Best Electric Guitar Under 1000 Dollars

Are you planning to replace your electric guitar and find one that suits your budget? If your savings amount to less than $1000, you can still purchase a high-quality instrument on the market. There are manufacturers today that have reduced the costs of their products without compromising performance. In order to find the best electric guitar under 1000 dollars, you should at least have a short list of top rated products falling in the category. This will help you avoid confusion over the myriad instruments that fall under this category but isn’t really worth considering.

Consider the pros and cons of the brand that you want to buy so you can invest in a guitar that best suits your needs. If you are interested in evaluating your options today, given below are the best electric guitar under 1000 dollars this year with a price under a thousand bucks.

#1 Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus-Top PRO

The Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus-Top PRO is a top quality electric guitar that will provide you with a triple “A” flame maple top, ProBucker pickups, coil splitting, and Grover machine heads, among others. It is an instrument that provides players with a fresh start thanks to the ProBucker-2 and ProBucker-3 pickups.

Users will certainly love the fact that the Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus-Top PRO is available in various shades of finishes, which include Honeyburst and was chosen based on the ‘50s vintage Les Pauls. Other options are Wine Red, Heritage Cherry Sunburst, Vintage Sunburst, and Trans Blue.

As claimed by Epiphone, the electric guitar will provide you with the chance to obtain the signature sound of most popular musicians which include Alex Lifeson, Joe Bonamassa, Zakk Wylde, and Ace Frehley.

Though the product is affordable, you will actually hear a distinctive tone when playing it. You will not be limited in controls as well, which include bridge pickup volume, neck pickup volume, bridge pickup tone, and neck pickup tone.

If you prefer a cost-effective instrument that will last a lifetime, this electric guitar is a great choice as evidenced by its streamlined StopBar tailpiece.

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Epiphone Les Paul STANDARD PLUS-TOP PRO Electric Guitar with...
  • With a set neck, rosewood fingerboard and Trapezoid inlays , this...
  • The Les Paul Standard Plus-Top PRO has the very popular Epiphone...
  • Like every Epiphone, the Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus top PRO...

#2 Fender American Special Stratocaster

The Fender American Special Stratocaster is a top quality electric guitar from the reliable manufacturer of instruments on the market. Apart from the fact that it is a best-selling Fender model, you will love the fact that it is a full-sounding electric guitar with aged plastic parts.

The upgraded instrument will provide you with an improved time-honored classic. Upon playing, you can feel and hear that it still retains the value of the Strat tone. Since it is a Fender product, you will also find a maple fingerboard in the instrument. In terms of feel, sound, and aesthetics, you will find nothing but beauty in this electric guitar.

This instrument’s fingerboard edges are rolled by hand for comfort while playing even for long sessions. Furthermore, the Fender American Special Stratocaster has an enhanced bridge with saddles made of steel for durability. Additionally, other significant features of the electric are its staggered tuners, Custom Shop Fat ‘50s pickups, and high-mass block infused with copper.

Smooth playability is also guaranteed with the use of the product given its neck back made of satin. For extra appeal, there is also a high-gloss maple fretboard to work on.

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Fender American Special Stratocaster - 2-Tone Sunburst,...
  • Body
  • Body shape: Double cutaway
  • Body type: Solid body

#3 Fender Standard Telecaster Electric Guitar

The Fender Standard Telecaster Electric Guitar is another well-made electric guitar coming from the trusted instrument manufacturer. According to the company, it is the best of both worlds because it combines both classic and new technologies in one state of the art electric guitar.

You will love the fact that it comes with a neck with a gloss finish and maple construction. In addition, the Fender Standard Telecaster has machine heads that are sealed and cast for durability. There are also dual coil pickups to use. Fender also made it possible to give it a bridge that has a string-thru-body design and six saddles.

You can rely on this electric guitar if you often play songs from a variety of music genres. Regardless of your choice, you can obtain nothing but smooth playability and intense tones. Timeless is the best word you can use when it comes to this instrument’s sound production.

Its maple neck may have a conventional appeal, but it sports a C shape, which is found in most modern electric guitars. You will also love the fact that it has sealed tuners that are included in its chrome hardware.

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Fender Standard Telecaster Electric Guitar - Maple...
  • The Standard Series is the perfect choice for any musician looking to...
  • The "C" shaped neck provides universal comfort and elegant styling
  • Envoke the iconic tones that only a Fender Telecaster can provide with...

#4 Gibson Les Paul CM Black

If you are a fan of an all-metal instrument, then the Gibson Les Paul CM Black is definitely a great choice. Its straplock to the headstock is made of the said material. Even if you perform the most aggressive styles and heaviest music you can find, this instrument will definitely hold up.

It has tuners that are represented by black chrome Grover kidneys. In addition, it has Floyd Rose locking nut. As for the fingerboard, you will have Richlite fingerboard with red side dots. Other significant features of the electric guitar are the Floyd Rose top loader vibrato, Les Paul rounded profile neck, and solid mahogany body.

Once received, the Gibson Les Paul CM Black electric guitar will be almost setup, giving you a chance to play it immediately. Since it is a limited run instrument, it will be worth the investment. Given the minimalist design of the electric guitar, you will not have to worry about keeping up with the current trends.

As for the action, you can expect nothing but a reliable instrument with the Gibson Les Paul CM Black. Even its pickups are available with tons of gain.

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Gibson USA Les Paul LPCM15SESN1 Solid-Body Electric Guitar
  • The Gibson LP CM has an oiled, thicker fingerboard for exceptional...
  • The pickup is a '61 humbucker which delivers the classic Gibson tone...
  • Inlcudes classic padded Gibson gig bag.

#5 Gretsch G5420T Electromatic Hollowbody

The Gretsch G5420T Electromatic Hollowbody is one of the most interesting electric guitars you can buy today especially since it sports a distinctive construction. Besides the fact that it has an articulate and bold design, this instrument will not fail you when it comes to playability and sound.

The Gretsch G5420T Electromatic Hollowbody has a hollow build that is perfected with Filter’Tron voice technology. With the aid of the feature, you will obtain a clear and full sound with strength perfect for live performances. Gretsch has been known for providing electrifying sound, which is retained in this innovative model.

Other premium features of the product are its pearloid Neo-Classic thumbnail fingerboard inlays, flexible updated configurations, two Black Top Filter’tron humbucking pickups, Graph Tech NuBone nut, and Bigsby B60 vibrato tailpiece.

You can also rely on its solid body to provide you with long-lasting service, especially if you often perform and practice your music. Even its finish will never fail to please your audience. The finish and fit are developed according to Gretsch’s high-quality standards. Even the paint quality of this sleek-looking electric guitar is seamless.

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#6 Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC502V Electric Guitar

The Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC502V Electric Guitar is a top quality yet affordable instrument that you can buy today. It will never fall short in terms of sound quality or playability. Moreover, Yamaha has long been known for producing long-lasting electric guitars.

It comes with a solid body construction, which is often preferred by musicians. For them, having an instrument with a conventional design is a plus to ensure that there is no discrepancy in sound production.

Besides the fast action of the Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC502V, you will commend the fact that its neck is improved to provide users with the utmost comfort while playing. Though it is cost-effective, it features a flexible HSS pickup structure. Other significant features of the product are its chrome tuners, solid body, rosewood fingerboard, and white pickguard.

For over ten years, the Pacifica Series of Yamaha has been respected by various musicians worldwide. This is primarily due to its great tone and exceptional playability. It is designed to play any music genre given its different pickup configurations.

Besides a clear and crisp sound, you can expect the instrument to provide you with a chance to create a heavy distortion.


Yamaha PAC502V Pacifica Electric Guitar (Candy Apple Red)
  • Yamaha Pacifica PAC502V Electric Guitar - Yamaha 1 Year Parts & Labor...
  • Construction: Bolt-on
  • Fingerboard: Rosewood

#7 Squier by Fender Vintage Modified ‘51

The Squier by Fender Vintage Modified ’51 will provide you a one-of-a-kind experience of playing the original screamer of the mid-2000s. Though it has retained its most distinctive features, it still comes with more extras that will give you more than tonal flexibility.

You will also love the fact that it comes with a push-pull coil, rotary pickup selector, and intensive SH pickup setting.

As for the Squier by Fender Vintage Modified ’51’s construction, you will definitely commend the fact that it has a body constructed out of basswood. It also has a 9.5-inch radius maple fingerboard, which is equipped with 21 frets. Moreover, it has a C-shaped neck with satin finish for more comfort when playing.

Other significant components of the electric guitar are its single-ply white pickguard, six-saddle hard-tail bridge, and hot humbucking bridge pickup. Though the Squier by Fender Vintage Modified ’51 has tone control, its sound will not disappoint.

You will also notice that there is a wide space for the edges of the E strings. You can play all music genres with this electric guitar. Furthermore, it is lightweight and balanced.

Squier by Fender Vintage Modified '51, 2-Tone Sunburst
  • Enormous tonal versatility provided by the combination of an SH pickup...
  • Fast feel and string-bending ease from a satin finished C-shaped neck,...
  • Unique styling with a strat body shape, tele headstock and '51 style...

#8 Godin 5th Avenue CW Electric Guitar

The Godin 5th Avenue Electric Guitar will let you experience the difference of playing an archtop acoustic guitar. With the feel of the popular ‘50s instrument, you will definitely have the spirit of music in the olden times without neglecting modern playability.

You will also commend the fact that the Godin 5th Avenue Electric Guitar has extra projection and added volume for both mids and lows compared to its inspiration. It will be a great achievement to play this instrument, especially now that it is not simply dynamic but produces full sound everyone is looking for.

The Godin 5th Avenue Electric Guitar also boasts of solid construction. The instrument comes with an adjustable bridge, molded arched top and back, floating pickup, classic f-holes, cream binding, and shaped high-gloss headstock. In addition, it has a rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays.

You will also get easy access to controls for tone and volume with its two P90 single-coil pickups. These electronics are even paired with a Graphtech TUSQ bridge that is configurable. It has every feature necessary to get rid of the buzzes that other electric guitars produce.

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Godin 5th Avenue CW Electric Guitar (Kingpin II, Black)
  • Silver leaf maple neck with rosewood fingerboard and dot inlays
  • Two Godin P90 single-coil pickups with three-way switch, volume, tone
  • Adjustable Tusq bridge by Graphtech

#9 Ibanez S670QM S Series Electric Guitar

The Ibanez S670QM S Series is one of the models that are included in the popular product line of the manufacturer, which continues to improve over time. It is designed with a quilted maple top and finish that is almost unseen given the transparency.

You will also love the fact that it has a 3D shape made out of mahogany. In terms of comfort, the electric guitar is sufficiently light to support superior playability. However, it is not too light to compromise tone quality and sustenance of great sound.

The Ibanez S670QM S Series Electric Guitar also has a Wizard II Neck, which is fast and thin. Apart from the convenience of using it, you can easily produce high-quality sound with speed and great responsiveness. The exemplary tone textures it generates are also contributed by its humbucker and single-coil humbucker setting.

To promote stable tuning, it comes with a stud lock function. This means that you will be able to play with dynamic trem effects without losing the precision of tune. Even if you unplug the Ibanez S670QM S, the sound it will produce will still be acoustically rich.


Ibanez S670QM S Series Electric Guitar Sapphire Blue
  • neck type: Wizard III Maple neck
  • body: Quilted Maple top/Mahogany body
  • fretboard: Bound Rosewood fretboard w/Off-set white dot inlay

#10 Epiphone Emperor Swingster

The Epiphone Emperor Swingster is designed with a hollow body inspired by the single cutaway instruments of today. It also has a hand-scalloped bracing, solid spruce top, and maple back. Furthermore, its sides are also constructed out of maple, whereas the fingerboard is sculpted and developed out of rosewood.

The fingerboard of the Epiphone Emperor Swingster comes with mother-of-pearl block inlays. Moreover, it has a one ply binding on the guitar holes and five-ply headstock binding among others. Epiphone has long been known for its hollow-body guitars, which is why you can expect high-quality performance from this instrument.

Take note that its neck and body are also found in the popular Emperor-II guitar. It even has the B30 Bigsby with wire handle, which is preferred by Chet Atkins, a legendary and certified guitar player.

As for the controls available, you can play the Epiphone Emperor Swingster with tone controls and two push-pull configurations. This implies that you can alter the output of the pickup separately from parallel wiring to a series setup.

You may get the electric guitar in various colors such as wine red, sunrise orange, and translucent black. To guarantee high sound quality, it is also equipped with top rated D’Addario strings.

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Epiphone EMPEROR SWINGSTER Hollow Body Electric Guitar with...
  • Single cutaway hollow body guitar Select spruce top Arched with...
  • Sculpted rosewood fingerboard with mother-of-pearl block inlays 14"...
  • 5-ply binding on headstock, neck, and body 1-ply binding on F holes...


With various options of unbelievably affordable electric guitars around, you will definitely have no reason to use any poor quality instruments. The manufacturers of the guitars listed above have definitely succeeded in reducing the upfront costs of their products without compromising quality.

Due to the advancement in electric guitar technologies, providers of the top quality instrument were able to infuse even the most in-demand features of their products. The choice will likely be dependent on your personal preferences.

For instance, other musicians prefer solid construction, whereas the rest do not mind trying the uniqueness of F-hole electric guitars. Simply ensure that when you are buying an electric guitar, there must at least be a warranty associated with the product in case you receive a defective instrument.

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