Reviews on the Best Guitars for Kids on the Market Today

Are you looking for affordable and friendly guitars for kids? There are a variety of them you can find on the market. But also there are a lot of factors to consider first before getting your wallet and swiping that credit card or taking out cold cash.

Since you are dealing with youngsters, you should remember that they change their minds from time to time. If they want something badly, they have the ability to sound convincing. If they don’t, on the other hand, convincing them can be as difficult. Both circumstances are sometimes accompanied by whining and complaining.

With the presence of social media and influence of different icons, your children might be interested to learn how to play the guitar.

As a parent or guardian, you must make sure that your kids really intend to play the guitar because they want to, not because their friends want to or because you want them to. We all know forcing makes nothing good out of someone.

After confirming their intentions, the next step is choosing what type of guitar suits them. You must consider their age and size, especially the size of their fingers. In choosing the right guitars for kids, you should also know the kind of wood used, strings, guitar size, and guitar weight.

Aside from the physical considerations, you should also remember that buying guitars for kids is an investment. How long will the kid use the guitar? Will your kid use that guitar out of leisure or for training to become a future musician? Will you buy a guitar for long-term or short-term use?

Regardless of your considerations, here is a list of the best guitars for kids that you can use when you need to decide which one to buy for your son or daughter:

Martin LX1

Martin LX1 Little Martin Acoustic Guitar’s back and sides have mahogany high-pressure laminate (HPL) textured finish. Its top is made of solid Sitka spruce. The neck is low oval in shape and is made of Rust Stratabond.

On the opposite side, the fingerboard made of East Indian rosewood or solid morado has a width of 1 11/16 inches at the nut and 2 1/16 inches at the 12th fret. Martin LX1 has chrome small-knob tuners, which are friendly enough for children to use. It also has a TUSQ guitar saddle.

Falling into the ¾-scale category of guitars, it has a 23-inch scale length and 14 number of frets clear to the body, with 20 total frets. Its top braces are made of graphite bowtie plate. The nuts are of white Corian. Overall, this is one of the guitars for kids that can be kept in a gig bag.


It is one of the smallest and shortest guitars for kids. It is made of sturdy materials, which can protect the guitar despite bumps and accidental dropping. It has very good sound quality despite the size.


Absence of pick guard can make the guitar top prone to scratches. Recommended strings are made of bronze, which can hurt little fingers. It is an 8.3-pound guitar, which can be a little heavy for kids.

Taylor Guitars TSBT2

Taylor Guitars TSBT2 is one of the signature guitars for kids. It is perfect for aspiring young pop stars who wish to be like the popular artist and guitar player, Taylor Swift. Aside from the sense of fulfilment they get, this guitar is made more special with Taylor Swift’s signature around the sound hole, together with her beautifully, vine-designed “Love, Love, Love” expression. The designs remind us of Swift’s journey and success as a singer and songwriter.

This dreadnought guitar has a sapele laminate body with scale length of 22 3/4 inches. The top of Taylor Guitars TSBT2 is made of solid Sitka spruce. The neck is slim and has a length of 1 11/16 inches. It is especially made for right-handed guitar players.


It provides versatility in playing styles and dynamic ranges. It is one of the durable guitars for kids who have a hard time handling guitars. It produces quality, acoustic sounds.


Some kids outgrow their fondness of Taylor Swift, which makes the design irrelevant. Dreadnought shape is too big for smaller children starting to play the guitar. Absence of attached electronic devices can limit the playing capacity of little children, especially if they choose to use the guitar for stage performances.

Hohner HAG250P

Hohner HAG250P guitar has top, back, and sides made of agathis, which contributes to the crisp sound produced when played. It has a scale of 19 inches and a body length of 13 ½ inches. It is supported by a neck made of mahogany. Hohner HAG250P has a fingerboard and bridge made of hardwood. This is one of the classical guitars for kids that has half the size that of other guitars, which is perfect for guitar players 5–9 years old.

It also has tuners with pearloid keys. The nut is made of plastic and has a width of 1 5/8 inches. Its strings are made of nylon.

This is one of the best guitars for kids with the following advantages:


It is a lightweight guitar perfect for beginners. Young guitar aspirants would like HAG250P’s soft nylon strings, which is friendly for soft, little fingers. The small guitar is perfect for travelling and road trips. Hohner has been in the guitar business for more than 150 years, which establishes and proves its credibility to all types of customers.


It needs additional features, such as electronic accessories, if young guitar players need to level up or perform on stage.

Trendy 30-Inch Classical Guitar

Trendy 30-Inch Classical Guitar is one of the best guitars for kids. This half-sized, dreadnought guitar has its top, sides, and back made of laminated basswood. The fingerboard and bridge of this guitar are also made of basswood.

The body is protected with a pick guard in teardrop shape. Its fingerboard has 18 frets. The neck is made of hardwood with a gloss finish.

This Trendy 30-Inch Classical Guitar has a scale length of 19.69 inches. It has a dual-action truss rod. It also has dot position inlays.


It is light in weight with 3.8 pounds, which is suitable for beginners. It produces high-quality tone. It has smaller scale length for aspiring guitar players with small hands and fingers. It is sold for less than 200 dollars, which makes it more affordable compared to other guitars for kids. It comes with a complete package perfect for beginners: extra set of strings, guitar strap, three guitar picks, E-tuner, guitar bag made of waterproof material, and polishing cloth.


It is not sustainable for long-term use since it is less durable compared  to other guitars made of sturdier materials. It does not have electronic accessories that are meant for acoustic performances.

Yamaha CGS102A

Who could go wrong with a Yamaha instrument? This Yamaha CGS102A guitar has a top made of solid spruce, while its sides and back are made of deep meranti. It has a neck made of nato. The fretboard and bridge are made of rosewood. It uses nylon strings, which makes it one of the most suitable guitars for kids.

Overall, its size is only half of a normal guitar, with a medium weight of 5 pounds.

As a parent, you normally look for well-known brands before knowing the features of an instrument. Yamaha CGS102A is one of the top choices of guitars for kids which people have tried and tested for many years.


It is perfect for beginners with its small body and neck, which makes it easier to hold. It is made of sturdy materials (spruce and meranti). It produces high-quality sounds and rich tones. It also comes with a complete package: guitar case, tuner, extra set of strings, string winder, pick card, instructional DVD, and a polishing cloth.


It limits children and beginner players as the guitar solely focuses on acoustic features. Absence of pick guard makes the guitar body prone to scratches. It also doesn’t have electronic accessories for stage performances.

Lauren LA30N

The Lauren LA30N is a student guitar known for its short length of 30 inches. Because of its shorter scale length, it becomes one of the suitable guitars for kids. Its body has a dreadnought shape. The top, sides, and neck are made of quality types of wood. The texture has a natural, glossed finish. Three of its strings are made of nylon and the other three of steel-wrapped nylon, which is ideal for beginner players.

Because of its simplicity, Lauren LA30N is undoubtedly one of the starting guitars for kids of any age, size, and guitar playing skills.


It is small enough, weighing 3.1 pounds, and easy to hold, the good choice for kids who want to start playing the guitar. It has a very affordable price of less than 50 dollars. It is made of metal hardware, which ensures durability even when kids accidentally drop or bump the guitar.


Absence of pick guard makes it prone to scratches when strumming. Absence of white dots on fretboard makes it more difficult for the beginners to position their hands for chords. There are no built-in pickups or electronic accessories, which limits the player from doing stage performances and gigs.

Strong Wind Guitar

The Strong Wind Guitar is 39 inches in length and has a dreadnought-shaped body. The top is made of laminated linden. The back and sides are made of solid basswood. The smooth and straight neck is made of maple, which joins the guitar body on the 13th fret. The height of the hardwood fingerboard and bridge are almost the same.

The Strong Wind Guitar has nylon strings. The screws of the tuning machine are tight enough to sustain the nylon strings.


Tuning pegs are smooth for easier string adjustment. It promotes comfortable playing because of smooth curves of the dreadnought body. The guitar is ideal for country, folk, and classical music due to its vibrant, smooth, rich, and full sound. It has the ideal playing size for children and adults, being lightweight for 2.6 pounds.

Its nylon strings are perfect for beginner players. It comes with a package of tuner, guitar case, guitar picks, extra set of strings, and polishing cloth.


Absence of white dots on fretboard makes it more difficult for the beginners to position their hands for chords. Absence of pick guard makes it prone to scratches when strumming. It is not so affordable compared to other guitars for kids.

Omega Classical Kit

This Omega Classical Kit guitar is inspired by classical, Spanish guitars. It has a back and sides made of basswood. Its bridge and fretboard are made of nato wood.  It has an overall length of 34 inches and a scale length of 21 inches.

The width of the nut is 1 5/8 inches. It has a medium weight of 6 pounds.

The Omega Classical Kit guitar has three strings made of nylon and three made of steel, making it as one of the ideal guitars for kids. Its tuners are classical in style.


One of the perfect beginner guitars for kids, the combination of steel and nylon strings helps the kid players know the feeling of playing the guitar with these two types of strings. It is made of durable material, which makes it safe when kids accidentally drop or bump their guitars. It is rarely designed for left-handed people.


Without the white dots on fretboard, it becomes more difficult for the beginners to place their hands and determine the chords easily. Without the pick guard, the guitar is prone to scratches when kids started to strum. Produced sound from the combination of nylon and steel strings is confusing.

AXL Headliner Series

AXL Headliner Series is the first electric guitar in the list of guitars for kids. It has a basswood alder body. It has a maple neck and a fretboard made of rosewood. Its sizes vary with the full and fractional options (¾ or ½).

On the electrical side, it has a total of three single coil pickups. It also has a five-way selector switch. It has a tremolo bridge.

Although it is unusual for kids to learn playing the guitar using an electric one, AXL Headliner Series is one of the guitars for kids that provide a different experience. This is especially for those who aspire to become part of bands.


It also comes with a left-handed guitar version. It comes in different colors, such as metallic red, metallic blue, black, sunburst, and white. It has appropriate weight, including the electrical components, and an affordable price of less than $200. It is made of durable materials (basswood body and maple neck).


Being an electric one limits the guitar players, especially children, to use the guitar in areas without electricity and amplifiers. This also limits the beginner players to learn the basic guitar techniques using the acoustic guitar and to initially feel the pressure in producing sounds naturally or without the help of volume controllers and effects.

Cordoba Protégé C1

This Cordoba Protégé C1 guitar has a top made of spruce. Its back and sides are made of mahogany. The bridge and fingerboard are made of rosewood. It has a scale length of 22.8 inches and weighs only 4 pounds, being one of the fitting guitars for kids.

Its tuning machines are made from nickel. It has a wood-inlaid Hauser-style mosaic rosette. It uses Savarez strings. Overall, Cordoba Protégé C1 has polyurethane, high-gloss finish.


It is made of durable material, which protects the guitar from damage caused by accidental falling or bumping of young guitar players. It uses nylon strings, which is friendly for beginner players. It is also available in different sizes, such as ¼, ¾, and full size.

It produces good sound quality and is one of the lightweight guitars for kids. Cordoba is already known for high-quality classical guitars.


There are no white dots on fretboard, which makes it more difficult for the beginner players to determine their hand positions quickly. Absence of pick guard makes the guitar prone to scratches when kid players strum in a careless manner. There are no built-in pickups or electronic accessories, which limits the player from doing stage performances and gigs.


Training your children to play the guitar at a very young age is an advantage, since they are still flexible, are willing to learn, and will take everything that their teacher says. However, motivation is also determined by the type of chosen guitars. They may feel uncomfortable and pressured because of the guitar they use.

You should think twice in buying the best guitars for kids as a parent. The current investment does not only pertain to the kind of guitar you give to your child but also to the ways you teach and help your child pursue his or her dream.