Best Acoustic Guitar Brands Based on Performance and Customer Reviews

Are you looking for the best guitars on the market? One way of doing so is to find out which brands or instrument makers produce high-quality products. Instead of concentrating on a long list of guitars, check out the names that will give you considerable options suitable for your budget and needs. Here are the best acoustic guitar brands that are widely available worldwide, both on online and local shops:

Martin & Co.

Martin & Co. is known for providing detail and superior craftsmanship to every guitar it produces. As for the sound, you will get nothing but impeccable quality. Regardless of whether you are looking for an acoustic or electric guitar, the brand will never fall short.

The timbre, treble, and bass are all perfectly infused into Martin & Co.instruments. Furthermore, guitars coming from the brand have the reputation of being very easy to play. It is also obvious that Martin & Co. is on the list since their instruments have been used by popular names in the music industry.

Martin HD-28V
  • Incorporates the most popular pre-war features into a vintage...
  • Grained ivoroid bindings
  • Forward-shifted scalloped bracing

As for durability, you can bring Martin & almost anywhere. The instruments can stay in tune for long. You may also use them with an amplifier for better sound.

With amazing electronics around, you will definitely have more possibilities to consider. There is indeed no denying that the brand is responsible for the crucial parts of acoustic guitars, such as proper styling, bracing pattern, and body sizes.


Gibson is another name in the industry that will never be out of the list, even if you are talking about the top electric guitar brands. The most popular instruments from the manufacturer are its Les Paul models. For tens of years, the instrument has garnered attention around the world.

There is no denying that Gibson is known for providing high-end acoustic guitars that come in a variety of features. You will also notice that the design and style of its instruments are consistent to retain the image it has established since Les Paul became a must-have among musicians.

Gibson is also well-known for providing a high-quality tone that most players commend. You can always anticipate a soothing warm and rich sound from its acoustic guitars. As for aesthetics, you will not be disappointed as well.

Many would describe the brand’s instruments as sexy, making it a great partner in live performances. Plus, who would not prefer a rock solid construction?

Gibson USA LPTDM15ANNH1 Les Paul Traditional Mahogany Top...
  • This Paul Traditional has a Mahogany top, back and sides. The neck has...
  • The Traditional Mahogany Top Les Paul has a Nickel Tune-O-Matic bridge...
  • Along with all of these fantastic features this guitar ships in the...


Taylor guitars are also among the best quality options worldwide. Though it is based in the United States of America, it had successfully taken over the music industry given its desirable electronics and contemporary designs.

You will notice that Taylor models are not as cheap as the options from Martin & Co. Nonetheless, you can be certain that your investment will be worth it. Apart from acoustic guitars, the brand is also known for delivering high rated acoustic-electric guitars.

Besides providing options for professional guitarists, the manufacturer also created options that are ideal for beginners and intermediate players. Normally, the brand also provides compact-size guitars for more comfortable playability.

The rise of fame of the company has been quick. This is due to its success in combing impressive tone and faultless build quality. It is known for providing its signature clear treble tone and open midrange. All of its guitars are made ready for either recording or stage performance.

Taylor 224ce Deluxe Koa Grand Auditorium - Shaded Edgeburst
  • Grand Auditorium Body w/Solid Hawaiian Koa Top & Layered Koa...
  • 25.5"-Scale Sapele Neck w/Ebony Fingerboard w/1-11/16" Nut Width
  • Taylor Expression System 2 Electronics


Epiphone is one of the manufacturers that set high standards in the industry, particularly in terms of dreadnought design. The brand has successfully found out the right combinations of wood for acoustic guitars in order to produce a clear and crisp tone.

For instance, it has models made of rosewood, mahogany, and spruce. Besides comfort of use, you will love the fact that its acoustic guitars are very playable. Most importantly, its guitars produce powerful and warm sound, which is considered uncommon for an acoustic guitar.

At present, it is now owned by Gibson. Even so, the name will still be remarkable and distinctive for most players around the world. The brand is actually the only one allowed to use specifications by Gibson for Flying Vs, Les Pauls, and SGs, among others.

If you are a serious beginner or an intermediate guitarist, the brand will definitely have got something to say. It can go through gigs and practice sessions seamlessly.


Fender is one of the best providers of acoustic guitars, though most of the players focus on the brands listed above. It is also a great manufacturer of acoustic guitars though it has been commended mainly for its electric guitar developments.

The acoustics of the brand may not be getting enough attention but once tried, you will be surprised that the instrument sounds good and authentic. In addition, you can consider Fender if you want to get rid of the twangy sound, which is at times a complaint made about Epiphone guitars.

Fender Kurt Cobain Jaguar NOS 3 Tone Sunburst Solid-Body...
  • A DiMarzio hum bucking DP103 PAF 36th Anniversary neck pickup and...
  • A modern "c" shaped neck and a 24" scale length give you a comfortable...
  • Accessories include a black textured vinyl hard-shell case and an...

Among the most popular names under the brand are Telecaster and Stratocaster. For more than six decades, these guitar models have shaped every music genre worldwide. Though affordable, Fender is able to create instruments that even professional guitarists may use.

You will also find two options for its fingerboards, which are rosewood and maple. Moreover, the brand is well-known for its fresh new colors and high-end electronics.


Seagull is one brand to consider if you are searching for an acoustic guitar. It is made in Canada, and you will love the fact that there is always careful attention to the construction of its instruments. Though it is affordable, the instruments from Seagull will never fail in terms of durability assurance.

The cost-effectiveness of the brand is even matched with sturdy construction and distinctive tonewoods. This brand has a lot to offer for both beginners and intermediate guitarists. If you have been looking for a solid acoustic guitar, this name is worth checking.

You can anticipate a fuller, deeper, and warmer sound with its acoustics, which is not usual for an affordable guitar. Additionally, it stands out in different ways compared to the previous brands featured in the list. For instance, it can sound and play like an overly priced acoustic guitar.

It can bring out low notes very well, which may be contributed by its well-chosen wood design.

Seagull Artist Mosaic CW Folk Element Acoustic Electric...
  • Made in North America
  • New Scalloped Adirondack Spruce bracing
  • Rosewood Fingerboard


Yamaha is also among the brands that will not definitely skip your mind when looking for acoustic guitars. In truth, the manufacturer has been making almost anything related to the music industry. Besides guitars, it also has a good record in producing band instruments and organs.

It can compete well in terms of providing acoustic guitars for both intermediate and neophyte players. Among the most popular models you can buy under the brand is the FG800, which is known for its surprising sound performance.

If you are looking for an acoustic guitar that can last long at an affordable price point, this brand is a great choice. It also provides the best tone for country, blues, and rock.

The brand can offer you a lot in terms of solid wood construction and detailed craftsmanship. Given the said reasons, there is no doubt why this Japanese firm has gained tremendous success in a sea of Western manufacturers.

Yamaha RevStar RS820CR Electric Guitar with Gig Bag, Rusty...
  • Alnico V magnet, German silver baseplate and heavy formvar wire for...
  • VH5+ Vintage output humbucker with satin nickel cover
  • Mahogany Body with Maple Top


Gretsch is known for providing some of the most beautiful acoustic guitars on the market. If you are not into solid guitar construction, then the brand has a lot to offer when it comes to semi-hollow or hollow designs. It has a fair share of legendary instruments that have an established reputation worldwide.

The brand is also well-known for providing great options for intermediate and professional players either in acoustic or electric guitar playing. One of the most popular models under the manufacturer is Jim Dandy, which comes pre-tuned, giving you a chance to play it right away.

What makes the brand recommendable is also its comfort factor. You can play it for a long time without suffering from soreness. As claimed by its team, the products under the company are made out with quality craftsmanship and properly selected materials, which cannot be denied given its high satisfaction rates.

If you want to use your acoustic guitar to play for dignitaries and well-known personalities, the brand will never fail to give you an instrument that will put your audience in awe.

Gretsch G6122T-62GE Vintage Select Country Gentleman -...
  • Body Body shape: Double cutaway Body type: Hollow body Body material:...
  • Made famous by The Beatles' George Harrison, the 1962 Country...
  • The Vintage Select '62 Country Gentleman has the unmistakable sound...


Ovation is one of the names that will come up when it comes to innovation. It has acoustic guitars that are distinctive in style and performance. Players have even described the brand’s models to be very addictive. According to them, once you have played a guitar from the manufacturer, nothing will compare anymore.

Though the acoustic guitars coming from the company are known for its unique feel and appearance, its sound quality is never affected. Normally, you will find Ovation guitars with a synthetic bowl and round shape instead of sides and back with traditional construction.

Ovation can also produce professional acoustic guitars given its wide range of electronics and quality parts to offer. However, it will never fall short in beginner-friendly options as well. Regardless of your choice, you can anticipate nice tone, good projection, and clear sound with the brand.

Many have preferred the brand despite its unique round back because according to them, this component likely helps in creating a more powerful sound.

Ovation CSE225-RRB Double Neck Celebrity Ruby Red Acoustic...
  • Includes a Case and Tuner!
  • 6/12-String Acoustic/Electric
  • Body Type: Custom Super Shallow depth


Primarily, Ibanez is known for providing copies of most popular guitars coming from the United States of America. Nonetheless, it apparently became successful and was among the most trusted names in providing acoustic and electric guitars.

If you are a hard rock or metal player, the brand has definitely something to offer. It can help you play any music genre or style. However, you will notice that it stands out in terms of heavy music. For tens of years, it has accumulated metal fans around the world.

The manufacturer is also among the game-changers in the industry, particularly when it introduced the first seven-string guitar named the Universe in 1990. It also the first brand to mass produce eight-string guitars.

In order to lower the price of its acoustic guitars, the brand chose mahogany as a raw material. Though it is affordable, Ibanez instruments retain its expected quality and build. With a mahogany body, you can anticipate a heavy and warm tone.

Ibanez JEM7V Steve Vai Signature Electric Guitar White
  • Width at nut: 43 mm
  • Dimarzio Evolution (humbucker) neck pickup
  • Dimarzio Custom (single-coil) mid pickup


With ideas on which brands to rely on when it comes to selecting an acoustic guitar, you will definitely have no reason to make a poor investment choice. Each of the manufacturers above already provides affordable yet high-quality instruments on the market.

Simply select one that suits your preferences best. For a more effective evaluation, you may decide the best acoustic guitar brands depending on your criteria.