Best Casio Digital Piano Reviews 2018

The Casio digital piano is a product created by a well-known Japanese electronic and electrical company, Casio. While this corporation is known for making watches and calculators, it can now compete with other industry players, such as Kawai and Yamaha.

Many people choose a Casio digital piano over an acoustic piano for many reasons. For one, this instrument offers mobility. You do not have to confine yourself to one area while playing because you can carry it anywhere you go. Second, it is cheaper than a grand piano. It is also simpler to upkeep because it only has a few parts compared to an acoustic piano.

Lastly, it has digital piano headphones, which cuts off the noise around you and allows you to concentrate on your music.

The Casio digital piano is registered under the name of Privia.  Whether you are a beginner or a pro, or you decide to switch to digital pianos, then this is a great way to start your playing experience. Pianists like Anthony Patterson and Ruben Valtierra use this instrument to play music.

Check out these Casio digital piano instruments and choose a piano that fits not only your needs but also your budget. Today, the famous Casio piano models are as follows:

Casio Privia PX-160

The first instrument on this Casio digital piano list is the Casio Privia PX-160. It is one of the best Casio pianos on the market because of its quality and the price. This instrument has scale-weighted keys with three-layered touch sensitivity. Furthermore, it creates a stronger and fuller sound, thanks to the power from a 16-watt amplifier and a 5.12-inch speaker. These features allow you to create beautiful music. With the extra sounds, polyphony may be created. 

It also has a two-track recorder that lets you create new sounds by adding a layer to it. Additionally, the recorder enables you to split the piano so you can play two instruments with just one keyboard. And since it is a recorder, you can record your tracks for future presentations.

In general, the Casio Privia PX-160 digital piano is an excellent choice if you want a full-size Casio digital piano with weighted keys.


This instrument is available at an affordable price. It offers good sound quality and readability and has tools for piano lessons.


This digital piano offers limited sound options and weak control functions. Furthermore, the weighted keys make mechanical noise when played at lower volumes.

Casio Privia PX-160 Digital Piano Bundle with Casio CS67...
  • Bundle includes Casio CS-67 furniture stand, Casio SP-33 triple-pedal...
  • Casio's best-selling digital piano; new version of Casio PX-150
  • Elegant look with redesigned speaker system

Casio PX760

If you want to play the piano after several years of not playing, the Casio PX760 is your best choice. This model improves your ability to play the piano as you can use it to play any classical music, like Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven. This Casio digital piano has 88 keys with ivory touches. Additionally, the Casio PX760 Privia Digital Home Piano provides multiple sound selections, just like an acoustic piano. 

The Casio PX760 has a triple pedal unit. This component has an outstanding damper resonance that creates excellent sound quality. It also has a concert play feature that improves the playing process.

The Casio PX760 is a premium Casio digital piano. It is beautifully structured and has easy-to-change registrations. Indeed, the Casio PX760 Privia piano is a great musical instrument to play.


The PX760 has multiple USB ports and a split mode for improved user experience. Meanwhile, the built-in triple pedal unit works like a grand piano.


The PX760 is heavier than other digital pianos. Meanwhile, the Korg keys feel a bit strange, and it offers limited piano voices.

Casio PX760 BK Privia Digital Home Piano, Black
  • Keys: 88 Ebony and Ivory feel
  • Keyboard - Action: Tri-sensor Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard II; Touch...
  • Sound - Source: Multi Dimensional Morphing Air; Polyphony (maximum):...

Casio PX860

If you want to get a digital piano with the required Casio digital piano accessories, then you should buy the Casio PX860. It is one of the best Casio digital piano instruments under Privia, featuring Casio’s AiR (Acoustic and Intelligent Resonator) Technology.

The Casio PX860 comes with a triple sensor hammer action and 88 keys that allow you to improve your performance. Furthermore, the sound source has 256 polyphonic notes, making your playing experience more enjoyable. 

Additionally, the Casio Privia PX860 offers a multi-dimensional AiR processor that mimics the sound quality of a grand piano. It also has an expandable memory that allows you to improve waveform and increase recording duration. With these features, your living room turns into a concert hall every time you play this instrument.

Another unique feature of this digital piano is the lid. By changing its direction, you can increase the volume and improve the sound quality. With this function, it is like playing on a real acoustic piano.


The Casio Privia PX860 is available at an affordable price. It has a clean, sleek design with an ebony-and-ivory key finish, and offers excellent tone accuracy.


Because the Casio Privia PX860 is affordable, it has limited recording space for notes, the keys are pitchy, and they can be easily stopped.

Casio PX860 BK Privia Digital Home Piano, Black with Power...
  • Keys: 88 Ebony and Ivory feel
  • Keyboard - Action: Tri-sensor Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard II; Touch...
  • Sound - Source: Multi Dimensional Morphing Air

Casio PX-870

The Casio PX-870 is another Casio digital piano that you should consider. Like the PX860, it also has an AiR processor. It is a smart resonator that mimics the sound of a grand piano. But unlike its earlier model, this one has more memory storage that allows you to create a four-dimensional sound.

The AiR resonator includes realism to copy the open string sounds when the pedal lifts the damper. Hence, it improves your piano experience. 

In addition to the AiR processor, the Casio PX-870 also has a 40-watt sound projection system. This component uses a four-speaker system that surrounds the room with rich, full sound. Moreover, it delivers resonance from different places like a grand piano does. It also has a Volume Sync EQ that balances sound throughout the frequency range of the keyboard.

Meanwhile, the Tri-Sensor II Hammer Action of this Casio digital piano offers right-tuned keys. Aside from that, it mimics ebony and ivory consistencies, which feel smooth when you press the keys.


The PX-870 has a modern design. It also has a 40-watt sound projection system and a concert play function.


This instrument lacks rhythms, offers fewer sounds and sound effects, and is a bit heavy.

Casio Privia PX-870 Digital Piano - Black Bundle with...
  • 88 scaled, weighted hammer-action keys with simulated ebony and ivory...
  • Stunning new piano sound with detailed resonance, plus 18 other Tones
  • Powerful new Sound Projection 4-speaker system

Casio PX350

The Casio PX350 is perfect not only for professional players but also for beginners. This Casio digital piano has 88 scaled keys that sound like an acoustic piano. Meanwhile, the AiR processor manages the sound aspect of the digital piano.

However, copying the feel and sound of a grand piano is not the only thing that it can do. The Casio PX350 has additional functionality that includes 180 rhythms and 250 sounds. The extensive selections of tempos and tones allow you to create music from different genres. Meanwhile, the pitch-bend wheel gives a keyboard-like look. 

The duet mode and the metronome, on the other hand, are perfect for novice pianists. The metronome works just like an ordinary metronome as it keeps the beat at a precise timing. The duet mode splits the keyboard into two so that the teacher and the student can play the instrument at the same time.

Lastly, this Casio digital piano model has a 17-track recorder that allows you to create music and record your recital.


This portable electronic keyboard offers a wide range of tones and rhythms. It also has ebony-and-ivory key textures, allowing you to produce great sounds and sound effects.


Compared to other digital pianos made by Casio, this one is a bit fragile and has a small display and control. It also produces rattling and failing sounds when you press the keys.

Casio PX350 BK 88-Key Touch Sensitive Privia Digital Piano...
  • 88 keys with 3 sensors per key
  • Scaled Hammer Action
  • Tri-sensor Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard II

Casio CGP 700

The CGP 700 prides itself in groundbreaking features, outstanding hammer action, and excellent sound quality. It has a built-in MXi (Multi-Expressive Integrated) sound source, which creates the sound of a grand piano. It has a superb mix of recorded piano sounds and dozens of microphones, placed in different locations. 

The ebony-and-ivory keys provide the actual response and feel of an acoustic piano. Furthermore, they prevent your fingers from slipping while playing the instrument.

The Casio CGP 700 has a USB port that allows you to connect your devices to the instrument. Additionally, this Casio digital piano features 128 polyphonic notes that will enable you to create songs from any music genre.

As for the sound quality, this instrument boasts of six built-in speakers – four on the top panel and two on the Casio digital piano stand. These speakers not only bring loud sounds but also give the best sound output among all pianos with the same price range.


The CGP 700 is sleek and lightweight and has a USB connection. It also has multi-speakers for fuller and louder sounds and a duet mode for piano lessons.


It heats up quickly in hot climates and has a wobbly stand, making it a bit difficult to play the instrument.

Casio CGP-700 Compact Grand Piano Bundle with Casio CB7BK...
  • Bundle Included
  • Casio CGP700BK 88 Key Digital Portable Piano in Black
  • Casio CB7 BK Piano Bench with Padded Seat, Black

Casio PX560BE

If you take a closer look at this Casio digital piano, you will immediately notice its difference from other digital stage pianos. It has a blue surface, which leaves a lasting impression, and when you turn it on, you will discover premium sound technology and smooth operation. 

The Casio PX560BE comes with a color-touch finish so that you can see all the buttons, including the selected programs. It also has Tri-Sensor Hammer keys, which delivers the sense and response of a real piano. Additionally, it mimics the real piano experience. It means that you do not have to put pressure on higher keys if you want to increase the notes.

As for the sound, this Casio piano uses a unique sound processor called Linear Morphing that delivers natural and precise piano sound voices. Lastly, it has 256 polyphonic notes that give remarkable performance quality that allow you to play up to 256 sounds simultaneously.


The Casio PX560BE has two recorders with preset rhythms for multiple instrument sounds. It also has tools for piano lessons and is compatible with Mac, PC, and iOS devices.


The Casio PX560BE lacks monophonic and overdub recording modes and has limited features for beginners.

Casio PX560BE 88-Key Digital Stage Piano
  • The PX-560 features Casio's renowned Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action...
  • Casio's Multi-Dimensional Air (Acoustic and Intelligent Resonator)...
  • Going beyond the traditional definition of a stage piano, the PX-560...

Casio PX-770

The Casio PX-770 gives pianists a real grand piano experience. It uses Casio’s world-renowned processor – the Acoustic and Intelligent Resonator – to recreate the sound of a real grand piano. Additionally, this Casio digital piano has four levels of recorded samples that sound like a real piano. To enhance the grand piano experience, it puts on the open string notes when dampers are up. 

Aside from that, this digital piano has a duet mode. This feature makes each piano session more comfortable since it allows both the teacher and the student to play this instrument together.

Additionally, it uses the Tri-Sensor II Scaled Hammer Action keys, which are accurately tuned – from the lowest to the highest pitch. The keys also give an ebony-and-ivory texture, which improves your piano playing performance. The touch sensitivity and hammer response can be adapted to your playing style.


The Casio PX-770 provides a real grand piano sound and additional tones. Moreover, it has ebony-and-ivory keytops, allowing you to produce great music.


The Casio PX-770 is a new instrument, so it only has a few customer reviews and information on the Internet. It is also quite expensive compared to other models.

Casio Privia PX-770 Digital Piano - Black Bundle with...
  • A superior grand piano experience
  • 88 scaled, weighted hammer-action keys with simulated ebony and ivory...
  • Stunning new piano sound with detailed resonance, plus 18 other Tones


If you are looking for a Casio digital piano, you need to shop around before you make your final choice. There are many Casio digital piano dealers out there. Most stores offer great deals to their customers. However, before buying an instrument from any store, make sure that the dealer is reliable. Read some customer reviews to know the quality of their products and services, as well as their warranty descriptions.

Learning how to play piano can be tricky for many non-professional pianists. Fortunately, there are digital pianos that sound and respond like a real piano. Using these advanced pianos will help you learn how to play this instrument easily.

There are many digital piano brands available in the market, and Casio is one of them. Casio offers some digital piano models for both experienced and novice piano players. All these instruments provide features that every aspiring and professional pianist will surely like. You just need to choose a Casio digital piano that fits your expertise and your budget.