Alesis DM10 Studio Kit, Professional Electronic Drum Set Review

The Alesis DM10 studio kit is from thevast selection of Alesis DM 10 series. Just like the other selections, it includes a 6-piece electronic musical piece and a premium professional-level drum set for any practice.

The Alesis DM10 Studio kit innovates the level of standard for professional drum-playing. It is one of the top-of-the-line, quality drum set without making your pockets empty as Alesis stays true to words of providing better quality musical instrument without raising its prices.

Alesis DM10 Studio Kit | Ten-Piece Professional Electronic...
  • Premium electronic drumset featuring DM10 "brain" suited for live...
  • Accesses more than 1,000 built-in sounds of diverse genres,...
  • High-definition sound library of uncompressed samples, expandable via...

Quick Overview

What made Alesis DM10 Studio kit different from other DM10 series from Alesis are the following notable characteristics:

  • The DM10 Module – this module brings out the outstanding quality of sounds coming from the variety of instruments playing in the drum set. The modules contain true music quality from the cymbal, percussion, and drums. Another good quality is that the sample music is from the sounds of classic drums and high-prized cymbals.

The music samples are also from the sounds of renowned drum brands with the most in- demand acoustic sets.

The DM10 module also boasts of the wide variety of go-to snare’s drums from best producers and different type of cymbals ranging from real American, Chinese, Canadian to Turkish cymbals.

There is also as selections between electronic percussion sounds or classic drum machine. This feels like a selection haven for drum sets’ enthusiasts as it seems the choice of musical accompaniment for their music is unlimited.

All of the sample music in the selections is built-in and can be either played in a studio or live performance, or in a quiet practice environment.

The module can be adjusted so that you can tweak to your preferred level of sound. All the DM10 modules have a built-in LED display that shows your progress, level of sound, available sound sample and the dynamic of sounds. Other features are also displayed on the LED monitor for easy interactions and command control.

  • RealHead Drum Pads – this Alesis DM10 Studio kit comes with a Real Head Drum with an option for 8-inches and 10-inches for size.

These real head drum pads are made from Mylar drum heads and an added feature of triple-flanged for a more surreal feel.

  • Dual Zone Snare and Tom Pads – this helps in performing rim shots or rim clicks. This also allows you to put other sounds on your tom rims such as cowbells, cymbals, and gongs.
  • Stagerack – This fully-enhanced foundation for your drum set makes sure that your set would remain stable even under serious drumming pressure.

All the clamps, mounts and arms for specific purposes are fully adjustable to provide a lot of flexibility and security for all your electronic musical instrument in your drum set.

This stagerack is very easy to set up too, so you don’t need to worry about difficulty in setting it up every after disassembling.

  • 2 Colors selections for the rack – you can choose from either aluminum or chrome rack.
  • A built-in sequencer for all the preferred control settings for your kit that compliments whatever type of music you want to play. This sequencer also allows you to record your plays and music and review it later just like a regular studio recording.

Who is this Made for?

The Alesis DM10 Studio Kit is a drum set specifically created to suit the needs of all musical requirements of any drummer out there.

This studio kit drum set is designed to imitate a studio recording so that professionals can practice and record their music. It can go from a simple drum playing set to a professional level of support to drum’s enthusiasts.

The easy-to-set-up and user-friendly interface allows this drum set to be the choice among young performers who are only beginning their journey in the music industry.

Therefore, this drum set from Alesis is made for beginners to professionals who need a top-of-the-line quality drum set at such a reasonable and affordable price.

Things to Work On

For most Alesis drum set, one thing that customers always find lacking is the rack space. Although Alesis has a reasonable size rack space, it is better if they are going to build a bigger rack space for the drummer for a roomier look design.

Another thing to work on is a button that can easily remember the last action you’ve performed. Like an easy-access button that can provide you with all the sample music you recently used or mostly used. It would be like a button for a list of all the favorite things you do on your DM10 studio kit drum set.


Although the Alesis DM10 Studio kit set doesn’t have much difference with its former and other DM10 series, one notable change that this has compared to other is the Mylar pads and the DM pad cymbals that make this an excellent accessory for all drummers out there.

Overall, the Alesis DM10 Studio kit, once again, never fails to impress us and a highly-recommended drum set for aspiring drummers and musicians.

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