7 easy piano songs for beginners

Are you a piano beginner? Go step by step and take it easy. Start out with songs you enjoy and build from there. To get you started, we recommend seven easy piano songs for beginners which you can enjoy right now.

Hello – Adele

Use this quick animated video tutorial to learn how to play Adele’s latest single “Hello” off her forthcoming album 25 on piano or keyboard!

My heart will go on – Celine Dion

“My Heat Will Go On” by Celine Dion made her the biggest artist in the world for a time after the release of Titanic, the film with which it will always be associated. Watch this video to learn how to play the whole song on solo piano, which might be the most romantic thing that you could ever do.

Seasons in the Sun – Westlife

“Seasons in the Sun” is an English-language adaptation of the song “Le Moribond” by Belgian singer-songwriter Jacques Brel with lyrics by American singer-poet Rod McKuen. It became a worldwide hit in 1974 for Canadian singer Terry Jacks and became a Christmas number one in the UK in 1999 for Westlife.

Fur Elise – Ludwig van Beethoven

River Flows in you – Yiruma

Learn how to play “River Flows In You” by the South Korean composer Yiruma on piano or keyboard with this music tutorial. This popular song is played in regular time at first but the it is slowed down so you can follow the notes easier.

Faded –  Alan Walker



Enjoy these easy piano songs for beginners!!