Bahia Remo Buffalo Drum Product Review

The Bahia Remo Buffalo Drum has a thick Bahia head that enables this instrument to produce a deep bass as well as a richand resonant sound. It is not available in any other sizes just like the regular Remo Buffalo drum. The standard size of it is 16 inches. It is like a portable bass drum that you can easily take everywhere.

The sound of the Bahia Remo Buffalo Drum a little different compared to the other regular Remo 16-inch Buffalo Drum. The Bahia Buffalo Drum has a deeper sound compared to the sound of the regular Remo Buffalo Drum of the same size.

Remo Buffalo Drum - Black Earth, 16"
  • Size: 16" Diameter, 3.5" Depth
  • Produces a low frequency bass tone that is found in many traditional...
  • Manufactured with the vinyl Bahia Bass fixed pre-tuned drumhead and...

Unique Low-Frequency Tone

The Bahia Remo Buffalo Drum is more unique compared to the other drums of the same type and size. The sound it produces is deeper. This is why if you need to play a deeper bass tone, you can use it to create a particular sound. Its sound is inspired by the traditional drums from indigenous tribes of Brazil, Africa, and America.

Made With Excellent Materials and Technology

The Bahia Remo Buffalo Drum is made with a vinyl Bahia Base. The drum shells are made with patented Acousticon technology that are pre-tuned which causes the sound to have a real resonance and projection.

Easy to Play

The Bahia Remo Buffalo Drum is one of the best-selling drums in the market, and there are several reasons why. Remo Buffalo is one of the plastic drums that is easy to play because of the rope panel located at the back. The rope panel is covered with the plastic material which makes the drum easier to clean and to hold.

Furthermore, the drum is lightweight, so you easily take it anywhere.  It has a thick shell that has an awesome depth which is the reason why it produces a sound with real resonance.

You have an option to play it using a mallet or with your hand. Bahia Remo Buffalo Drum has a mallet included in the package which has a wood handle.

You may Put Decorative Designs on It

You can paint your buffalo drums if you like. Also, you can make some creative designs especially on the head part, but you can also paint the sides if you want to.

Bahia Remo Buffalo Drum Features and Specs

  • Perfect for educational, wellness, and recreational use
  • Has an excellent projection
  • Enhanced low-pitched bass tone
  • Made with vinyl Bahia drum head
  • The drum shells are incorporated with patented Acousticon by Remo
  • Inspired by the native instruments of indigenous people from America, Brazil, and Africa


The Bahia Remo Buffalo Drum has received a 9.6 Editor Rating. Most individuals who have used the instrument are happy about the product. The users love the range of harmonics of deep bass tones that it can produce depending on how you play it.

The drum is adaptive to any kinds of weather. It is durable and doesn’t quickly wear out. The shell is sturdy but lightweight so you can take it almost anywhere.

The users love the mature sound that it produces. They say that it is better to hear it live because you’ll be able to enjoy and experience the sound of the instrument that way. The deep base tones that the device produces are the best feature that the users love about the product.

Moreover, some users also admire the product for its easy maintenance. According to them, its fiber skin is easy to clean.

Aside from the drum itself, some users love the mallet that comes along with it. According to them, the mallet is soft and can bring out the best sound out of the drum. In addition to these, the mallets of the other products work just fine when you use it for playing the drum, but the mallet that comes along with it is better.

Things to Improve

The instrument is almost close to perfect. There are only a few negative feedback about the product’s quality and ability to produce great sounds. Almost everybody loves the product because it fulfills its promise to provide a good low-frequency sound in almost any type of weather.

The only flaw that you can find about this instrument is that you almost can’t hear it on videos when it’s simultaneously played with the other instruments. However, it is suggested to hear it being played live because you’ll be able to experience the deepness of the instrument’s sound in that way.


The Bahia Remo Buffalo Drum is one of the best in the market. It is ideal for educational and recreational use. Its unique tonal characteristic is can be compared to the sound that the traditional drums with wood shells of indigenous people from America, Africa, and Brazil.

Furthermore, the instrument is comfortable to hold because of its wood handle, and it comes with a mallet that you can use for playing. It is capable of producing great sounds regardless of the weather.

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