ADM Student Snare Drum Set Product Review

The ADM Student Snare Drum Set comes in a complete package. It has keys to tighten and to tune the drum, although the drum set is already fully-tuned when it is delivered to your door. It has a stand, drumsticks, a snare drum with beautiful chrome and nickel finishes, straps, and a backpack that can fit all of the items.

The ADM Student Snare Drum Set is the most affordable kit to buy if you want to learn how to play drums. It is a lot cheaper compared to a year of renting a drum set just to practice. You don’t have to shell out extra cash for other instruments as the set is complete.

ADM Student Snare Drum Set with Case, Sticks, Stand and...
  • Quality Beginner Chrome Snare Drum
  • Pad Case Sticks and Stand Included

Perfect for Children

You can start bringing out the musical potential of your kids by having the ADM Student Snare Drum Set. It is especially perfect for kids who are in their 3rd grade or 5th grade. The drum set comes with everything you need. The stand is perfect for the kids to use.

It is Versatile

The ADM Student Snare Drum is designed as a starter instrument for beginners. However, it can resonate perfectly with the other instruments. It works perfectly in musical genres like Latin, Acoustic, soft-rock, and Jazz.

Your kids can even bring it to their music classes and school activities. It can be used for performing in live audiences and can also be played with other musical instruments.


The whole set can fit into a single backpack that comes along with the package. The bag is durable because it is made from nylon. It also has straps included in the package so your kids can hang it around their neck and use if for a marching band. The straps are also useful if they want to play the drum while they’re on the move.


The price of the whole drum set is affordable. In fact, it is a better idea to buy this entire drum set instead of renting from other people. If you buy this, you don’t have to pay for the additional cost for the other’s profit. In addition to that, the whole set is yours forever.

Features and Specs

  • A quality snare drum that’s perfect for kids and beginners
  • Has a 14 x 5 inches of snare drum that’s made from chrome and hairline nickel finish
  • The stand is set for the standard size
  • Affordable
  • 1 –year replacement warranty
  • Comes in a complete package: 14x 5 inches snare drum, stand, sticks, key, pad, straps, and manual


The ADM Student Snare Drum Set has received 8.8 out of 10 Editor’s Rating. Almost all the users of this instrument love the product. Most of them admire the product for its excellent as a starter kit for those people who want to learn how to play drums. This drum set is not complicated to set-up and arrives at your doorstep already in tune.

It works perfectly for users without any prior experience in playing musical instruments. Other users who don’t have any idea how to play drums may use it just to relieve stress and tension.

The users also love the rubber silencer that comes along with the product because it helps the student to practice without disturbing the people at the house or the neighbors. They also love the strap because it enables the users to move around while playing or taking the snare drum with them.

The most amazing thing about this instrument is that the snare drum and its accessories can fit in a single carrying bag. That’s why, it is easy to carry the whole set for the music lesson, band performance, or just anywhere.

Moreover, the users love the quality of sound that it produces despite its low price.

Things to Improve

There’s only a minor problem about this product. Most users complain about the height of the stand. The stand is only 2.5 feet tall which is too short even for a school kid with a 4-foot height. However, this is just a minor problem because the product has greater features that are incomparable to its small flaw. Moreover, the stand is the standard size for players.

In addition to that, you can always buy a stand that can fit your needs or use a table or a small chair if you find that the height of the stand is uncomfortable for you. You can also use the strap to play it.


The ADM Student Snare Drum Set is one of the best starter drum set for beginners. It comes in a complete package that you can buy for a low price. The ADM Student Snare Drum Set is specially made for school kids and for adults who want to start to learn how to play drums.

It has a carrying bag that can fit the drum and all its other accessories into it so that you can take it anywhere you like.

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