10 Best Piano Album Review

Comprising of 88 keys, piano has many chords with a high potential for self-harmonization. This makes it a versatile musical instrument and a valuable asset for many artists. Every year, artists produce piano albums that appeal to different audiences. If you want to buy a new piano album, here are brief reviews of 10 best piano albums to consider.

Jelly Roll Morton- Library of Congress Recordings

In this album, Jelly Roll Morton shows that taking a bold lyrical approach to piano is possible. And, this style has influenced many artists over the year. Alan Lomax recorded this album in 1938 on an acetate recorder. Many pianists say that this album is a virtual history of jazz birth pangs when it happened within the New Orleans.

Mozart: Sonata in B-Flat, Allegretto Grazioso by Ingolf Wunder

This is a relatively new album by Ingolf Wunder. It represents a span of three-century keyboard literature that ranges from John Williams to Scarlatti. The album coincides with the 300th performance by the 28-year old Australian pianist. The collection reveals the real gift of this pianist.

Art Tatum- The Complete Pablo Solo Masterpieces

This is the best piano album for people that are inclined to diving into the deeper end of Jazz piano. The sheer fluidity and speed of Art Tatum on the keys of a piano reveals on tunes like I’ve got the World on A strong and Too Marvelous for Words. Listening to this album is probably better than reading about it. That’s because it’s by listening that you feel the true impact.

Carlos Chavez: Largo non Troppo-Allegro Agitato

Carlos Chavez is largely self-taught and almost single-handedly created sound in Mexico. The new album highlights piano concerto by Chavez from the 1940s. It presents a rich blend of exotic rhythms and western traditions. This album also depicts the pre-Columbian culture in a special way. It bustles with folk-live percussions, sweeping strings, and piano episodes that include jazz, virtuosic, and romantic tunes.

Count Basie- The Complete Atomic Basie

This album was recorded in 1957 and it includes Frank Wess, Thad Lewis, Edie Davis, Sonny Payne, and Eddie Jones. Some people argue that this might be the last great Basie album. It’s literally a definition of the final big band style era. Count Basie has remained a brilliant piano album for many years.

Valentin Silverstrov: Naïve Music- Idyll

This new album by Pianist Elisveta Blumina spots a wide range of world premiere recordings. These include Naïve Music, which is a set of 7 short pieces by Silverstrov that were written in the 1950s. However, these pieces were revised after 40 years. Idyll innocently unfolds in the sunny arpeggios that hover over a nice, simple tune until the counter melody emerges and takes over. This cycle restarts gently.

Duke Ellington

This is a wonderful humongous collection spanning the recordings of Duke Ellington with Columbia. His sessions with the Coltrane are also featured in the album.

Bill Evans- The Complete Riverside Recordings

The jazz piano tunes by Bill Evans transformed the face of this music genre immeasurably. This album contains his cornerstone recordings from 1956 to 1963.

Bud Powell- The Amazing Bud Powell

Bud Powell was a major player in the transition of Jazz piano into bop from a big band. This album embodies this evolution.

Keith Jarrett- The Koln Concert

This recording features the solo expeditions of Jarrett. These were generally bombastic and full of energy and brute force.

Generally, these are some of the most quintessential piano albums by popular pianists. If you are looking for the best piano album to invest in, consider any of these. Your choice should be based on your music preference. Nevertheless, these piano album prodigies will definitely take you on an amazing musical journey.

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