsthand, it is difficult for us to know if it’s made with quality excellence.

To minimize these hazards, educating yourself with simple means is helpful in purchasing your first saxophone.  Here is the buying guide for you.

Saxophones are made by different levels.

So if you are a student or a beginner in using a saxophone, the first level is appropriate for you. When you are already a decent musician and able to play other instruments such as flutes and clarinets, the intermediate level is the one you need. But if you are to play to an upgrade level, you can now use the professional model of saxophones.

Also consider the fact that the product is posted together with its specs, so you should look for them and make a review out of them. Always remember to check each list very carefully to fully know if it is good for purchasing or not. After making a brief review, copy the entire name of the tenor saxophone and search for it on the web.

You might also need to know if the manufacturer company of the product is reliable. Also, there are provided reviews of other people available on the internet that you can compare with your own assessment. This article will give you the list of items to help you further with your search for the best tenor saxophone.

Each item is provided with description and information that are organized in a manner that you will easily understand. Get a piece of paper and take down all the necessary details you need for you to decide. You just have to read each item thoroughly.

Glory Black/Gold B Flat Tenor Saxophone

This is a tenor saxophone sold by Glory Musical Instruments, a store that stands behind 87% positive reviews of 550 ratings for the last 12 months. It provides professional inspection on the saxophones before being delivered.

The product has an easy-to-open packaging. The Glory Black/Gold B Flat Tenor Saxophone is recommended for players who are completely new to this kind of instrument or who are called “the first-time players.” It comes in package that includes a pair of gloves, soft wiping cloth, screwdriver, mouthpiece, ten reeds, nipper, and a case.

This tenor saxophone has a metal thumb rest and an adjustable key height that eliminates the difficulty in increasing or decreasing the key measurement of the horn. The bell and body of this tenor saxophone has hand-engraved decorations together with strategically placed accurate tone holes to enable players’ fingers to relax well. Adults and children can play this instrument easily because of its compact design and fantastic key layout.

This is the best tenor saxophone for you if you are really pursuing a musical career. The price of Glory Black/Gold B Flat Tenor Saxophone is reasonable enough, a really good choice for beginners who don’t want to spend too much money.

Mendini MTS-L+92D Tenor Saxophone

This is a tenor saxophone sold by KK Music Store, a store that stands behind 99% positive reviews of 2891 ratings for the last 12 months. It offers a one-year warranty in case you encounter any manufacturer’s defects on the product.

The product also has an easy-to-open packaging. The Mendini MTS-L+92D Tenor Saxophone is perfect for student players and also recommended for any-level musicians. It comes in package that includes a box of ten reeds, a pair of gloves, deluxe hard-shell case, wiping cloth, neck strap, mouthpiece, and a rod.

This tenor saxophone has a gold lacquered brass body that has fast-movement keys to enable players to have an easy maneuver. It is in the key of Bb with high F# key. The instrument produces deep tone projections with good resonance within the full range because it is assembled with no off-the-shelf parts. It is also said that every Mendini tenor saxophone is play tested at Cecilio’s factory to ensure that they will meet the highest quality of their product.

This is the best tenor saxophone for players who are looking for a well-crafted instrument made by Cecilio. This tenor saxophone is  a saxophone approved by thousands of professional instructors worldwide.

Jean Paul USA TS-400 Tenor Saxophone

Aforementioned is a tenor saxophone sold and manufactured by Jean Paul, a leading brand in producing high-standard instruments intended for beginners and intermediate-level musicians.  It promises to deliver a service that is beyond their customers’ expectation and satisfaction.

The Jean Paul USA TS-400 Tenor Saxophone is designed specifically for first-time players and for those who are looking to double up after playing multiple saxophones. It comes in package that includes a pair of gloves, wiping cloth, carrying case, Rico reeds, cork grease, mouthpiece, and swabs. This tenor saxophone has an alluring yellow brass body with lacquer finish. It is in the key of Bb.

The instrument produces a superior tone due to its dominant forged keys placed evenly in its broad bell brace to help musicians achieve the success of their career. It is also said that every saxophone made by Jean Paul undertakes two extensive rounds of inspections by skilled technicians. A durable contoured carrying case is added as a bonus feature to ensure positive user experience.

This is the best tenor saxophone for players who want to develop a unique style of musical voice. This makes the tenor saxophone an ideal saxophone to help you start your journey as a professional musician.

Conductor Tenor Saxophone

This is a tenor saxophone sold by The Instrument Store, a store that stands behind 99% positive reviews of 442 ratings for the last 12 months. It serves as the authorized dealer of populous brands such as Bach, Legacy, Selmer, Armstrong, Conductor, Yamaha instruments, Zoom, and hundreds of distinct brands.

It also has an easy-to-open packaging. The Conductor Tenor Saxophone is designed to be easily played, a lightweight instrument intended for younger students. It comes in package that includes leather pads, mouthpiece, carrying case, and other accessories. It has lacquered all-brass construction and genuine leather pads and is in the key of B flat.

The instrument is the basic student sax used in different orchestra programs across the country. It is tested and recommended by many teachers as a starting instrument for students. Parents will love this saxophone due to the good quality it delivers for such an affordable price.

Designed to produce excellent tone and intonation and resonance projection, this band instrument is made with good ergonomic key designs leading to an outstanding performance. This is the best tenor saxophone for affordability of student players and can withstand beginners’ handling.

This is a saxophone that gives an incomparable tenor sax user experience.

Kaizer Tenor Saxophone

This is one tenor saxophone of the Kaizer 1000 Series. Its focal point of service is to give high functionality, excellent playability, and versatility to beginner players. This eliminates the need of setting up to intermediate instrument and to professional-level instrument. It has the same elements applied to the other two types of saxophones: alto saxophone and soprano saxophone.

Kaizer provides a reliable product that compensates your investment to your music career. It comes in package that includes a molded case, pair of gloves, polishing cloth, complete mouthpiece, and cleaning rod. It has a well-built yellow brass body.

It is in the key of B flat. It is a high-quality instrument which only needs low maintenance due to its durability. The instrument delivers an enhanced tone compared to other types of tenor sax worldwide.

There are also added features such as fast sensitive response, optimal steel springs for full control, and professional leather pads to prevent wears due to corrosion. All of these lead to a standard tenor saxophone perfect for school bands and orchestra programs with the promise of player confidence.

This is the best tenor saxophone for students who are ready to take the transition of moving to a higher level.


It is very difficult to pick one out of these tenor saxophones since all choices promise reliable and outstanding performance. It is true that the selection process is disconcerting. All you need to do is list all the factors that contribute a great effect in choosing the right saxophone.

Consider the quality level of sax based on your level as a musician. Next is to look for common details such as body construction, materials and finishes, additional keys, and saxophone necks. Don’t forget to get a glance on the aesthetics and sense of the tenor sax you want to purchase.

Always remember that the best tenor saxophone is the one that really fits your taste and style.