Alesis DM10X Mesh Kit, Professional Electronic Drum Set Review

Alesis has been known for making quality and top-of-the-line drum sets with experience for over three decades under their belt. They have pioneered a lot of firsts in the drum enthusiasts’ industry, and some of it has been patented for security purposes.

The Alesis DM10X Mesh Kit is a professional electronic drum set where dual-zone mesh drum heads were introduced. This mesh is patented for exclusive use for Alesis which gives a realistic feel for modern drummers.

So, if you’re either a starting up drummer who is looking for a start-up drum set or a professional who wants to use a new set of drums, Alesis DM10X Mesh kit is recommended.

Alesis DM10 X Mesh Kit | Premium Ten-Piece Professional...
  • Configuration Tom pad(s): 4Cymbal pad(s): 4Snare pad: 1Kickpad
  • Module Display type: LED Drum kits
  • Sounds: 1,000Effects

Quick Overview

These are some of the notable characteristics of the Alesis DM10X;

  • Super Quiet Mesh Drum Heads – What makes Alesis DM10X Drum set different from other premium drum sets is it has patented for Alesis Mesh for the drum heads. This mesh helps in copying the feel of a regular acoustic drum head and can provide a more natural and rebound sound than its former Alesis from the same drum set selection.
  • Precise Adjustment Knob – Drummers can easily adjust the heads to get the right amount or desired response to suit their playing style.
  • Premium 6-piece electronic musical playing drum set – the premium drum set has the following specifications;
  • 5 drum pad with 2 10-inches toms, 2 12-inches toms, and a 12-inches snare
  • 4 cymbals with a 12-inch hi-hat, 2 14-inches crash, and a 16-inch three-zoned ride
  • 2 colors/built for the X Rack – You can choose from the 2 colors/built selections of either Aluminum or Chrome Rack.
  • Specifically designed for studio or live performance which makes it ideal for low-noise, late night quiet practice sessions, or a loud studio recording.
  • DM10 Sound Module –this sound module provides different levels and series of articulations and multiple dynamic-level samples. This sound module is for the exclusive use of Alesis for their trademark Alesis Dynamic Articulation Technology.

All the samples of sound are built-in and allow you to play harder or softer music with the option to change the timbre and volume of your cymbals and drums settings.

The sound module also has over 1,000 dynamic-level samples for percussion and drum that will fit almost any genre available.

  • LED drum kits display – the LED display comes with the sound module
  • A built-ins sequencer that allows you to record your plays and for review later for improvement.

Who is this Made for?

This Alesis DM10X Mesh Kit is the enhanced version of its former drum set series from Alesis. This is typically designed to be used by professionals and other veteran drum players.

Although the specifications and features provide a complicated touch to make sure it will provide quality music, the easy to use and adjustable sound modules can make beginners have fun in tweaking their sound and learning how to play professionally.

So, if you’re thinking playing drums professionally in the future and looking for an advanced drum set that will cater to your novice skills, you might want to consider this Alesis DMX 10.

Another plus point of this is the sound can be adjusted from quiet playing to extra loud so you need not worry where you can play quietly as this drum set can adjust the sounds and volume for you.

Children who are only starting to find their passion in drums would also find this drum set easy to use and fun to play with.

Customer Reviews

As this Alesis DM10X Mesh kit drum set provides you with a complete professional experience for drums, then expect a not-so-cheap price tag that comes along with it.

Although rather expensive compared to other drum sets, it is still cheaper compared to other more expensive drum sets with almost the same quality of sound, such as the Rowlands.

Things to Work On

The things that the manufacturer should consider changing or upgrading is the rack space. The rack space for Alesis DM10X Mesh kit drum set is a bit smaller.

Another is the labeling of the sounding tools, such as the second crash’s plug-ins and 4thTom is under percussion. This labeling would make it hard to remember which levels to adjust.

And lastly, a button where you can easily go back to the last track you played or to your favorite track instantly. A concept that has been put on a keyboard where different buttons are provided for different acoustics and multi-level dimensions’ sounds.


The overall verdict for this Alesis DM10X Mesh kit drum set is it’s a good set if you’re looking for a reliable drum to last for years.

The price is reasonable and affordable compared to other drum set with an equal sound quality as this one.

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