What to Consider Before Buying a Used Piano (Pros and Cons)

If you have made the decision to buy a second-hand piano, you definitely want to know what to consider before buying a used piano. That’s because the value of a piano depends on several factors. And, when buying a used piano, you should consider them to avoid being ripped off.

Here are some of these factors:

Pros and cons of buying a used piano

There are many pros and cons of purchasing a used piano that you should consider.


  • A chance to get a great deal
  • Voice of a good used piano will age well
  • Alluring history of an antique piano
  • A chance to sample different pianos and know them better


  • Missing a chance to get a high-end, latest piano at a great price
  • Easy to be ripped off
  • A possibility to buy a piano with an impaired health due to mold growth
  • A used piano is highly susceptible to stress

Reason for selling the piano

Once you have known the pros and cons of buying a used piano and still opt to buy a second-hand instrument, find out why the owner is selling it. There are many reasons why a person may want to sell a piano. But, you should watch out for some reasons. For instance, reasons like the need for money or creating more space may allude that the piano has been neglected for some time. The need for cash shows that no money has been spent on maintenance of the instrument. Also ask the seller if they intend to buy a new piano and if so, why opt to sell their current instrument?

How often the piano is tuned

It’s recommended that a piano undergoes tuning at least two times a year. Anything less than this implies that you will have to take the instrument for special tunings that will cost you extra. You may as well have to spend more on related maintenance. Therefore, buy an out of tune piano at your own peril. That’s because with an out of tune piano, you may not know when to take it for tuning due to internal issues. Even worse, you may buy a piano that is not tunable.

How has it been stored over the years?

Avoid a second-hand piano that has been stored in a public facility or in the basement. These storage areas are prone to extreme temperatures and they lack climate control. Humidity fluctuations in these areas pose a threat to the health of a piano. Therefore, buy a used piano if it has been stored properly.

Who has been playing the piano and how often have they used it

Serious pianists love their instruments. They know how to keep them in shape. A slight change in the sound of the piano can annoy a great pianist and prompt them to take it for check up. However, an uninterested person will ambush keyboard with glissandos series. They will also go for some time without taking care of their instrument. That’s why you should know who has been playing the used piano that you want to buy. Also find out how often they have been playing it. An avidly played piano is tuned accordingly while an unused piano can be tuned after a year or even more.

Who maintains the piano?

To last longer and produce a great sound, a piano should be maintained by a registered technician. This is a professional that is knowledgeable about the piano anatomy and overall functionality of this instrument. They are also experienced about piano repairs and tuning. This enables them to keep the instrument in good shape for a longer period.

Generally, you can buy a decent used piano at a reasonable price. However, to purchase a used piano with confidence, consider these factors and check the instrument thoroughly. That way, you will avoid ending up with an old, worthless piano or an instrument that will cost you more to repair regularly.

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