The Best Drum Brands in the Current Market

Drums are integral instruments for music students, teachers, and established performers. In fact, some performances can’t be complete without playing drums. However, identifying the best drum brands is among the major challenges that many people face when buying this instrument. That’s mainly because of the huge number of drum brands that are currently available in the market. In fact, there are hundreds of companies that manufacture drums. And, company claims to produce top notch quality instruments. However, only few drum companies have what it takes to produce the best drums that meet the specific needs of drummers.

There are several benefits that come with the decision to purchase drums from the leading brands. Established drum brands have been in the market for a long time. They have also been consistent in terms of quality. Additionally, their instruments tend to focus on versatility. Therefore, there is a higher chance of getting the best money value whenever you buy drums from the leading manufacturers. Whether you are an aspiring drum player, an established drummer, or music teacher, here are some of the best drum brands to consider:


Pearl is one of the renowned brands for quality drum sets. It manufactures heavy duty drums with elegant looks and great sound. Pearl drums are also fairly priced. This makes them an ideal option for most students and professionals. Pearl drum sets are widely famed for their versatility that offers drummers greater flexibility when it comes to playing in a wide range of styles including metal and jazz. In fact, drums from this manufacturer can be used in virtually every music genre. Besides, Pearl drum sets do not easily lose their tuning. This instills greater confidence in their users. One of its latest models is the Pearl Roadshow RS525SC/C707 5-Piece Drum Set.

Pearl RS525SCC706 Roadshow 5-Piece Drum Set, Charcoal...
  • Item may ship in more than one box and may arrive separately
  • Ready to rock right out of the box!
  • 9 ply, 7mm Poplar Shells & 1.2mm Triple Flanged hoops. Comes with...


Yamaha is a leading music instrument manufacturer that is known for some of the best drum sets for both established performers and beginners. With more than 40 years’ experience in the drum making industry, Yamaha drums are undoubtedly a force to reckon with. Yamaha drum sets are available in a wide range of models including starter set, Hip Gig Junior, Stage Custom, Tour Custom, and high-end PHX, among others. Unlike most drum brands, Yamaha is more focused on versatility. This is clearly evident in the numerous categories of its drum sets that cater for beginners, intermediary level, and professional musicians. Due to the diversity in Yamaha drums, even their prices are relatively fair.

Yamaha DTX400K Electronic Drum Set Bundle with Drum Throne,...
  • Ten Professional Drum Sets in One Compact Electronic Drum Kit
  • Playability and Feel from a Drum Company
  • Upgrade and Expand Your Kit!

Tama Drum

Tama Drums is a Japanese musical instrument brand that was founded 43 years ago. The brand is one of the pioneers in the drum sets manufacture industry with super heavy duty hardware. The company is also popular for inventing the tubular drums, known as Octobans. Since then, the company has continued to manufacture drum sets in diverse models for beginners as well as professional drummers. Some of the popular Tama Drums models that are available in the current market include the Imperialstar, Silverstar Hyper-Drive, and Superstar Classic. Although most of the new models are upgraded versions of the previous collections, Tama Drums are mainly designed for mid to high-range budgets. The prices vary from one model to another but Tama Drum sets are generally not cheap.

Tama Imperialstar 5-Piece Complete Drum Kit with Meinl HCS...
  • 6-Ply 7.5mm 100% Poplar Shell
  • 18"x22" Bass Drum, 8x10 & 9x12 Rack Toms, 14x16 Floor Tom, and 5x14...
  • HS40W Snare Stand, HH45W Hi Hat Stand, HC43BW Boom Stand, HC42W...

Cecilio Drum

Cecilio is among the best drum brands in the market today. The company has been around for decades now. And similar to the quality of their violins, Cecilio drums are crafted with proper understanding of the needs of the contemporary music students and professional musicians. Their drums are durable and they cut across various levels of drummers including entry, intermediary, and professional. Unlike the other drum brands in the market, Cecilio mainly emphasizes on longevity and aesthetics. Its drums are crafted with a timeless appeal that sets the right mood. Although most models of Cecilio drum sets are not very pocket-friendly, the company is now diversifying into low cost options.

Mendini by Cecilio 16 inch 5-Piece Complete Kids / Junior...
  • Recommended Age Group: Child, Kids 2.5 ft to 5 ft tall
  • 16" x 11" Bass Drum, 10" x 5" and 8" x 6" Tom Toms
  • 12" x 10" Floor Tom, 10" x 6" Matching Snare Drum

Gammon Percussion

Gammon Percussion boasts of drum sets with a heavy sound. These are ideal for professional musicians. Its drums are cherished by many professionals that cite a much louder sound that is ideal for live performances. Unlike Pearl or Mendini, Gammon Percussion drums produce louder sounds with a least effort by the drummer. As a result, its drum sets are mainly recommended for reggae, jazz, and other similar performances where loud sounds are required. However, Gammon Percussion drums are very delicate and even the slightest shifts can have devastating impacts on the quality of sound and dynamics. Gammon Percussion’s drums are generally ideal for pros.

Gammon Percussion Full Size Complete Adult 5 Piece Drum Set...
  • Full Size Complete Drum Set with Everything Included
  • Hi-Hat & Crash Cymbals Sticks Stool Stands all Included
  • Everything You Need To Play Professonial Size Set - Nothing Else To...


Simply referred to as PDP, Pacific Drums and Percussion is a top drum brand that has been making drum sets for more than a decade. Although its popularity over the years has been greatly inspired by its association with Drum Workshop, PDP has worked quite hard to establish itself in the market. Today, this is one of the biggest players in the category of mid-range instruments. The company offers a vast selection of drum set models for beginners as well as intermediaries. Most PDP drums are relatively low priced. This makes them a suitable choice for music students and aspiring drummers. But, there are high-end PDP models too.

PDP By DW 7-Piece Concept Maple Shell Pack with Chrome...
  • Dual-Turret Lug, True-Pitch Tension Rods and Die-Cast Claw Hooks
  • Graduated Counter Hoops
  • 7-ply Tom/Kick Shells and 10-ply Snare Shells

So, which are the best drum brands in the current market?

Many people associate a brand quality. But, this should not be the only aspect to consider when buying a drum. For instance, it’s also important to consider the needs of the intended user. If you are a beginner or a music student, it’s important to consider brands that offer entry level or intermediary drum sets. Similarly, a professional drummer should consider drum brands that produce pro- series or models.
Another factor to consider when choosing the best drum brands is pricing. The price of a drum-set usually varies on the bases of features and specs. Therefore, look at the features and specs of the models of the brand that you choose. Generally, drum sets are not cheap. That’s why you should be keen to invest on a brand that offers the best value for money.