Best Beginner Bass Guitar Review (2018 Update)

Each feature of a bass guitar is unique. Physical aspects such as body style, neck, scale length, and the type of wood created from it are things to consider when purchasing. You also need to consider the intonation, fingerboards, tuning machines, number of frets, and pickups before you decide on the best beginner bass guitar that you will purchase.

Music is a universal language. More often than not, people prefer drums, the guitar, or a piano. The bass guitar is one of the most overlooked instrument, but it enhances any song by providing color and depth to the music. If you’re learning how to play the bass guitar, this article will help you find out what you’re looking for in one.

#1 Davison Guitars Electric Bass Guitar

Davison Guitars are well known for producing excellent guitars at very affordable prices. This guitar has a contoured body that is suitable for anyone to play, no matter the age and size.

This incredible bass guitar starter pack includes a full scale 45″solid wood bass guitar with a maple neck design, classic dual pickups with a chrome bridge set, diecast tuners, practice amp, accessories bundle and a gig bag case.

This guitar is perfect for beginners. The guitar can easily be tuned, and it comes with complete accessories. However, you may want to upgrade the strap so you can stay comfortable while playing the guitar for an extended period. The bag can also be replaced with a sturdier storage option. Additionally, the amp included can produce a high-quality loud sound that doesn’t affect the surrounding areas. This is great if you don’t want to disturb other people in the area that you’re playing in.

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If you buy the Davison Guitars Electric Bass Guitar, it’s a guarantee that it will give you everything you need. It’s a user-friendly plug and play product which is compatible with most game systems, recording programs, and bass guitar computer software. This is a perfect bass guitar for those who are just starting to learn the ropes.

Full Size Electric Bass Guitar Starter Beginner Pack with...
  • Full Size Electric Bass Guitar
  • Amp Case Strap and Cable Included
  • Everything You Need To Start Playing

#2 Crescent Electric Bass Guitar Starter Kit

The Crescent Electric Bass Guitar Starter Kit is great for beginners because it has a high-quality sound, easy to move, and is very portable.

This package includes a full-size wooden electric bass guitar with a regulator for Volume and Tone. It also includes an amp cable, starter amp, extra strings, shoulder strap, and a pick. A limited digital tuner, a crescent TM Digital E-Tuner, and a gig bag are included.

This guitar is very cheap and widely available worldwide. It has a great sound quality because of its digital enhancement and has strong, durable steel strings. The guitar is handmade, so you can be sure it’s high-quality and well-crafted.

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This bass guitar is considered to be one of the ultimate guitars for beginners. Not only does it provide value for your money, but it also produces great music. The digital tuner included in the package helps beginners select the right tunes for them.


Full Size Electric Bass Guitar Starter Beginner Pack with...
  • Full Size Electric Bass Guitar
  • Amp Case Strap and Cable Included
  • Everything You Need To Start Playing

#3 Fever 4-String Electric Jazz Bass

The Fever 4-String Electric Jazz Bass is very unique because it has a fingerboard made of rosewood. Not only that, it has two single coil pickups with 21 frets and diecast tuners with 44 overall length. Its bass amplifier has volume, bass and treble controls. It also has an output for headphones and has a 20-watt capacity. It has a pleasing aesthetic design and has a great sound.

This guitar package includes a 4-String bass guitar, cable, and a guitar strap. It also has a diecast chrome tuner with Automatic Clip-on, two single coil pickups, double cutaway and a bass amplifier with 21 frets. A gig bag is also included.

This guitar is very easy to set up, you just plug and play! It has a long 44-inch cable, and the bass amplifier is a great inclusion. The gig bag padding is thick, making sure that the instrument is protected and it’s an inexpensive bass guitar for practice.

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A not so known company that creates beautiful music with its high-quality instruments and reasonable prices. A great package complete with all the features and quality you need in a novice bass guitar. However, if you’re a pro, don’t expect much from it because this electric guitar is best for beginners.

Fever 4-String Electric Jazz Bass Style with 20-Watts...
  • The Fever Jazz Bass has a rosewood fingerboard
  • Two single-coil pickups, 21 Frets, Double cutaway, chrome Die cast...
  • Two Volume and one Tone Control

#4 Squier by Fender Affinity Jazz Beginner Electric Bass Guitar

The Fender Brand is considered to be one of the best guitar makers in the whole wide world. You can consider Fender Bass Guitars as one of the mainstays for any kind of music everywhere in any time period. They are most commonly known for their four-string instruments, but they also have other instruments such as the five-string ones.

The Fender Squier Jazz Beginner Bass Guitar Pack has an amplifier with a ⅛” inch aux input and a ⅛” inch output for headphone jacks. Its neck is made from satin maple, and the fingerboard is also made from maple, making it easier and smooth to play the fret board. You can also adjust the height at the neck, and it also has a 4 saddle chrome bridge.

This package includes the Fender Squier J Bass Guitar, a rumble amplifier, an electronic tuner, a strap and cable, and an instructional DVD.

This guitar is a great value for its price. It has a professional sounding tone and look. It’s smaller neck suitable for jazz guitarists and can be plugged in with an MP3 player. Lastly, its pickup has a hum-cancelling design.

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The Fender Squier J Beginner Bass Guitar Pack is very popular among bass guitar players around the world. It has everything you want and needs to help you get started as a bass guitarist. It really lives up to their motto, “Stop dreaming and start playing.”


Fender Squier J Beginner Bass Guitar Pack - Sunburst
  • Take out any guess work for everything needed to start laying down a...
  • Enjoy the comfort of a smaller neck profile and narrow width the Jazz...
  • With the Rumble bass amp jam along with your favorite band in silence...

#5 SX Ursa 1 JR RN PK CAR Red Bass Guitar Package

The SX Ursa 1 JR RN PK CAR Red Bass Guitar Package is suitable for beginners because it comes with everything you need as a fledgling bass player. It has a full-scale 30-inch length which makes it comfortable to handle. The product also has a fretboard made of rosewood and comes with 20 frets. It has a maple wood bolt-on neck that provides stability and includes a truss rod.

The guitar package comes with a full-scale bass guitar, a tuner, a guitar strap, and a 10” cable.  It also has a split type pickup and a 15-watt amplifier. An instructional DVD and a padded carry gig bag are also included.

The guitar has an adjustable neck with non-lock tuners. It’s very easy to play, and you can add a headphone jack to the SX Ursa 1 JR RN PK CAR Red Bass Guitar for personal use. The master volume sound control is awesome as it includes a 3-band equalizer for bass, treble, and middle control. It also has a passive pickup for a full sound.

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The SX Ursa 1 JR RN PK CAR Red Bass Guitar Package is a great bass guitar with a basswood contoured body that help makes beginners comfortable even for many hours of play. There’s not much to complain about when it comes to this product. If you’re a bass guitar newbie or guitar enthusiast looking for a reasonably priced yet easy to play bass guitar, this is the instrument for you.


Ursa 1 RN PK CAR Red Bass Guitar Package w/BA1565 Amp, Carry...
  • Bass Package with everything you need to play bass guitar! Bass, Amp,...
  • The design of the neck and fully adjustable traditional bridge provide...
  • The dual cutaway shaped body allows access to the highest frets, and...

#6 Ibanez IJXB150BR Jumpstart Bass Package

Ibanez guitars is a well-known company based in Japan. They are mostly used by metal loving musicians. Their reputation is more known in the jazz music industry.

The Ibanez IJXB150BR Jumpstart Bass Package is considered to be a great beginner package. The reason why it’s called Jumpstart is because they can provide you with the basics without sacrificing quality and price. The bass guitar has a rosewood fretboard and a maple neck design. It is a full-size instrument but is lighter than most models. Its dual pickups are great for tone range. The amplifier has a headphone jack.

The package includes a full-size Basswood body bass guitar complete with cable, picks, dual pickups, tuner, stand and a 10-Watt bass amplifier. It also has an online lesson card, accessories, pouch, and a gig bag.

The guitar has a wide tone range and an adequate scale which makes it easy to play. It has a sturdy and stylish design, and it’s not too heavy.

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This bass guitar is perfect for beginners starting to learn, especially if they want to concentrate on hard rock and metal music. It has everything you need if you’re a bass guitarist. It plays very smoothly and looks great. The Ibanez IJXB150BR has a reasonable price for a great guitar.


Ibanez IJXB150BRD Jumpstart Bass Package in Red
  • GSR190 bass with IBZ1B 10-watt Bass Amp
  • Electronic Tuner
  • Gig Bag

Conclusion: Finding the best beginner bass guitar

If you’re considering to play the bass guitar as a beginner, please make sure to research firsthand about what product is perfect for you. Aside from the sound, you also need to check on how the bass guitar fits you. Once you go to a music shop to try out the instruments, pay attention on how your fingers try on the strings. You shouldn’t give out too much pressure and the string should easily go to the fret. Hold up the bass guitar at eye level and check the neck for the quality of the wood, it should be straight and even. Check each area and make sure it has a high-quality finish.

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