Best Electric Violin Options for All Skill Levels

Aside from the popular digital piano or electric guitar, there is also the electric violin that musicians today are getting interested in. Young people take the largest portion of the instrument’s buyers. Apparently, this is due to the electric violin’s suitability for beginners.

The digital version of violin allows anyone to learn how to play the instrument with an edge. Since the instrument provides an electronic sound output, you can even combine modern music genres with classical styles.

Moreover, the instrument has the big advantage of allowing anyone to configure the output. Additionally, you may also hook it up to an amplifier. The type of violin is a great choice if you want to balance levels quickly or you do not have a mic for another acoustic instrument.

To provide you top choices on the market, here are the following:

#1 Cecilio 4/4 CEVN-2BK Electric/ Silent Violin

The Cecilio 4/4 CEVN-2BK Electric/ Silent Violin is designed with solid construction for long-lasting use. What is interesting about the instrument is that it was carved by hand out of maple. Furthermore, its fingerboard is made of ebony. As for other parts, you will definitely commend the instrument’s durable chin rest.

As for the Cecilio 4/4 CEVN-2BK’s tailpiece, you will also get an ebony-made component with beautiful mother of pearl inlay. There are also four fine tuners attached to the tailpiece that you cay detach if you prefer. Included in the package is a case with zipper pockets and backpack straps, a rosin cake, a frogged bow, a 9V alkaline battery, an AUX cable, and headphones.

You will definitely love the sound of this electric violin. If you do not prefer its distinctive sound, you may tune the Cecilio 4/4 CEVN-2BK using its pegs. The fine tuners may also be used accordingly. You will notice that through the strings, it has an even and solid tone.

Since it is made of high-quality materials, you can keep it for years. It is not too heavy, making your sessions more convenient.

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Cecilio 4/4 CEVN-2BK Solid Wood Electric/Silent Violin with...
  • Size 4/4, style 2 electric / silent violin in black metallic varnish...
  • Hand-carved solid maple wood body with ebony fingerboard, pegs, chin...
  • Powered by a 9V Alkaline battery (included)

#2 Cecilio 4/4 CVNAE Acoustic/ Electric Violin

The Cecilio 4/4 CVNAE Acoustic/ Electric Violin is another product from the same brand. It comes with components that are carefully made from durable materials. This incredible acoustic/electric violin has a top made out of solid spruce carved by hand.

As for the sides and back of the violin, you will find a solid maple material carved by hand as well. The fingerboard, pegs, and chin rest of the Cecilio 4/4 CVNAE are all constructed from ebony. The tailpiece is also structured out of ebony with four tuners plated with nickel.

This electric violin is designed with controls for tone and volume. You will also be able to select from a variety of colors such as pearl white, antique varnish, and metallic black.

The Cecilio 4/4 CVNAE comes with an adjustable shoulder rest, a Brazilwood bow, a lightweight hard case, rosin, an AUX cable, and an extra violin bridge. Take note that the shoulder rest has  soft rubber feet and padding for user convenience.

Additionally, the Cecilio 4/4 CVNAE’s bow comes with Mongolian horsehair which is authentic and unbleached. If you are a musician who prefers a classical feel while playing an instrument, this violin is the suitable choice for you.

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Cecilio 4/4 CVNAE-White+SR Ebony Fitted Acoustic/Electric...
  • 4/4 (Full Size) Acoustic & Electric Violin
  • Hand-carved solid spruce top, solid maple back & sides with volume and...
  • Ebony pegs, chin rest and fingerboard, tailpiece with 4 nickel plated...

#3 Kinglos 4/4 Electric/ Silent Violin

The Kinglos 4/4 Electric/ Silent Violin is a great instrument to consider if you are looking for a product that will give you bang for your buck. This stylish electric/silent violin has a very distinctive design. You can actually describe it has a show-stopper and flashy musical instrument.

You will find that the instrument comes with solid fittings made from ebony. In addition, other components of the Kinglos 4/4 violin are made from spruce and carved by hand. This violin also comes with a bow, a case, a pickup, a spare bridge, and headphones, among others.

Kinglos is known for its patented paint design, making each of its models individualized. The pickup system of the package is a DV-9 active component that had controls for tone and volume. There are also sockets for a microphone and a line out on the Kinglos 4/4.

What makes the instrument more admirable is that it is suitable for all skill levels. You can practice without disturbing others since you can play it while wearing headphones. The Kinglos 4/4 can also create an acoustic sound, it can also generate a relatively lower sound. The instrument also ensures intact tone and great resonance.

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Kinglos 4/4 White Blue Flower Colored Solid Wood...
  • With patented coloring technology of locating and docking the networks...
  • Hand-carved solid spruce body with ebony fingerboard, pegs, chin rest,...
  • Pick-up system: DV-9 active pick-up, with tuners of volume and tone,...

#4 Yamaha 4/4 Silent Violin SV130BR

The Yamaha 4/4 Silent Violin SV130BR is one of Yamaha’s entry to the intermediate segment of electric violins in the market. It gives you the option to play it silently – a common feature in Yamaha’s SV series. You can also use it in a full-blown performance in large halls with the help of its built-in reverb technology.

For its affordable price, the Yamaha 4/4 Silent Violin SV130BR produces nice, deep, and full acoustic sounds when played. Customers gave it a 9.8 out of 10 score. It’s also made of quality materials designed to mimic an acoustic violin’s look and feel. These features make it easier for acoustic players to shift to an electric instrument without making too many adjustments.

The option to play the instrument silently with a music accompaniment is the most sought after feature of this electric violin. This allows users to practice in silence since the violin’s sound is barely audible if it’s not plugged into an amplifier.

Some users also connect an electronic metronome to the jack to help them practice their musical timing.A dedicated volume control for the auxiliary component is available to better manage how loud the accompaniment should sound while playing.

The Yamaha 4/4 Silent Violin SV130BR is meant for intermediate players but it can also be used by acoustic players who want to be introduced to an electric violin.

It features several in/out audio jacks and a reverb selector, among others, to ensure you get a good experience while playing the instrument. The best parts of this model are its silent playing mode and musical accompaniment options.

The violin is priced right considering its sound quality and all the features it offers. If you want to get the hang of using an electric violin, this no-fuss violin is a must buy for you.

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#5 AW 4/4 Electric Violin

The AW 4/4 Electric Violin is a full-size construction, which will provide you with the acoustic feel of playing an authentic wooden violin. Matched with its size is a pearl paint surface, providing a more attractive appeal for the instrument.

It also comes with strings made of aluminum alloy, which is considered longer-lasting than its nylon counterpart. Furthermore, the aluminum alloy strings can offer good performance bright sound. The AW 4/4 Electric Violin is also equipped with rosin, providing added friction between the strings and the bow hair.

Selecting the ambience you prefer is also easier, especially now that it comes with a volume control. When connected to the headphone, you will notice that the AW 4/4 Electric Violin’s sound is much clearer, giving you a more effective practice even when alone.

If you prefer to play without headphones, you can connect it to speakers using an AUX cable. You can also connect the instrument to almost all types of amplifiers by using the 1/8 inch output jack.

Unlike other packages, the AW 4/4 Electric Violin comes with an alkaline battery. Other components in its set are the carrying case, AUX cable, rosin, headphone, bridge, and bow.

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AW 4/4 Electric Violin Full Size Wood Silent Fiddle Musical...
  • 4/4 right hand full size basswood pearl paint surface electric violin
  • Aluminium alloy strings - sound bright, good performance, much more...
  • Equipped with rosin, headphone, aux cable, battery

#6 YMC SEV01 Full-Size 4/4 Solid Wood Electric/ Silent Violin

The YMC SEV01 Full-Size 4/4 Solid Wood Electric/ Silent Violin is one of the packages that you should definitely consider adding to your list of violins to consider. The instrument comes with almost all the accessories you need to start playing an electric violin.

Along with the YMC SEV01 Full-Size 4/4, the package comes with a Brazilwood bow, an electronic tuner, a shoulder rest, headphones, rosin, pinkinest, violin mute, an extra set of strings, a violin hanger, and an AUX cable.

In terms of style and performance, the YMC SEV01 Full-Size 4/4 does not disappoint. It is not only meant for beginners but also for intermediate or professional musicians as well. You can practice your music comfortably with this instrument without causing disturbance to others.

If you prefer, you can also connect it to almost all types of amplifier systems that you use for your guitar since it has a 1/8 inch output jack. If you want to control your ambience, the instrument also has a volume setting.

The violin case that comes with it is not substandard, especially now that it is made of luggage-grade nylon material on the outside. Alternatively, the YMC SEV01 Full-Size 4/4’s interior is made of padded plush material.

YMC SEV01 Full-Size 4/4 Solid Wood Electric/Silent Violin...
  • Size 4/4, Style SEV01 electric / silent violin in black varnish (full...
  • Hand-carved solid maple wood body with natural ebony fittings, pegs,...
  • Powered by a 9V Alkaline battery (included)

#7 Bunnel EDGE Electric Violin

The Bunnel EDGE Electric Violin is also an option that will provide you with all the accessories needed to start playing the instrument straight out of the box. It comes with the violin itself, a Bunnel oblong case, a Giuliani Brazilwood bow, some D’Addario prelude strings, a mini amplifier, Kennedy Violins rosin, over-ear headphones, and string cloth.

You will notice that each of its components is carefully selected to give you a package that is worth the investment. The Bunnel EDGE Electric Violin is well-built and is meant for longer periods of use. You can practice with it continuously without worrying about having to replace its components.

As for the sound, you can be certain that this electric violin will generate huge amplification. The Bunnel EDGE Electric Violin also produces clear tones, which can be configured using the low and high slides on the instrument’s face. The volume can also be changed using the mini amplifier.

Since it comes with over-ear headphones, you can practice almost anywhere. If you need to make calls, you may as well use the TRRS plug.

What makes the package more reliable is that it does not require assembly. Once you open the case, you can play right away.

Bunnel EDGE Electric Violin Outfit Rock Star Red Amp...
  • Highest-rated violins on Amazon and #1 rated customer service in the...
  • The only stringed instruments backed by a lifetime warranty and 45-day...
  • Final assembly and setup performed by Kennedy Violins' professional...

#8 Yamaha SV-250 4-String Electric Violin

The Yamaha SV-250 is a full-sized electric violin that has a bodymade of seasoned maple with flamed texture. It has a nice finish that brings out the exquisite wood grains and protects the violin from wear and tear. Its top is made of spruce and its fingerboard and pegs are made of ebony.

The sound quality, its composition, the quality of materials, and the look and feel of the instrument – users love almost everything about the Yamaha SV-250. It’s quite expensive, though, for an electric violin but that’s because the sound quality it produces is comparable to top-of-the-line violins in the market which cost around $3,000. This violin got a 9.5 out of 10 score.

Many users like the feature that allows them to choose which pickup to use. Blending the balance between the two pickups allows them to play any music genre. They use the control knobs found at the back of the violin to produce the following tones: to create classical tones, use only the body pickup; for groovy sounds, use the bridge pickup; finally, use the blend option to play jazz music.

The Yamaha SV-250 is a solid piece of electric violin meant to be played by both professional and amateur users. Its hollow-bodied construction enables the instrument to produce richer tones often heard in more expensive acoustic violins.

Its dual pickup feature allows more sound variety and versatility to the instrument. The option to choose which pickup to use is a great feature for players who often incorporate various music genres in their playing style.

Overall, its price is fully justified by the quality of the product that you’ll have trouble finding another electric violin that’s on the same level as this one.

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Yamaha SV-250 4 String Electric Violin
  • Unique dual pickups (Bridge, Body)
  • Lightweight at 14 oz, same as an acoustic violin
  • Hollow-body design for pure, natural sound


#9 Ammoon 4/4 Electric Violin

The Ammoon 4/4 Electric Violin is an instrument that comes with long-lasting steel strings. Since it is also a full-sized violin, you will definitely have the real feel of playing the traditional version of the instrument.

It is designed with a shiny and smooth surface for a more comfortable feel while playing. The Ammoon 4/4 violin also comes with ports and knobs that will allow you to tweak the amplification of the sound. It can work well with effects pedals. Furthermore, it has an ebony-made fingerboard and bow.

The Ammoon 4/4 is suitable for either beginners or experienced violin players, and the instrument comes with high-quality accessories such as rosin, earphones, a bridge, a bow, a cable, a case, and a cleaning cloth. You can use the violin with a 9V alkaline battery, which is not included in the set.

It is best for beginners, especially now that it has a distinctive sound. Nonetheless, you will find it easier to practice with the instrument. You may replace the strings if prefer to as well. Setting up this elegant instrument is also very easy, giving you a user-friendly experience while playing this violin.

ammoon 4/4 Wood Maple Electric Violin Fiddle Stringed...
  • 4/4 electric violin with maple body and ebony fingerboard and bow.
  • Has smooth and shining surface, exquisite and delicate.
  • With volume, tone rotary control knobs and line out, mic, phone ports...

#10 Yamaha SV-255 Professional Silent 5-String Violin

The Yamaha SV-255 Professional Silent 5-String Violin is designed for professional musicians who desire to create a lasting impression to their audience. The silent violin, with its unique aesthetics and superb sound, is the latest addition to the Yamaha violin family.

By far, the SV-255 Professional Silent 5-String Violin is the most acoustic five-string instrument manufactured by Yamaha. The company focused on its precision and resonance that they removed the electronics in this model – making it one of the lightest violins in existence.

The Yamaha SV-255 Professional Violin has line out and phone out ready as pre-amplifiers. It has the option to get its power supply from two AA 1.5 V batteries, but it can be customized for AC adapter or Phantom Power.

Coming from professional’s point of view, the SV-255 Professional Silent 5-String Violin is considered to be one of the toughest competition to beat in the market. The reviewers gave it a surprising 9.8 out 10 score even when it is just new in the trade. Most of them are solo artists who create their own music and are influenced by different styles.

The Yamaha SV-255 Professional Silent 5-String Violin is highly adaptable to the diverse world of music. You can play Bollywood or K-Pop songs without worrying about how it would sound. It is also easy to maintain as you do not need to change the strings from time to time. It could last for more than a year, when not frequently used.

With ample power supply, the silent violin can play non-stop for up to 120 hours. The silent violin can also be adjusted with a pre-amp on a pedal board or belt clip.

Yamaha’s SV-255 Professional Silent 5-String Violin is certainly a great tool for your professional career. Yamaha’s new brainchild has yet again set the standards high in the world of music.

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Yamaha SV-255 Professional Silent 5-String Violin
  • Lightweight Design: The most comfortable, lightweight professional...
  • Dual Pickups: Piezo pickup in the body of the instrument picks up of...
  • Stage Performance: Easy connections to PA equipment - heavy duty...

#11 YEV-104 Series Electric Violin

Among the Yamaha electric violin lineup is YEV-104 Series Electric Violin. It is a one-of-a-kind musical instrument as it has all the criteria to be hailed as one of the best professional violins today. From its design up to its sound, it is definitely praiseworthy.

This electric violin redefines what “stylish” means with its simple look that combines the best of the traditional and modern design. It is above other entry-level violins with regard to different factors, including price point and overall quality.

The YEV-104 Series Electric Violin got a score of 9 out of 10. Its high rating is due to its users’ high satisfaction. Many users commended its look and fancy its style. They love how its design is inspired by the organic beauty of wood.

They also love the fact that it is not overloaded with unnecessary details. Moreover, customers like the simplicity of its clean lines as it makes the instrument look more elegant for sophisticated events.

Many users also love the fact that it is a Yamaha product as Yamaha has never disappointed them when it comes to durability, playability, and quality. With its brand, it has already won the battle of inherent reliability.

Last but not the least, majority of the users love how this violin can be used by new users and professional musicians.

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Sticking to the top rated instruments above, you can be certain that your investment in an electric violin will not go to waste. The featured violins may not be as exceptional as its acoustic counterparts, but these instruments have the features you need to start playing.

Besides, most electric violins are most suitable for beginner players. Still, the instruments can still be kept as your skills improve for further practice.

Simply select one based on your personal preferences. Do not always concentrate on the price point since there are inexpensive options that can give you innovative features as well.

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