10 Best Electric Ukuleles Under 300 Dollars Today

Tips for Buying Your First Electric Ukulele

Electric ukuleles are not within the mainstream instruments, but they don’t lose to the variety and quality of music they can draw out. If you are in a mind of buying one for yourself, then these tips are just for you.

What should you consider when buying an electric ukulele? It’s a little hard to find reviews for them on the Internet, but they are there. It just needs a little bit of searching.

Size and Type of the Instrument

There are 4 sizes and types of ukuleles: soprano, concert, tenor and baritone.

Tuning Options for Ukuleles

Ukulele comes in different standard tones. The baritone have D G B E, while the smaller ones have G C E A. Soprano and concert ukuleles can also be tuned to A D F# B for a mellow sound. This is important when choosing string packs for your instrument.

Types of Build

There are two types of the body of electric ukulele; the solid and hollow body. It is similar to electric guitars. It is important to note that acoustic-electric ukuleles are more like a standard ukulele with the added pickup and plug for an amp. Electric ukuleles are like downsized electric guitars, with pickups outside the body. The difference is that the former can be played without an amp, while the latter requires it. The same goes for the delivery of sound. Solid and hollow bodies deliver different sound frequencies.

Tonewood of Ukulele

Like all other instruments, ukulele delivers different sound depending on tonewood. Mahogany, cedar, spruce, redwood and koa are some of the most common.

Price of Ukulele

The last one factor that you need to consider would be the price. There are different ukulele brands that have ridiculous prices but deliver the same sound as their cheaper competitors. In the end, it depends on your style, so choose wisely.

Here are the 10 good ukulele brands based on reviews:

Ellen Concert Ukulele

This is a beginners set and is recommended by the manufacturers for those who wish to practice with the instrument. Its size is a concert, with a slightly larger fret size than the soprano ukuleles. This ukulele is easier to use and still has the G C E A notes as the standard ukulele. It is made from mahogany and rosewood, a typical tonewood for rich, warm, and bright tones. It is made to last and comes with a beginners set. It is an acoustic-electric ukulele, so you can play it with or without an amp. It comes with a small ukulele amp, a case, strap, tuner, spare strings, and picks. It features a tuner button for beginners for easy tuning.

Most customers say that this ukulele feels solid. The only downside is that it can use more aesthetic improvements, but the sound quality is really good. It is not as great compared to the more expensive ones, but as a starter, it’ is fairly decent, especially for its price.

For the price under a hundred dollars, Ellen concert ukulele has everything you need to start playing your jam. Its onboard EQ and tuner are useful too and not just for decoration.

Donner Ubass DUB-1

This ukulele, also called Ubass, is a limited edition professional 30” instrument, with a built-in EQ. Its body is made of mahogany, as well as its neck. This provides the electric ukulele a rich sound. It features a volume, bass, mid and treble control. It also has an integrated bass tuner for ease of tune up.

Donner Ubass DUB-1 has 18 bass frets, with marks on the fifth, seventh, ninth, and twelfth frets on the neck, as well as on top of the fingerboard.

This product comes with Aquila Nyl gut strings. This ensures stability during tuning and makes fret-intonation more accurate.

According to reviews, this ukulele sounds like a real bass, but it is small and portable. It also has a great look.

Some customers suggest that the string size needs a little practice, and it needs frequent tuning. The rubbery cords are also able to catch the right hand finger noises, but it seems to be normal for ubass. The instrument is also not loud unless plugged in into an amp.

Overall, the instrument is recommended for purchase, especially if you love a bass sound on a ukulele. It has the best quality for its type, and it’s not as expensive as other brands.

Mila Acoustic-Electric Ukulele

This piece from Mila Guitars is a work of wonder. It is made for both beginners and experts, at a price that is more than fair. The 23” concert size ukulele comes with a uk-9000 preamp. The top and back is made from koa, while the fretboard and bridge is made of techwood. Although, it’s a laminated, it still has a striking design with a pearloid shark teeth inlay addition.

Customer reviews are on the positive side. Mila acoustic-electric ukulele performs well. It is worth every penny that you’ll spend. It delivers an amazing sound; something that proves laminated wood can still be a good tonewood. The look is fantastic, according to the users. One downside that the customers are raising is the cracked bridge on some of the products, but the issue is quickly addressed. The sound it makes is still lovely, even with the flaw according to one buyer. Some customers claim that it is a design flaw, but it can be caused by another factor entirely.

Overall, the brand still has the trust of many, and it’s recommended for beginners and experts alike who want quality ukuleles on a budget. Mila Guitars definitely delivers quality that you can afford.

Caramel CB103

Caramel CB103 is a 30-inch high gloss zebra wood baritone acoustic electric ukulele with truss rod, made by Caramel. It is one of the more popular electric ukuleles due to its low price and high quality.

The ukulele’s body is made of zebra wood, and it is hand-polished to a mirror finish. On its neck is a truss rod for neck adjustment, and it comes with an EQ and tuner with three bands. Its fretboard and bridge is made from walnut.

This electric ukulele is on the large size, a baritone, and it’s very similar to a guitar. People who bought the product say that they are really happy with it, and they feel so lucky because they compare it like buying a more expensive one.

They love the look, the feel, as well as the way it sounds. Some customers complain about its slight vibration when plugged, but that does not seem to ruin the overall sound. Some had trouble finding the truss rod. Another customer has an issue with the pickup, but he would rather fiddle with it rather than return it, since this electric ukulele had a very lovely performance. So far, most users are recommending the electric ukulele to everyone who wants a quality one.


This electric ukulele is made from Japan. It is a 1400g electric ukulele with a solid body. Its body is made of mahogany and its fretboard and bridge is made from rosewood.

According to online reviews, Mahalo instruments tend to sell out very fast. This one, in particular, seems to have a very high user ranking, though there are only nine reviews as of the moment. Out of these nine users, eight gave it full marks, while one gave it a one star, stating a very short reason that it was not the quality he was expecting for its price. Everyone else is saying otherwise though.

The users are saying that the item is solidly built. The preamp is hiss-free even at maximum volume, plus it only needs a little tuning. There was one who mentions that the saddle was built too high, and it has a little effect to the sound, but the overall performance is still fantastic. The rest of the buyers are saying that it is well worth their money. The electronics of the amp works really well, and the instrument is worth every dollar spent on it, especially for a full electric ukulele like this one.


Kala enjoys the title of being the most popular ukulele manufacturer, and they created an electric acoustic version of their most popular model. The version is only fifty dollars more than that of the acoustic version. This item sports an old school white binding, with a traditional satin finish. It is well detailed and comes with the Shadow Nano-Flex EQ system. Even with electric components added up, it’s still very light. This electro-acoustic version provides easy access to volume, bass, and treble. It also has a built-in tuner.

The pickup does not perform as well as others of its ilk though. According to reviews, anything beyond small gigs and small venue concerts is doable, but bigger events would call for ukuleles with more powerful pickup.

One of the advantages of this product is that it looks good even with a minimalist design. It’s made solidly, with handy EQ sliders. Thanks to its tonewood, mahogany, and rosewood in the body, fingerboard and bridge respectively, this electric ukulele produces a warm and balanced tone when played.

This ukulele is not recommended for a large concert, but for those who are in to small scale events as well as private playing, then this one is a grand item for its prize.

Vorson FSUK1FM

Vorson FSUK1FM is a tenor-sized, solid body ukulele made from candlenut. Its neck is made from candlenut and rosewood fretboards, and it sports dual single coil pickups.

The dual single coil pickups provide an excellent tone and can be given a nice variation through the three-way toggle tone control. The adjustable truss rods and bridge make it very comfortable and easy to play.

Users had rated the item highly. Some of the issues that they encountered includes getting a delivered broken item. They are only a rare few, and everybody else gave the electric ukulele very high marks. Its great looks are amplified by its great sound. For the price, its quality is astonishing. It is one of the items that you can use for a great gig. Many found that the item is ready to play on delivery, while others said that they need to replace the strings. It all comes down to preference, but most people would recommend the Vorson FSUK1FM if you are out looking for an electric ukulele. This electric ukulele is very affordable, sturdy, and its performance only lacks some key factors that only those who make money out of music would probably want for.

Oscar Schmidt OU8TLCE

Oscar Schmidt OU8TLCE ukulele is made by Oscar Shimidt company, an offshoot of the guitar company behind Washburn. This company began with autoharps, but is now producing ukuleles that carried their name with it. They are well known in producing quality instruments at the cheaper end of the spectrum.

This brand got some exposure thanks to Jason Castro’s performance in the television show American Idol. This is recommended as a starting ukulele, and even those whose are way over the practicing level would still carry it for performance.

This electric ukulele has great reviews. The instrument itself is of great quality, and the sound is nothing but superb, but the lower ratings seems to come from bad packaging, or some aesthetic difference from the picture. Wood is pretty random, so that goes without saying. There are some users who had an issue with the knobs, but no one contests the sound that this electric ukulele makes. Not even those who gave it a low rating.

Thus, this electric ukulele is highly recommended for people who can spend money a little less than two hundred dollars. It’s not that expensive, given the quality of the article. There are other electric ukuleles that have a lower price though and with sound that can be considered as good.


Another electric ukulele by Kala, this article is another one that bears the quality of renowned ukulele makers.

This instrument is made from solid spruce at the top, with the back and sides of premium mahogany. The neck is made from mahogany, with a rosewood fingerboard and bridge. It sports 18 silver nickel frets, with position marks on the top and sides of the rosewood fingerboard.

This ukulele is small and can be easily taken anywhere. Even though its body is thin, the sound is still full, thanks to the quality tonewoods used. This electro-acoustic ukulele is easy to use and easy to carry around, letting you enjoy good music anywhere you wanted.

This ukulele has very favorable reviews from users, except for two. One was asking if the item comes with a cable cord because he didn’t get one, and another said that the top layer was thin.

Overall, the users are more than happy with their purchase and more than a few recommends the instrument for beginners and experts alike. It’s a great addition for anyone who enjoys a great gig with ukuleles. It’s one of the more expensive articles on the list, but it is definitely worth its price in looks, sound and quality.

Oscar Schmidt OU55CE

Last but not the least is another instrument from Oscar Shmidt. The Oscar Schmidt OU55CE is made of Kkoa, rosewood, spruce, and mahogany. These are excellent tonewoods that make this article a great electric ukulele. The tuners are grover-machined, with abalone inlays as well as a builtin EQ system. This addition to a classic-designed ukulele makes one grand product for Oscar Schmidt. It has superior resonance thanks to the excellent design and tonewoods.

The instrument is solidly built, but the inlays could do some work, according to reviews. The nut is also quite sharp. The sound of the instrument is on the warm side, thanks to the large soundboard. It definitely delivers a great sound quality. The tonal qualities when plugged in into an amp are just perfect.

Some users suggested that the design and aesthetics need some work. It also has a wide neck similar to six string guitars, but it’s on the bearable side. The instrument is easy to play and still has that distinctive pluck sound that is notable in lower-priced electric ukuleles. The downsides are, nevertheless, bearable, and the sound quality is better for its price.

Overall, this ukulele is a great find, and it’s worth the price in full. It’s highly recommended for beginners and experts as well.


Finding the perfect instrument that you can play can be a bit tedious. This requires a lot of testing from your part. Trying out more expensive ukuleles could give you an idea on what you are looking for, but the items on the list above got what it takes for starters and even experts.

Make sure that you get and buy what you are most comfortable with, whether it’s an electro-acoustic, or a full electric ukulele. They have their own advantages, and that is something that you need to test for yourself. Get the best electric ukulele that fits your taste and style.