Alesis Nitro Kit Electronic Drum Set Review

The Alesis Nitro Kit is an electronic drum set which is a complete package for any beginner or pro drummer alike. It includes everything that a drummer needs to play just like a professional. It will let the drummer experience playing different kinds of drums because it has hundreds of different percussion sounds.

This electronic drum set can be played plugged into a stereo or your headphones, or you can also use the USB port to connect it to your computer. This Alesis Nitro electronic drum set will help anyone to learn more and be better in playing the drums.

Alesis Nitro Kit | Electronic Drum Set with 8" Snare, 8"...
  • Dynamic, comfortable pads for great feel and natural response
  • 8" high quality rubber drum pads (dual-zone snare, three single-zone...
  • Kick pad tower with bass drum pedal included

Complete 8-piece Set

The high-quality Alesis Nitro Kit is a complete 8-piece e-drum kit. It has three dynamic tom pads, snares drum, kicks drum pad with a pedal, and three cymbals with the crash. The drum pads are made of sensitive and quiet pads. It gives the realistic drum feel and the ability for the drummer to play anytime.

These drums and cymbals are all mounted in a 4-post aluminum rack which keeps everything secure and robust even if you play hard on the drums. This stand’s height can also be adjusted to the drummer’s preference and convenience.

Expanded Drum Sounds

The Nitro module that comes with the Alesis electronic drum set has 40 built-in modern and classic kits which can readily be played. You can create the personalized kit using all the custom sounds that are included in the module.




The module has a total of 385 custom sounds and a total of 60 play-tracks. It also has a performance recorder for playback of your drum practice routines. It will surely assist any beginner in learning the drums and in improving at playing at a faster rate.

Alesis Nitro Kit Features

This high-quality electronic drum set features the following:

  • Comfortable pads which are dynamic to improve feel and response
  • Three 8″ high-quality single-zone tom pads
  • 8″ dual-zone snare drum
  • Kick drum pad together with a pedal
  • 10” cymbals with crash
  • 4-post rack made from aluminum for extra robust flexibility and stability
  • 60 built-in tracks which you can play-along, a sequencer, a metronome, and a recorder
  • CD or MP3 auxiliary input to play songs along with your drumming

The Alesis electronic drum set also includes the following accessories: a kick pedal and kick pad tower, a hi-hat pedal, drum sticks, cable snake, power supply, drum key and cable wraps. It also has a user guide for both the module and kit assembly. A warranty and safety manual are included as well.

Alesis Nitro Kit Reviews

The Alesis Nitro electronic drum set has an Editor rating of 9 out of 10. It just shows that a lot of people are impressed by this electronic musical set. A lot of customers agree that this kit is too good for its price, so it is considered affordable. For its price, the hardware and software that comes with it are all great. According to the satisfied customers, the sound it produces is fantastic.

Another euphoric drummer using this kit said that he was surprised that the kit came with everything including the drumsticks and a real kick pedal. The kick pedal is real that it can also be used in an acoustic drum set. It is not specifically intended for electronic use only.

One very satisfied customer said that he is euphoric with it because he can play the drums any time he wants without bothering anyone in the house. He had to put off his dream of having his drums at home because before, there were only acoustic drum sets which are deafening and could bother or annoy the neighbors.

He is very thankful of the Alesis electronic drum set because he can now play the drums without annoying and disturbing anyone.

Things to Improve

One minor thing that can be enhanced is the height of the rack. The frame seems to be a bit low even after adjusting it. It is only a minor concern since you can quickly try to make little-improvised adjustments to your preference.

It does not change the fact that the sound quality of the Alesis electronic drum set and the features it has are all superb. Hence, a minor issue like this is not a big deal.


The Alesis Nitro Kit is an electronic drum set that is of high quality yet very affordable. The kit is complete with everything that you need. The sound is great, and the materials of the instruments are sturdy and durable.

It has custom sounds that you can use to personalize your kit and also can record your performances so you can review them after. It will help the drummer to listen to his drumming to know which aspect he will need to improve on. This kit is an excellent purchase for any drummer, beginner or professional alike.

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